Monday, April 16, 2007

Eff U

We made plans all week long for you to come to my house after our gig Saturday night... Saturday night, all is well... Until you left without even saying goodbye. You didn't call me all day. You KNEW I would be pissed off... You TRIED to call me today, no apologies, no nothing.. You made it seem like it's no big deal. I don't play that shit. You told me you were high on mushrooms. And THAT'S why you weren't in your normal state of mind. I say that's no excuse... You should've kept your word. I don't care WHAT kind of drugs you do. You're a grown-ass man. I can't control what goes into your body. I CAN, however, control how your actions affect ME. And again, I'm not having that shit.

So on that note, I know how to treat you now... I know not to expect you to keep your word. You say it's no big deal. I say, bullshit. It's a HUGE deal to me. But I won't get too angry about it. I'll just turn around and walk away. Eff u. I've had enough...

Friday, April 06, 2007

AC Joins Forces with Cratesavers Muzik

Normally I'm not a "cut and paste" type of person, but I figured this press release said it best. And YES, I'm excited about this deal!!!



Legendary Detroit House producer and Wallshaker Music CEO Aaron-Carl signed a 2 to 3-year contract with Cratesavers Muzik on April 4, 2007. Founded by Scan 7’s Trackmasta Lou and Direct Beat music pioneer Posatronix, Cratesavers will oversee the manufacturing and worldwide distribution of Wallshaker’s music catalogue.

“This alliance not only makes our records more accessible throughout the world, but also showcases the great strength we have (as Detroit artists and producers) when we pool our resources together”
says Carl.

Wallshaker was founded in 1998, with the underground club hit, “Closer.” Wallshaker’s third release, Aaron-Carl’s “My House” got licensed by Ovum Recordings and earned a spot on Billboard’s Top 40 Dance/Club Play Chart. After a brief hiatus, Wallshaker re-opened its doors in 2003, releasing a steady stream of Deep House and Tech-House anthems. Other artists on the label include Detroit DJs E. Dubb and Benjamin Hayes, soul singer extraordinaire Veronique, and Inbetween DJs from the UK.

Cratesavers started initially in 1999, and spawned a record label in 2005. Specializing in Classic Detroit Techno, their label is open to all genres of electronic music. Cratesavers’ roster includes Techno legends Scan 7, Detroit’s own DJ Surgeon and the Detroit Techno Militia.

Wallshaker Music will also be digitally distributed through EPM Online,,, and

For more information, please visit the following sites: