Thursday, January 31, 2008


I was searching through my music VAULT... and stumbled across this song. I recorded it back in 1997. It was written for my daddy, on the 10-year anniversary of his death.

Being curious, I listened to it. I smiled at how poetic I was, in describing my feelings. I LAUGHED because the music is so influenced by "WENDY & LISA." (I love them...)

Anyway, the song is called "Still Winds Blow." I'm a bit shy, because I never released this song. This was a musical "diary entry," if you will; for nobody's ears except mine, my Dad's and God. But I still thought I would share it with you.

The lyrics are below. Journey with me, back into time... (and I like the little cassette tape player as well... how nostalgic.)

With love, AC...

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"Still Winds Blow"
(written and performed by Aaron-Carl)

Somewhere inside the spirit garden,
is the soul of a man whose fire continues to rage
inside of me...
For without me, he went on to become an angel.

Still lies the wind that blew life into me.
Never to wake from the blistering peace...

For he sleeps where still winds blow...
Daddy sleeps where still winds blow...

Somewhere inside the spirit garden,
is the soul of a man...
Forever calm is the storm that once used to be.
Without me, he went on to become an angel.

As I lay down to watch him sleep,
I'm torn with disbelief...

For he sleeps where still winds blow...
Daddy sleeps where still winds blow...

As I lay down to watch him sleep,
I'm torn with disbelief...
For he sleeps where still winds blow.
Daddy sleeps where still wind blow...
Do I go where still winds blow?

Friday, January 25, 2008

Experience, Part 2

Tonight.. . 7pm - 9pm EST. Make sure you have Quicktime... See u there?


Thursday, January 24, 2008


Bittersoulfulsweet... That's been my life lately. Bitter, Soulful and Sweet. But today, I'm BUZZING with anticipation... Every time I think I'm finished with this album, something else happens to inspire me to do better. OH MY GOD, I'm so happy right now! Khan of Finland and I did a sexy duet... it's called "Forbidden." Now, you KNEW I wasn't going to Berlin without running into my Khan!!! But yes, I've played this song nearly 100 times already.. I can't wait for y'all to hear it. It's sexy. I can't describe it any other way.

My radio show is tomorrow -- this time I won't be so nervous, and I swear I won't talk so much. LOL... I listened to the archive, and I couldn't stop laughing! "uh.. this is Aaron-Carl.. " Oh really? LOL!!!

I'm also finishing up the duet that I did with Veronique. I can't say this one is sexy.... But it IS powerful. That girl had me singing like CRAZY! But alright, I won't tease y'all. Not yet, anyway. Don't ask me what the LEAD single from the album is, because right now, I don't know it. But you know me. Tomorrow, this could all change, and everything will fall into place. And I promised myself (and the world) that Bittersoulfulsweet would be available early of 08. Well, March is a perfect time.

I must admit... Working with other producers and singers is a lot of FUN! DJ Nasty, Gerald Mitchell, Khan, Veronique -- yes, this album's gonna be hot. ...or is it bitter? soulful? sweet? (All of the above, bitches.. LOL... ) I love y'all.

Big hugs and LOTS of love..

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

PSA: Ron Murphy Funeral Arrangements and Memorial Fund

Per the family of Ron Murphy, I am forwarding the funeral arrangements to those who knew and loved him...

Memorial services will be held on SATURDAY, Jan 26 2008 at SANTEIU FUNERAL HOME
1139 Inkster Road,
Garden City, Michigan 48135
Services are open to the public from 6 pm - 9 pm.
In lieu of flowers, please send a donation.

An official page has been set up for the Ron Murphy Memorial Fund. You can make your donation (via PayPal or credit card) by visiting

All donations will be forwarded directly to the family of Ron Murphy to help pay for expenses, etc. If you cannot make it to the funeral, or aren't in the area, I strongly urge you to show your support and donate to the Ron Murphy Memorial Fund.

Like many people in this music industry, Ron had no insurance. As this is a VERY trying time for the family, the very least we can do is give a little to support the man who has done SO MUCH for Detroit's music scene.

Much love and respect,

Sunday, January 13, 2008

R.I.P., Ron Murphy -- The Man, The Legend...

I received the news this morning… Ron Murphy; the man, the legend, has died of a heart attack. While I’m filled with emotions right now, I must say that right now, I don’t feel “traditionally” sad. I’ll miss him. …a LOT. You see, I knew Ron for a very long time. Even before I signed to Soul City… Ron mastered ALL of my records and CDs – and with each project, he’d give me a lesson in music mastering. I remember my goal was to finally make a record that Ron Murphy didn’t have to tweak or touch… An eager student, I finally achieved that goal – and he was proud. He LOVED my songwriting and vocal skills. He believed in my music a great deal. He told me that the ONLY thing that was holding me back from being a bona fide superstar, was the fact that I was limiting myself (by singing songs like “Uncloseted,” etc...). Ron wanted to produce me himself for a project – we jokingly called it “Trick or Treat.” Every time I saw him, he asked me “are you ready to trick or treat?” I’d laugh, but he was serious!

I’ll miss our conversations… He’d confide in me about everything – from his health, to the state of Detroit’s music. He owned the masters to recordings by my mother’s first husband, Joseph Ragland (who is not my father, although we share a last name)… I forget the name of Joe’s group, but I’ll always remember the song. “I Just Can’t Forget Your Name.” Ron would play it nearly every time I visited! He would always refer to Joe as my father – I didn’t bother to correct him anymore. His image of me following in my “dad’s” footsteps made him proud. After I realized that, I decided I couldn’t take that away from him.

Now, everyone who knew Ron knew what he was going through. I used to watch him in awe… I’d wonder, how the hell could a man suffer like this and still master some SUPER HOT RECORDS??? You could see it in his eyes. Mastering records was his passion. And watching him MASTER these records was MY passion.

On occasion I would call him, just to see how he was doing. We’d talk for a little while and catch up. I often wondered if that would be our last conversation, but miraculously every time I called him, he was there. Now God has called him home.

Although I cry, I will continue on, using the many lessons that Ron taught me over the years. I will continue to make him proud of me. And maybe one day, I will record that “Trick or Treat,” just for him.

Ron Murphy; you know I looked up to you like a father and a teacher. I will miss you here on Earth, but I know that you are now in Heaven. Please watch over Detroit. We’ll never be the same without you.

Love Always,


Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Aaron-Carl Experience

You should really tune in and check me out... :-)

Starting Friday January 18, 2008, Aaron-Carl will host his own radio show entitled “The Aaron-Carl Experience,” every Friday from 7pm – 9pm (EST) on Detroit’s CST Radio 102.3 FM. Listeners all over the world can stream the live Internet broadcast on . The show will feature AC’s brand of House, Techno and Electro, as well as special guests and interviews. Listeners can also send comments, requests, etc. to