Thursday, February 23, 2006

No Fuse-In 06?

What the f*ck, people?! Pardon my tone in this post, but as a native Detroiter who wants to help keep Detroit on the map, I say this to all of you: WE need to step our game up. I'll explain...

KEVIN SAUNDERSON did something that was next to impossible... He organized a successful festival in 9 days, people. 9 DAYS! He took on the debt of the past festivals, and basically lost a LOT of money trying to pull this thing off, but the point is, HE DID IT. Now, God bless him for his achievements, but again, the DETROIT in me is coming out... KEVIN SAUNDERSON does NOT a FESTIVAL MAKE... I repeat. KEVIN SAUNDERSON does NOT a festival make... And before I get blasted with pro-KS messages, I'll explain even further...

IN THIS CITY, there are so many people who wish to see this festival happen, but what are we doing? We're waiting on KEVIN... or we're waiting on "The City." We're waiting and waiting... WHY THE HELL ARE WE WAITING for ANYBODY? This is OUR city. This is OUR shit. And if WE wanna keep this thing going, WE need to step up and do something about it.

For starters, we all know this to be true: It takes MONEY. But truthfully, there's only about $250,000 worth of debt racked up. And yes, I say "ONLY" $250K. Imagine what could happen if every Detroit artist/producer/DJ/label owner/distributor/etc. stood TOGETHER and pooled their resources? What if we started a DEMF fund? It's really easy to do. Think about it. We throw parties all the time. Why not take a percentage of our money and put it towards the DEMF? I'm calling out ALL of these Detroit companies... For every dollar you make, why not take $25 cents of each dollar and donate it to the DEMF fund? Sounds crazy, eh? IT CAN BE DONE! If I can buy a 12-inch vinyl for $5, and not think twice about it... I can CERTAINLY pay $6.25 for that same piece of vinyl, KNOWING that $1.25 of that money is going towards the DEMF... If I can pay $5 to get into a club/party, I can CERTAINLY pay $7, knowing that $2.00 of my money was going towards the DEMF. Simple gestures, but they make a BIG difference. Multiply that amount with every party we attend, with every record we buy, etc... And WATCH HOW FAST we can make $250,000. And if we kept it going all year long, we'd ALWAYS have a festival, because it would ALWAYS be supported.

Other countries are LAUGHING at us right now... Do you know why it's no problem for EUROPEANS to pay $10 to enter a club? Because they pay nearly DOUBLE THAT amount all the time in their countries -- for LOCAL DJS! But what do WE do, as Detroiters? We bitch and moan. "That costs TOO MUCH..." "I ain't paying $X to see so-and-so..." Or even worse... Somebody's ALWAYS trying to get on "the list..." THINK ABOUT THAT the next time you go out, people... And for the promoters/club owners, I recommend you travel the world a bit, and see how it's done... Don't be afraid to set a new standard! Detroit is worth it! Don't you think so?

In closing, I'll say this: I WANT this festival, and I will gladly support any business/organization who is working to make this happen. We have plenty of time to make a difference. Let's all get together and make this HAPPEN! Long live the 313...


Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Well, it’s been a busy time, y’all!  I can’t complain, because it’s also been very good.  Besides the shows I have coming up in Austria and Germany, I also have a new DJ residency here in Detroit.  Wallshaker’s sub-label, Cherry Juice Recordings ( is finally taking shape, with the white labels to our first release (Laurent & Lewis: “MOTION”) in hand.  

As for Detrevolution, it’s selling very well – especially in Japan.  I sent another order to Japan yesterday – and from what I hear, it’s been on backorder.  I also sent more “Hateful” remixes too.  

“Tears” is being released on Subject Detroit.  I’m VERY excited about that record!  So far, the entire buzz has been great.  What I DO hope, however, is that people remember where “Tears” came from…  Where did it come from?!  Detrevolution…  

MYSPACE is some good shit…  If you feel like linking to me, please do so:  I like the networking aspect of it.  However, I don’t really care for that MP3 player – it’s so restrictive.  What if I wanna put MORE than 4 songs online at once?  Well, I’ll do what I do best.  Use my OWN shit…  That’s how was born!  

D.D.V.  has still not contacted me about adding Wallshaker – are you surprised?  But instead of being bitter about it, I’ll do what I said I’d do the last time.  Put my catalog back online.  Sell it myself.  

Now here’s my question…  There are so many online stores now, which one do you choose?  Which one is the best?  I’m already a part of and  I’m a part of CD Baby, and ITunes as well.  Is it good to be a part of so many online places?  Or should I just stay centralized in ONE location?  

Oh yeah…  Before I leave, I have to tell you what I found over the weekend!!!  I’ve found some videos of my past performances, and OH MY GOD was I laughing!!!  They’ll be posted online at my website soon – I’ve figured out how to upload these bitches, so y’all can watch and laugh too.  (  

PS:  I was skinny as hell!  LOL!!!  

The guys at Command Your Soul ( have also posted a video portrait of me during my last visit to Vienna.  Oh man, talk about FUNNY!!!  My friend Jim (from France) saw the video and said “that is SO YOU!”  I can’t wait to return there.  Next time I go, I’ll remember three very important rules:

  1. Just because you pay 25 cents to pee in the “Opera Toilet” does NOT mean the toilet will sing Opera to you.

  2. “Weiner-In” is a woman’s magazine – not a sexual position…

  3. Make sure you bring MORE THAN ONE JACKET, because I swear to God, I was there for an entire week – and it looked like I wore the same outfit all the damn time…  HAHAHHAHHA!!!!!  Now I understand why Divas have so many costume changes.  (Watch and learn, AC…  Watch and learn…)

Oh man!  I was in a pretty bad mood when I started writing this, but now I feel so much better.  I hope I made you smile!

Talk to you soon,