Monday, January 30, 2006


Hey there…  It’s been a LONG time since I’ve written, yes.  Trust me, there have been so many things happening here, it’s crazy.  BUT before I go to bed, I will let you know what’s going on with me.  

For starters, my new sub-label, Cherry Juice Recordings, has its first release scheduled for March 3, 2006!  I’m very excited to be able to branch out – Wallshaker Music has its own sound.  CJR has a “lighter” edge – it reminds me of a lounge club in Paris…  The first release?  “MOTION” by Laurent & Lewis, of course!  The white labels sound fantastic, and I know that people will LOVE the remixes.  Although this is not an official “Aaron-Carl” record, I did co-produce the record with Laurent, plus remix and add backing vocals.  I couldn’t help it…  

I’m starting to tour again – I’m a little nervous because it will be the first time I’ve boarded a plane since the death of my mother, but I know she’d want me to go on…  So I am.  (I miss you Mommy!)  My first stop?  Vienna, Austria, March 24th.  The wonderful guys at are bringing me back to Vienna, so I can tear things up.  Last time I went, it was magic.  I can’t wait to bring it to the crowd again…  Next, Darmstadt, Germany.  Actually, during the week of March 24, I have 3 shows to do.  2 in Austria, one in Germany.  

Of course that’s just the beginning, but you know how things are…  Everyone talks, but things are still panning out.  But the dates I just mentioned are confirmed.  I’m SO THERE, BABY!!!

Oh yeah…  I finally did it.  I broke down and bought one of those new CD Turntables – it will arrive at my house tomorrow…  I’ve been waiting an entire week for delivery – I can’t stand it anymore.  HURRY UP!!!  I WANT IT!!!  

Wednesday is Jevon’s 6th birthday.  I have no idea what to buy him.  I’m sure I’ll come up with SOMETHING…  

Charles from Ohio sent me an e-mail also.  After months and months of playing “hard to get” with me – I couldn’t even take him out to dinner sometime (jesus!), He says in his e-mail “oh yeah, I’ve found a new boyfriend…”  Right now, I’m so damn numb it’s ridiculous.  I swear, I’m so fucking sick of men – sick!

Speaking of SICK…

Detroit Digital Vinyl is now online.  Have you noticed that my label, Wallshaker Music, is conveniently NOT THERE?!  I wrote them an e-mail, asking them “is Detroit Digital Vinyl strictly for SUBMERGE labels, or is it for ALL DETROIT LABELS?”  Mind you, my songs “Down” and the remix to “Hardlife” are there…  But COME ON, PEOPLE…  I’ve made so many more damn songs…  Damn!  Their reply was that they were waiting for some “standard contract” paperwork; then they’d send me one to look over.  (Yeah, okay.)  But in the meantime, Detroit Digital Vinyl is up and running – and other Detroit labels, like Wallshaker, are left in the dust.

But there is a GOOD side to all of this, you know!  THANK GOD, I have enough fans and supporters out there who would appreciate ME putting MY catalog online.  I don’t NEED to be a part of DDV…  As much as I would like to be, I realize that I don’t HAVE TO BE…  Uh oh…  I feel a song coming on…  “Did you think I’d crumble?  Did you think I’d lay down and die?  OH NO, NOT I…  I WILL SURVIVE…”

Changing the subject, I LOVE Myspace!!!  Lately I’ve been getting lots of props from people – I love connecting with people… is my page, and yes I’d love to link up with you.  Send me a comment, check out some tunes, etc.  Which reminds me – I DID post that live version of “DOWN” on there – I’m thinking maybe I should let people download it for free.  Fuck it.  Why not?  In fact, right after I post this blog, I’m going to change the download settings.  

Yes, I know “Down” is a classic, but NOW I know how Madonna feels about singing “Live a Virgin” 10 years after she released it.  (Speaking of Madonna, she needs to call me, so I can remix her new stuff!)

Alright folks…  I’m up WAY later than I thought I would be…  Tomorrow (today) is a BIG day for me.  Lord knows I need my booty rest – ooops, I meant BEAUTY rest.  (Hell… the BOOTY needs to be dusted off and removed from the shelves – but that’s a different story!)

As they said back in the 80’s , T. T. F. N…  


Friday, January 20, 2006


Here’s to 10 wonderful crazy years in the music business…  And here’s to many more! Much love,AC