Thursday, December 06, 2007

A Moment

Right now, I just need a moment to recollect myself. Life is hitting me pretty hard right now -- nearly too hard to explain. Depression hurts, but I KNOW I'll be alright. I just need some time.

Thanks for understanding, y'all...

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


There's a couple of things that have me wondering, what the hell?!

Today I received an e-mail/comment from a fellow musician. Attached to his comment was a big html pic/ad -- which I really did NOT want on my page. I politely deny the ad, but make a mental note to myself: "Write this guy back to congratulate him on his award." I guess I didn't answer his e-mail quickly enough... Tonight, as I check my MySpace before bed, I receive another e-mail titled "No worries, Diva... no worries..." And the message was something like "just know that I KNOW..." I thought to myself "oh, okay.." But seriously I have no idea what the hell he was talking about. So in order to gain some clarity, I clicked "reply" to ask him what the deal was. I receive an error message, saying I must be "someone's friend" to send them a message. Basically, this guy sends me this crazy e-mail, then blocks me so I can't respond.

uh.. okay... whatever, right?

I decided not to pursue the issue any further. If he has a stick up his own ass, so be it. Was he REALLY THAT UPSET because I didn't accept his comment/ad? It was a huge fucking AD about his award, with a little message like "hope you're well" underneath. Granted, MySpace has a setting where I can simply BLOCK the html from the comments. Maybe I'll have to do that. But Jesus... If that's something that offends you, imagine how offensive it is to receive a comment that looks more like SPAM? Not everyone wants a million pictures popping up on their myspace pages @ once. I don't do it to others, and I damn sure don't like it done to me. FURTHERMORE, if he was TRULY a friend, he would've sent me a simple e-mail. I would've responded and congratulated him. He was just trying to use my page as further advertisement for his own sake. I realize that. Because of this, I'm laughing at this "diva" e-mail. I deny an ad-filled comment that barely addressed ME at all, and I'm the "diva?" Whatever, bitch... Moving on to more important things...

Thank goodness I have my own label. I've forgotten what it's like to "shop" songs to different labels, only to hear responses like "I like it, BUT... I won't spend any money to license it from you..." And before you think I can't handle rejection, think again. There's a difference between rejection, and people just being stupid. For example (and this really happened today, by the way...): I allowed one of my new tracks to be shopped around to "certain labels" for possible licensing. You may wonder why I even bother doing that, considering that I DO have my own label. I'll get into that later -- there's a method to my madness, I promise. But anyway, I've received a few declines so far. Among them was "I like the track, but it's too SOULFUL for my label." Another one said "It's a good track, just not something I'm looking to pick up for my label because it's not the sound I'm looking for." Mind you, I APPRECIATE and RESPECT those decisions. Their reasons were clear and concise. I understand that one thing doesn't please "everybody." Okay... But when I received a response that said "I really like it but it is very specialist, so I wouldn't be able to pay an advance for it..." And then went on to say that if I didn't want any money, he could possibly "look at it..." (I said, what what?!) I was a bit agitated.

People who enjoy your music enough to dance to it, pirate it, copy it, etc... But not enough to pay money and SUPPORT it -- that shit is tired. How the hell do you expect the artist to survive? How do you expect the artist to continue to make the music YOU LOVE, without support?

Honestly, it's a strange world in the music industry. You'd be surprised at the number of DJs, producers and artists today who have a great "image," but in reality are broke and struggling... I won't name names, out of respect... But it confuses me to see one of Detroit's biggest names do his/her thing @ the hottest club in town one night, and the next day, see that SAME BIG NAME selling meat at the local grocery store. It HURTS me.

It's a reality that most people in this industry -- especially here in Detroit, are NOT making a living from their music! It goes to show you that NOT EVERYTHING that glitters is gold. We're walking around here with no health insurance, no life insurance, no savings plan -- all the benefits that normally come with a "regular 9 to 5." Is this normal? It's not supposed to be like this!

I remember quitting my secure day job shortly after my first record deal with Submerge. My first two records took off (y'all knew that), I started traveling and performing (y'all knew that too), but wound up losing my first house because I couldn't afford to keep it. (Y'all didn't know that, did u?) I was STUNNED to discover that not everyone can live the life you see in the videos on MTV. ...and even more important, just because you sign a record DEAL, doesn't mean that you're going to be taken care of financially... Well, maybe for some people... Y'all ALL know the stories about platinum recording artists going bankrupt, etc. So if THEY can go bankrupt, imagine what the hell it's like for someone like myself!

Personally, I'm in a weird space. I can proudly say that I haven't had a day job since the year 2000. (Thank you Jesus!) But it's certainly not easy at times... Fortunately for me, I have a partner who DOES work a "regular 9 to 5." And together, we do pretty good. When my music income is good, life is VERY GOOD. When sales, royalties, gigs, etc. are low, things are tight! Lord knows I'm not rich, but I'm doing alright for myself and my family. Some days, I'm like "shit... can I PLEASE find a day job somewhere?" But I don't give in to the pressure, because I know that if I'm gonna do something, I HAVE to put 110% of myself into it for it to work. I can't put 110% into a day job, and STILL be Aaron-Carl, the producer/DJ/remixer/diva(?) that y'all see in the record stores. Something's gonna fail... And I know (and thankfully, so does my partner) that this music is IN ME. I honestly cannot see myself doing anything else in life with such passion -- unless his name is Tommy Lee. (hahaha!)

Seriously though, if I DID have a day job, I'd have to stop doing music. But that thought alone SCARES me... Why? Because I've given up a secure job AND college for this music thing. I've invested my ENTIRE ADULT LIFE into making this "music thing" a career. Am I successful? Sure! I run my own label that's distributed all over the world. I'm able to "cut checks" for people who record music under my label. I have fame, fans, frequent flyer miles -- lol... Not too bad for a boy who grew up in the hood. But hell...

I look @ my big sister Angie, with her super-giant luxurious home and her Master's degree... And I look at my little sister Melva, with her career firmly in place (and a sharp-ass car!)... THEY are BOTH successful in my eyes! Mind you, like my sisters, I can support my children. I live in a nice house in the suburbs. As I said, I'm doing alright. But damn. This shit ain't easy...

I could go on, but I think you understand.

"Strangelove, strange highs and strange lows... Strangelove... That's how our love goes..."

Thanks for stopping by. Tell me your thoughts. As Jill Scott once said, "MMPH if u feel it, holler when u hear it..."


Friday, November 30, 2007

I Got Elfed

My friend (and label mate) DJ E. Dubb and I got "elfed" today. We just wanted to spread some holiday love to y'all... Hope this makes you laugh, or at least smile!!!

Click HERE to watch us get down, ELFIN STYLE!


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Christophe Tomasi, R.I.P.

This morning, I received the news. My friend, and Cratesavers partner, Christophe Tomasi, committed suicide this past Thursday, November 15, 2007. I will miss him a lot.

Not only was he my friend, but he was a great friend to a LOT of Detroit artists and producers. He loved Detroit music with all his heart. His presence will certainly be missed. May his soul rest in peace.


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Wallshaker, and then some...

Hello babies:

Yes, you can slap me because it's been a while. But before you get that pimp hand ready, let me give you a few updates. heheheheh...

  • "Wallshaker" -- the track, not the label, is making quite a comeback. For those who remember the FIRST release back in 1997 -- Ironically, the LAST record to ever be released on Soul City... It's been re-released on Millions of Moments, Germany. ...and to my surprise, people are really loving it!
  • "Crucified" is next to be re-released, also on Millions of Moments. I've heard a nice little remix, and I can't wait for the vinyl to hit the shelves.
  • "Hateful" is currently being re-worked by none other than Mr. Quentin Harris himself. I can't even say anymore about that, because I'm too excited. Y'all know I've been wanting to work with that man for the longest time. I also hear he's being asked to remix "Sky." I haven't heard a response yet, but I'll let you know as soon as I do.
  • "Drive (I-75)" is currently being slated for release as a single, finally!!! Detroit's B. Calloway provided a rather provocative verse... There's also another remix from yours truly. DJs have asked me about this record for a little while now, and I was waiting for "_______" -- that motherfucker knows who he is... He was the first to offer up a verse for my remix. However, he was too busy trying to get some (meow), and since I don't have a (meow), I guess I wasn't important enough. Fuck him. (But I'll be nice now...)
  • "Bittersoulfulsweet" is such a CHALLENGE to make!! I want this album to HIT people hard. Of course I'm trying new things -- new sounds, new ideas, etc. I'm even working with other producers. I'm treating this as if it's the last album I'll ever make. I want to give it my ALL - and then some.
  • "Oasis" -- I've done a vocal version, finally. Thanks to Kiko Navarro for the inspiration.
I have one thing to say... "MOODYMANN!!!" (Shhh... don't want to tell TOO MUCH too fast...)

Now, with all of this music stuff going on, you can understand why I've been so silent lately. Lots of other things are happening in my life as well... I've finally reunited with my brother David, whom I hadn't spoken to since my mother's death -- it just hit me. Mommy died EXACTLY two years ago TODAY... (Hi Mommy. I hope you're still watching me, and you already know that I miss you!!!)

Wow. I feel like I just hit a brick wall. I don't even know what else to say. I was going to write about my "friends" who haven't called... But now it doesn't even seem important. I can't get this "anniversary" out of my head. Maybe I'll try to call my sisters, to see how they're dealing with today. Today's a good day for a family dinner, don't you think? I'll try to arrange it and we'll see what happens...

Hugs and love...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Random Thoughts

I've finally come up with a definite title for my new album... YES! Finally!!!

2008 is going to be a fabulous year... I can't wait. I'll FINALLY get to go to Japan! The people at Underground Gallery are so obsessed with UR, they seemed to have forgotten about me. I don't mind, however... God has a way of working things out.

I've been working out lately. While it's rough sometimes, I try to get on that treadmill at least ONCE a day. I like to joke that my scale's finally displaying NUMBERS again, instead of a big fat "E" for ERROR. HAHAHA!!! (Actually, I'm not kidding. The scale DOES display numbers again... lol)

I love MySpace... I've been able to interact with some wonderful people through MySpace. Did I invite y'all to link to me?

I love my friends... Julian (DJ Nasty) is awesome. He wants to argue with me about the title of my album, but I won't let him. :-) Ever since I moved over to the "East Side," life has been different. I don't know if it's because of my Hospital visit... I don't know if it's the house... I don't know what it is. But I've discovered that change is good.

I love my fans... Bruno from Brazil, Steefaan from Rouen, Orcinus from Japan, Andrew and Jordan from Michigan -- I realize that I can name all sorts of countries and places, and find people who are truly fans. That's a great feeling, and I don't take it for granted. (MUAH to y'all!)

I love my family... My sisters Angie and Melva, the three of us remind me of "Soul Food" -- y'all remember that? And surprisingly, my brother David and I are even speaking again. God is good, eh?

I MISS my old friends... Folks like Shant (who has no damn excuse, since we live so close to each other now), Jeff and Kerry, and all my folks Downriver. My number hasn't changed, bitches... CALL ME sometime!!!

Alright y'all.. I'm feeling a new beat in my head. Time for me to make some music.

Peace out...

Monday, September 17, 2007

Phone Sex

Talk about a revelation... My youngest son, Jevon, approached me with the most outlandish comment I've heard in quite a while.. I was having a conversation, and I had mentioned that I was going to call a friend of mine -- I'd just obtained his phone number. Out of nowhere, Jevon says (loudly): "Daddy, YOU'RE gonna have PHONE SEX!"

(pause) (mouth drops) (did this boy just say what I THOUGHT I HEARD HIM SAY?)

So I sat him down and asked him, "where did you hear such a thing?" Answer: He heard it from the RADIO. (I sat in disbelief...) So I probed further and asked him: "What exactly IS phone sex?" Answer: Phone sex is when you get on the phone (with a girl, he says) and "talk about sex..." For example: "I wanna have sex with you..."

My response: "You will NOT be having phone sex with ANYBODY until you're an adult -- and even then, you will NOT have it on MY TELEPHONE!" And with that, I sent his little seven year-old butt to bed...

Can u believe it? Phone sex. Lord, have mercy...


Friday, September 14, 2007


Hey there:

I figured I'd hit you up with some new tunes. It's about damn time, eh? I know, I know... But hopefully you understand that this is just the beginning of a major outpouring of music from yours truly. Visit my MySpace page ( and have a listen...

"If We Were Alone" by Keite Young and N'Dambi. I remixed this for Hidden Beach Recordings -- Jill Scott's label. A special thanks to Kerry Webb for the co-production.

"You Have The Right" by Scan 7. I recently did this remix for them and it's featured on their double 12-inch remix package. It's funny -- Mine is the ONLY HOUSE remix on the EP! Represent, baby... Represent!

"Individual" by Yolanda Johnson. It was so much fun doing this remix. As you know, the original version is featured on BET's Night Grooves show. (I think that's the name) Ms. Johnson is a total sweetheart, and it was an honor to do this mix for her.

Alright y'all.. Give me feedback. I'm working on my own new album, which looks like it will be released at the beginning of the year. And yes, I've found a couple of different working titles. You'll just have to find out later.

OH, and a bit of other news... How could I forget to tell you this??? House music maestro QUENTIN HARRIS is recruiting ME to work with him on an upcoming project. Do you know how freaking STOKED I am? Quentin Harris and myself TOGETHER??!! We will HURT somebody... Look out!

Also in the works, an upcomng project with Dan Diamond and John Acquaviva. You are SOOOO gonna trip out when you guess what it is. (Hint: It involves a video!)

That's enough news for now. Stay in touch, and we'll meet again soon.


Saturday, September 01, 2007


After 8 wild and crazy days in the hospital, I've finally made it home. The last two days were so unbearable, I broke down and cried. Not because of the pain, per se. But because of the lack of information that I was given!!! They kept coming into my room, taking blood from me -- the IV was stuck in my arms for so long, my veins would collapse. This would sometimes happen while I was sleeping, and I'd wake up to blood in my IV tube. Most of the time, they would just flush the tube -- meaning they would push a saline solution (at top speed, I might add) into my arm. Talk about a burning sensation from HELL... OUCH!!

On a brighter note, they did an ultrasound on (what Dana calls) "the gymbags." No more infection. The swelling (yes, I'm still quite swollen) will go down in about a week or two, but in the meantime, let's just say that I have "Beer Can Boogie" syndrome! Mind you, if it weren't so damn painful, it would be a WONDERFUL thing... LOL! But nah. I was fine before this staff infection ever started.

So now I'm home. But life hasn't stopped. I have TWO gigs tomorrow (Sunday) night, and I'm still not certain if I can make them. Of course the money is nice, but I can't kill myself trying to be out there in the world...

We just got a new house! (We're moving on up, to the East Side...) I knew we were moving, and it pisses me off that I didn't get to physically SEE the house yet. But I saw pictures, and wow. I'm in love... So yesterday was a wonderful day. I finally got to leave the hospital, which I would imagine was similar to someone getting out of prison. I was like, "DAYLIGHT!!!" I was so happy to breathe fresh air, y'all wouldn't believe it!!! THEN on top of that, Mel gave me the keys to my new house. YAY!!! I'll definitely need to hire movers, because I cannot lift anything even remotely heavy -- for obvious reasons...

On that note, I'll end this blog and lay back down in the bed. My phone has been ringing off the hook with well-wishes and love. THANK YOU ALL!!! My throat is quite sore, thanks in part to all those damn antibiotics I was taking... But I cannot complain. I am HOME.

PS: (and you know who this is directed to...) While laying in the hospital, I thought about calling you -- especially after reading your birthday response in my blog. It kills me that you were simply 'waiting' for the right time to say something to me... I kept thinking, "what if this was it?" What if I didn't make it? What if you ran out of time to find me and say what you wanted to say? That has already happened ONCE in your life. Would you want to experience that again? But I digress... As I said earlier, I'm home, and I'm recovering. Thank God. And as of next week, I'll officially be moved into the new house -- and it just happens to be a LOT closer to where you live now (and yes, I know where you live now...). My phone numbers are still the same. If you wanna talk, I'm here -- please don't wait until it's too late.

PPS: My old friend Christene just called me today. Her mom and daughter got into a terrible car accident. Her daughter came out alive and okay... Her mother didn't make it. I feel so bad for Christene right now, and all I want to do is be there for her and hug her. As I grew up with Christene, I got to know her mother, Nancy, very well. It hurts my heart to know that she's gone. It also brought back the familiar feelings when I lost my own mother.

Please, y'all... Let this be a testament. PLEASE LOVE YOUR LOVED ONES WHILE YOU CAN, because you NEVER KNOW when their time is up. And yes, like Christene's mom AND my mom, it can happen in the blink of an eye. (Mister, do you hear me?)

That's it for now. Thanks again for all the love, y'all. I need it. Truly I do.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hospital Room

Today will mark my 6th day in the hospital. What started
as a "pimple" that I busted, turned into an entire swollen
abcess. I went to the emergency room last Thursday, after
I couldn't sit, stand OR walk because I was so swollen.
The swelling increased once I got here -- first the right
side, then the left side, until the ENTIRE groin region of
my body had swollen up like a grapefruit. Sounds gross?
Trust me, it IS gross. ..and of all the places for it to
occur! (I took pictures, but I'll spare you.)

I finally had surgery on Sunday, where they made two
incisions (you know where) to let the abcess drain. Mind
you, this is the first surgery I've ever had to have in my
LIFE! (When I do things, I do them big, I guess... no pun
intended) Anyway, I just discovered that I could use my
laptop here in the hospital, so here I am, typing to you
from my hospital bed.

Right now, I'm feeling okay... I'm not in much pain but
I'm still rather swollen. I'm sure it's because of the
surgery, but I'm gonna also ask about that. Pain and I
don't get along. They kept me pretty calm, sometimes
sedated... OMG, I even had a Spinal tap right before
surgery. Baby, I couldn't feel my legs -- or anything else
at all! I'll gladly spare you the other details... Trust
me, y'all do NOT wanna know. LOL!

Remember that wake-up call that I said I needed to kick
myself into shape? Well, this would be it. I have
officially been kicked.

My abcess got pretty infected, so the doctors had me on 3
antibiotics that I take through an IV tube. As of today,
I'm off of TWO of the antibiotics. The other one, the
doctor's waiting for my test results (culture) to come
back, and he'll tell me whether or not I can start taking
my antibiotics by mouth. If so, I can go HOME!!! Either
today or tomorrow, we should know for sure. I'm getting so
damn restless, sitting up here in this damn bed all day!
However, I DID have some wonderful folks who came to see
me.... BJ (Posatronix), Timika (Cratesavers), Sheralyn
(Ms. Love, thank you!!!), my lovely litter sister MELVA,
JULIAN (DJ Nasty, my bestest friend), DANA (my bestest
BESTEST friend forever)and Norman, my Aunt Michelle (who
looked so fabulous), and of course, where would I be
without the complete and total support of MEL

Day after day, no matter what the weather was... I
appreciated your presence more than you might ever know.
For my first REAL time in the hospital, I can truly say
that I felt LOVED!

I didn't forget about the folks who called me, especially
after calling my mobile phone and hearing the messge I left
for y'all.. So again, I thank you. It seems I'm ALWAYS
thanking somebody for SOMETHING lately... Guess it just
means the blessings are flowing.

Well, it's 7 a.m. right now. I should try and get some
sleep. It was hard sleeping through the night, being in a
strange bed, etc. But I'll log on later and check my

Talk 2 y'all soon...
Love Always,


Wednesday, August 22, 2007


So I've figured out that along with age and experience, comes courage and strength. While my birthday party (Aug 19) was very nice, I admit I was a little disappointed at the people who did NOT show up. NO, I shouldn't focus on the bad stuff... And after I write it out here, I won't. But y'all know me... If I keep my feelings bottled up inside, I'll go crazy.

Speaking of crazy, you know who I expected to walk thru my door and surprise me? Yep, you guessed it... T*dd. We haven't spoken to each other since our public "falling out." I hear things in the streets though. I know he's still pretty pissed off about what happened between us. Well, shit. I've tried on MANY occassions to man up and apologize for my part in all of this. I even went so far as to make a VERY PUBLIC apology to him. Did he respond? Nope. And I remember him complaining once that I never bothered to call him directly to apologize -- well, I've done THAT a few times as well... I've left text messages, I've sent e-mails... Nothing. But I kept holding on, I guess. I held onto the hope that all of this would blow over. I even put a picture of us on my myspace page with a caption that said, "It wasn't always bad... I miss him and our friendship..." No response. So, because I cannot wallow around in sorrow forever, I've done one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Today, I let him go. I'm sure this means nothing to anyone but MYSELF, but trust me... I couldn't just walk away like that. I held on for dear life. He cut the strings and left me for dead. I went through my stages of depression, my anger, my guilt. I hoped for the light @ the end of the tunnel, y'all... I really did. And I know that he's a stubborn man. I "knew" he'd have to calm down on his own, before he realized just how much was destroyed. I just hoped he'd come back. And then I realized, he's not coming back. It's really the end. Kiss... I love you... I always have... Goodbye.

Thus my courage... The courage to finally accept what I cannot change. Yes, I know the old "serenity" poem. But even moreso, I lean on the words of Sinead o' Conner. ..."The whole time I'd never seen, all I needed was inside me... Now I feel so different..."

I'll write more soon.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Beautiful Bittersweet

Saturday night was probably the most surreal experiences that I've had as a DJ... Earlier that day, I DJed the 2nd annual Urban Groove House Picnic. Overall, the vibe was very good. Mel, the kids and I all went together. My sister Melva also came to join in on the fun. Trench and his girlfriend were there for a while... Even Mike Banks and UR showed up -- it was like one big family reunion. Good food, lots of barbeque!!! Everyone was in a lovely mood. I wish we could have more days like this in Detroit. Maybe we do, and I'm just too sheltered to see it. Nah... We definitely need more days like THIS in Detroit!

I DJed at around 7:30 pm... Of course, folks were dancing and loving the tunes. I dug DEEP into the crates (yes, VINYL, bitches!) and pulled out some GEMS. I'm talking Ken Collier days... It was wonderful, and folks were feeling it. The spirit called me, and I had to play Jocelyn Brown's "It's Alright, I Feel It!" Sometimes you just need to hear a word of encouragement. Lord, I NEEDED it... And when the music broke down, and Ms. Brown started to testify, baby... It was total church up in there -- at least it was for me. I'd like to say that my set was the peak of the night, but it wasn't... I was only paving the way... Ms. COREY -- I know her from somewhere!!! Ms. COREY politely asked me if she could play a couple of records... I said SURE. I am certainly not one to hog the decks, and I was curious to hear she she had to offer... BABY, she got on those decks and turned it OUT... I mean, the floor was PACKED PACKED PACKED!!! And she worked those EQs like she OWNED them. I stepped back... "oh shit..." This woman -- this beautiful woman, let us HAVE IT!!! Do you hear me? She "beat those bitches down..."

After that party, I had another gig to go to. I've done 2 charity events so far, but this gig in particular, was a paid gig. Well, the promotor (J.) had promised me payment before I even hit the turntables... I guess around town, he has a reputation of promising payment to his DJs, but not delivering. Hmmm... I was never one to pass judgement, although I had to hunt him down @ the last party I spun at (for him). And I do mean HUNT... I waited around until 6 in the morning for my fee -- it was not pretty... It was for THIS REASON, he promised to pay me BEFORE I spun any records.

I arrived at the Labrynth, nearly 30 minutes before my scheduled set. I asked around for J., no one could find him. It turned out the he was playing at the same time I was, only on a different floor. He left me a message to see him AFTER my set, and he'd take care of me. SOOOOO, like a professional, I played my scheduled set.

The venue wasn't packed on this particular night, but something in the air made everything cool... Everyone was feeling my deep house vibes, and again... I played Ms. Brown... Something told me that I HAD to play it.. This time, I noticed a black man standing in front of the DJ booth, as if he had the Holy Ghost... He hung onto every word from Ms. Brown... So did I. I closed my eyes, lifted my hands to the sky, and let her words consume me. I didn't care WHO was watching... But then again, everyone was watching.. And they understood. They felt me. They felt Ms. Brown. And it sounded like a black Baptist church up in there!!!

When my set was over, I ran into a friend of mine (my Girl, ASHLEY!)... She said to me, "there's a guy here who just lost his mother 2 nights ago... and he's HERE now... and YOU touched him with your music." (I'm paraphrasing, but the point was, he just lost his mom... I touched him with my music.. and somehow got him to take his mind off of things for a minute, and just DANCE...) I told her to FIND this friend of hers, and bring him to me. I HAD to meet him. I sat down at a table, and when she arrived, she brought this SAME BLACK MAN that I saw on the dance floor! Wow!

I immediately said to him, "Look... I know EXACTLY what you're going through. I just lost MY mom too... And it doesn't get easy at all, trust me! But hey... if you need ANYBODY to talk to, at ANY TIME -- and you will, believe me... Call ME. I'm HERE. I PROMISE... " And I gave him my card, and a huge hug. We cried together for a second, as I held his head in my arms. I swear, I couldn't have planned a deeper connection that night... THIS meant more to me than worrying about J., the promoter-- who still hadn't paid me.

After the guy and I talked (I still can't remember his name, just his face and his spirit), I made my way around the dance floor. I shook some hands, gave some hugs, have a few good laughs... And then I sat back down. Someone approached me and told me that the venue didn't make enough money, BUT... they would make arrangements to pay me my fee later on in the week -- I don't remember what else he said, because at that point, I tuned him out. He gave me his e-mail address, and I politely told him that it was no problem. We could settle this later. I wasn't gonna let this issue spoil my night. So on that note, I left. I went home, feeling BOTH like I was on top of the worlld (because i KNOW I helped somebody!) and like a piece of shit (because I KNOW I got shafted for my fee -- and THIS time, I NEEDED it!)...

While I won't go into what else happened this night, because believe me, THIS is enough for one blog; let's just say that I'm a damn good friend. Those who choose not to recognize it are blind... Those who take advantage of it are CRUEL... But here's the killer part: I'm stronger than that. Really, I am. Shit. I'm TOO strong of an individual to let other people's actions get the best of me. (sometimes!!!) But today, it's a strong day. And I realize that NOBODY can do anything to me that I DO NOT ALLOW them to do. If you take advantage of me, I ALLOW YOU. If you use me for my money, etc., I can't bitch about it, because I'm ALLOWING this to happen. I could easily be a dick. I could easily say NO... But in the interest of caring for others (my so-called friends), I rarely, if ever, say no -- even if it hurts me. And in the end, it usually does...
It stems from that attitude, "if I give him (them) what HE needs/wants, he'll give ME what I need/want." Sounds simple, eh? YES it does! But 9 times out of 10, I'm the one who DOESN'T get what I want. And over the years, you'd think I'd be some sick, jaded bitch because of it. But I'm not. Oh well... That's what I write songs for. lol!

That's it for now. Do leave your thoughts. Better yet, I'd appreiate if you just stopped by to say hello.

Love on u...

Thursday, July 19, 2007


First, let me apologize for not writing sooner. As you may have guessed, lots of things have been on the horizon. I've had to overcome some personal struggles in my life -- losing (what I thought was) a (never-ending) friendship was very hard for me to deal with. After a bitter, ugly breakup of sorts, somebody had the nerve to CHALLENGE me in a public forum... They told me that if I was TRULY a good person; one who was truly sorry for my role in our friendship's demise, then I would make a public apology on the forum -- for ALL to see. So what did I do? I accepted the challenge. I swallowed a whole lot of pride, that's for sure. But I got up there, in that public forum, and I did the hardest thing I've ever had to do. ( was the forum -- if you check the "Dear Whitey" section, you'll see it for yourself.)

The experience was both liberating and painful. I felt like a HUGE weight was lifted off my shoulders. Even in the apology, I stated that I didn't expect anything from him. I meant that, but at the same time, I'd HATE to be out there hanging, while he just says "whatever, Aaron... fuck off..." Or something to that effect. It's painful because ever since this public apology, I've been expecting a phone call -- an email, SOMETHING from him acknowledging my efforts. To date, nothing. And I guess that's my answer in itself.

Yes, it's easy to go along with my other friends, and sport that "fuck him" attitude. But when the lights go down, and nobody's around, I still remember what used to be between him and me... And NOBODY can get me over that except ME. I remember the good times -- the times we were the closest to each other; the way we were when nobody else was around... And yes, I've even learned to forgive him for HIS issues...

I heard he tried to defend me recently, while someone else (a hater) was talking shit about me, to a friend of ours. But you know, as of today, my apology still goes unaccepted. He's hurting, I'm sure. So am I.

With all this being said, now you know why I haven't really been around. It's more than just this incident, of course. As for the biggest emotional roller coaster I've had in a long time, this would be it. But I'm alive. And to quote the new song of my life, "my good days outweigh my bad days... I won't complain."

MUSICALLY, it's been quite a journey! I've taken some time to fully work on my new album. I've got some House songs written, of course... I have some ghetto-tech/electro songs written, of course... Then I have some CRAZY, off-the-wall shit that will probably make people go WHAT?!

When I wrote "Uncloseted," I literally wrote and recorded a song every day, until it was finished. I took a bit more time with "Detrevolution," but NOW, I feel like I'm have a creative storm (no pun intended) again... Every day, I have new ideas that could turn into some awesome songs. ALSO, I'm finally taking the plunge... I'm officially going to reconstruct and re-record a few of my older songs, because it's time... It's time to breathe NEW life into these tunes. Have you ever said "if I only knew THEN what I know NOW?" That's exactly what I'm doing...

And before you ask me WHICH songs I plan to re-do, I'll say this... Rumor has it that I'm re-doing "Wash It."... I won't confirm or deny that. I'll simply tell you this... Certain songs from THAT ERA will be given a new life. I want it to be a surprise for you... (What?! I'm a Leo, baby! I LOVE to tease! But just remember, I ALWAYS come through...)

OOOH... I WILL ask you this, though... WHAT should I name this new album? I've had a few working titles in mind, among the best being "Soul Graffiti." BUT after doing extensive research, I've discovered that there are books AND PEOPLE with "Soul Graffiti" as their name. Mind you, nobody has an ALBUM with that title, but nope... I wanna be original. "Uncloseted" was not a word, obviously -- not until I made it one... "Detrevolution" was just fucking awesome. I loved everything about that word -- what it meant to me, how it sounded, how it LOOKED on an album cover... But I digress. Oh yeah, and I can't forget about my VERY FIRST album, "STORM" -- which wasn't really talking about thunder and rain... It was an acronym... Somewhere There's One Right Man. (You didn't know that, did you?)

Well, that's it for now. If you have any ideas for a nice title, toss them my way. In the meantime, keep your ears open -- I am still out there spreading the sound. You'll be hearing some new music from me very soon. Promise...

Love Always,

Saturday, June 30, 2007

For U

Thank u for admiring my uniqueness.
It isn’t easy to understand me at times…
While strong and confident, occasionally I’m insecure.
And this insecurity sometimes makes me blind…

Thank u for acknowledging my maturity,
But while I’m grown, I’m still like a child.
Sometimes I’m cool like a summer breeze.
Every now and then, I’m an inferno gone wild.

Thank u for letting me live and learn.
While I’m not always right, I’m not always wrong.
Thank u for knowing that I’m not perfect.
Thank u for loving me, in spite of my flaws.

Thank u for not losing sight of the goodness
I carry inside…
Thank u for showing me that I’m still worthy.
Thank u for not leaving me during the worst of times.

Love Always,

Monday, June 18, 2007

Emerge - A Detroit House + Techno Alliance = Success!

To everyone who helped make EMERGE a very successful party last Saturday night, I sincerely and most humbly thank YOU!!!

The guys @ Sonic Synergy hooked up the sound for upstairs, and it was BANGIN'! You definitely gave the folks downstairs a run for our money. Timika and the Electronic Music Tour team -- I cannot thank you guys enough. The food was awesome -- those Swedish meatballs? OMG! The VIP room itself was very nice. I swear we need one of those, EVERYWHERE we go.

DJ Seoul: Even with that big-ass monitor blaring in your ear, you managed to pull off a very nice set. Thank you for sticking around and helping to spread the love. (I saw you out there dancing during Veronique's live set!)

Jeff Comer -- I'm just glad you were THERE, even though you didn't have to play much. Still your presence was much appreciated.

DJ E. Dubb and Chris (Deaken): Y'all tore that shit up. You guys made me proud. (Wallshaker in the HOUSE!)

Benji Hayes and Jay Langa -- WHO was that girl standing in front of the DJ booth, dancing with her boobs out? You two were like Beavis and Butthead: "he he heheh.. Bewbs!!" But you rocked out, and I'm GLAD you got to see how your performance inspired some folks! LOL...

For those who saw DJ Surgeon's live set. Wasn't it off the chain? OH MAN, that man can work those turntables. It was kinda hard to dance during that set because I couldn't keep my eyes off the turntables! Surgeon, you let them HAVE it. And you didn't let up. And that CD of yours is definitely a killer.

...and VERONIQUE -- dayum, that woman can SING! She started her set with a cover version of Chaka Khan's "Ain't Nobody" -- completely housed up and reworked by yours truly, thank you. (An yes, that was me singing background...) I kid you not. Veronique sang, and souls were moved. Especially when "Use Me" came on... It was over. She took us back to CHURCH! I couldn't help screaming and shouting during that song -- which is why I lost my damn voice again, but it was worth it! I DJed for the rest of that hour. We all had fun.

Posatronix and Di'Jital... OMG. I was certainly NOT disappointed by their live set whatsoever. I kept running back and forth between upstairs and downstairs because DJ Revolt was upstairs KILLING IT - wasn't he? I'm so used to hearing Revolt spin "early" sets, but Lord, Jesus... The energy that man was bringing to the crowd -- it resonated throughout the building! So THAT, at the same time as Posatronix and Di'Jital's live set? Whoo, did I get a workout THAT hour!

And finally, the sweet sounds of Mike Huckaby. Damn, that man spun some soulful house! He was the perfect choice to bring the house down, because he grabbed you from the first record, and did NOT let go. We were gonna close down at 4 a.m., but he kept on rocking it. Folks were STILL paying to get in @ 4 a.m.... That was crazy! At the same time, upstairs -- in a completely different world, ANOTHER crowd was jumping...

DJ Erelevent banged out some hard techno for your ASSES, baby! And like Mike, he kept it going till WAY after 4... When we finally ended the night, I swear those turntables were on fire. (And hey, Erelevent... Those were MY Technics you were working to death, Mister! LOL)Overall, it was a very peaceful, FUN, outrageous night.

YOU ALL made this party a success, and I thank ALL of you for coming down and supporting it. And knowing full well there's NO "I" in "team," I know I couldn't have done it without the IMMEASURABLE help and support of CRATESAVERS. My new brothers (and sisters), words can't express how grateful and thankful I am. If this party was ANY indicator of what we can do when we join forces (House + Techno), then DETROIT will be back on the map in a BIG way!

Love and much respect, y'all! Pics are up on my MySpace page, so enjoy...


Thursday, June 07, 2007

Like an Adult

...So I just received a threatening telephone call from Todd, who says"You better watch your back," in regards to my recent blog. Mind you, he didn't say it directly to me. He said to Mel, who answered the phone. When Mel relayed the message to me, my FIRST reaction was to call him back and curse... But like an adult, I didn't. I kept my cool. Not 5 minutes later, I get a phone call from Erick (E. Dubb). Todd also called and left a message on his (father's) cell phone... "I don't know who to call, but I'm a bit worried about Erick -- he's smoking crack or whatever!" Erick was devastated when he called me... I had to remind Erick of some things, and it is for THIS reason I'm writing this blog... Because THIS is a testament. God is good all the time, let me first say... I repeat. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME. And it is BECAUSE of GOD that I am able to understand and acknowledge this situation for what it is...

I deleted the last part of my blog (in which I described the demise of Todd's and my friendship). I didn't delete it because of Todd's threatening phone call. I am in NO WAY, SHAPE or FORM afraid of him. My blog was in no way malicious or slanderous. I spoke the truth -- and not just from MY side of the story... I stepped outside of myself and spoke the ACTUAL truth. Everybody knows there's two sides to every story. I pride myself in not being dumb enough to tell a one-sided story. Our friendship ended over something stupid, yes... But we were BOTH at fault. I acted pretty childish at times during our friendship. So did he. And unfortunately, that childishness ended what I thought was an unbreakable bond.

But I said it earlier, and I'm saying it now. I'm not going out of my way to be his enemy. I don't tarnish his name in the streets. When he left Wallshaker, he left. Okay... I've moved on. So to get a phone call like the one I received this afternoon, it only tells me that TODD is the one with the problem.

I just spoke to Erick on the phone. I reminded him of just how proud I am of him. He HAS come a long way since we met. When I met Erick, he DID have a problem with drugs -- crack in particular. He was on probation, without his G.E.D., and didn't really have much of a future ahead of him at all. But I took a chance on him. I BELIEVED in him. And by the grace of God, Erick has completely turned himself around. He's sober, off probation, he has his G.E.D., and he's got a VERY bright future ahead of him. If being on Wallshaker (or having a friendship with me) has allowed Erick to change his life for the better, let this be a testament! Again, I'm PROUD of him. And I'm thankful to God that I have the opportunity to BETTER someone's life and make their dreams come true.

Todd wrote a response to the blog I deleted, and he asked me "Is it lonely where you are?" My honest answer is NO, it is NOT lonely where I am. I've made some real connections in my life. I connect with people through my music. I connect through my words. I connect through my personality. And when someone tells me that my blog, or my song, or my attitude inspires them and helps change their life, I KNOW I'm doing something right.

He also made it a point to note the bad qualities about my personality. He noted how jealous I was when I became insecure -- something I have never denied. And yes, I've done some crazy "ghettofied" things because I sought attention from Todd. I've since apologized for those actions, and from what I thought, the matter was over. Apparantly not, since he brought it back up in recent conversaton -- something he promised me he would never do. He was so afraid of me doing these things again, he purposely hid his relationship (with his gf) from me. Well, that's not my fault that he wasn't confident enough in my ability to handle the situation like an adult.

I've learned LONG AGO that when you're doing GOOD, that's when the devil gets busy. Right now, the devil is CRAZY BUSY! So again, I thank God for allowing me to see through it. Instead of trying to reason with the devil, I just turned and walked away. Instead of trying to argue a moot point with Todd, I just simply deleted the blog entry. Instead of trying to figure out who's better or worse, I'll simply let me works speak for me.

I've told you the good that Wallshaker has done so far -- Erick is a shining example. My merge with Cratesavers, as well as the deal I just landed with the Chicago licensing house -- I'd say that the blessings are in abundance right now. And trust me when I say, I know this is bigger than me. God has HIS hands in my life right now.

I was warned.. in so many words, "be careful who you meet on your way up, because you'll see them on your way back down..." You're absolutely right. And I cannot wait. I'm well aware that what goes up MUST come down sometime. And believe me, I DO have my "down" moments. The people who I'm meeting on the way "up," I adore and appreciate. When I met Todd, maybe my eyes weren't as open as I thought they were. But when our friendship ended, I wasn't like "fuck Todd." I was like "Lord, what can I do to become a better person?" And if it's too late to mend things with Todd, then at least I'll be better for the NEXT friend.

I'm not worried about the haters... When you hate on me, I KNOW it's because I'm doing something right. And when you try to destroy what God is building, you will fail EVERY TIME. ...which brings me back to this blog. I didn't have to delete a damn thing I wrote. It was in no way slanderous, one-sided or untrue. But obviously, the truth was enough to rile him up so badly, he'd call my house and make threats against me? I better watch MY back? I'll do you one better... I'll let GOD continue to watch my back. The fact that Todd took time to even respond to my blog, explain "his side" of things, or whatever it was he thought he was doing -- it shows me that HE'S in an angry place. And speaking of malicious, that was pretty low what he tried to do to Erick -- exposing his past to the world like that. But like I told Erick today, don't be ashamed! BE PROUD!! Yes, you smoked crack. YES, you were a danger to yourself and others around you (even me) at one point and time... But look at you NOW. You SURVIVED it! You BETTER be proud of the fact that you ROSE ABOVE that bullshit. And NO, it's nobody else's business. But if word ever got out there, then hey... OWN IT. WEAR IT like a badge of honor. Because you are in a MUCH better place now. You can hold your head up high, and earn your respect. Thank GOD. Your mother and father are proud of you now... The changes you've made in your life are evident. And as you continue to grow, and your life continues to flourish, you'll earn even MORE respect. YOU are the perfect example of what can happen when you let God put HIS hand in your life. YOU are living proof, Erick. Be proud of that.

On that note, I'll end this blog. I was angry when I sat down to write this, but now I have a big smile on my face. I love my label, and I'm thankful for the good it has done people so far. My job is far from over...

Love on u...


I've made some wonderful remixes lately... A song called "Individual" by Yolanda Johnson -- it's the theme song to a BET late-night special program I can't remember the name to... But I didn't know this until AFTER I remixed the song. They LOVE the mix, and plan to use it. THAT made me feel very good. Now I've been invited to remix a song called "If We Were Alone" by an R&B singer named Keite Young. God has blessed me with this talent, so I'm thankful that I'm able to USE it. And I'm even more thankful that my works are appreciated, and all this hard work is paying off...

I haven't started on MY album yet, because I've been so busy producing for other people. I admit, it's been a lot of fun. I've been building my label roster up, and I just signed an exclusive digital distribution deal with Groovesource -- a licensing house based in Chicago. Careerwise, I'm doing GREAT. Thank God for that! Otherwise, I'd be totally crazy.

Wallshaker is having another party next week -- and I'm nervous as all hell... Well, maybe nervous isn't the best word. ANXIOUS is more like it. It started out as a Wallshaker showcase party, which quickly grew into something phenomenal. Thanks to Cratesavers, a simple Wallshaker showcase party turned into "Emerge: A Detroit House/Techno Alliance." And YES, I'm calling it EMERGE for a reason - guess why... LOL! But I'm doing this party up BIG.. A vip area with catered food, merchandise, 3 live performances throughout the night -- yes, it's gonna be huge. And the people here in Detroit can't wait to attend!

I invited one of my fans to come down -- little does he know he's going to be my date for the evening. LOL... Many of you might take this for granted, but believe me... There's NOTHING better than a kiss. Nothing better than a reassuring sensual confirmation that YES, you are someone special; you ARE someone worthy... I miss dating... I miss that feeling of "oooh, I can't WAIT to get closer to him!"

Then I glance over in the mirror and watch myself type. Today isn't such a good day... I don't feel so attractive. I need a damn haircut, and I swear I'm calling "Jenny Craig" or "Richard Simmons" or some damn body for a weight loss solution... I've been "big" for a few years now -- but not THAT damn long... I'm still not used to it. But I know that this is how everyone else sees me... The folks who know me NOW, didn't know the "skinny" Boogie... They didn't know the ME who was a lot more confident.

Am I saying that thin is beautiful??? Well, maybe I am. But I'm not stupid enough to say that BIG folks aren't worthy of love... In fact, when I WAS that little skinny bitch, I LOVED big folks. I still do But it's not easy to ignore all the magazines and movies, where everyone is "beautiful" and buff, toned, fit and ultimately happy. Mind you, I've NEVER had a problem with my face -- i LOVE my face... My mother and father were both two attractive individuals, and I'm SO glad that I have the "looks" that I have. Even my asymmetrical eyes... I LOVE them. Denzel Washington also has asymmetrical eyes, and he's a damn sex symbol.

But i digress... It hurts me to starve myself. And instead of bitching about it, I guess I just need to get some damn discipline and do something about my weight. But it's HARD, y'all... It's HARD!!! It's not as easy as they make it look on TV. It's a lot of WORK WORK WORK... and more HARD WORK. I just wish I had a damn jump-start.

Again, digressing... it's after 2 a.m.. I'm dog-tired. And although I'd rather be in the arms of someone who wants to hold me, I'm gonna lay down next to my "old man..." And I'll try not to bitch about it in the morning...

Nite nite, y'all...

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

DEMF and all things related

For starters, my voice is gone. Completely 100% gone. Those who have called my house since Saturday night @ DEMF have cracked up laughing.. Yes, a butha's voice is GOOOOONE. So exactly how was this festival?

Since Wallshaker had a booth (with Cratesavers, DTM and Electronic Music Tour), I got the chance to sit and chat with everyone who passed by. It was funny -- some recognized us, while some had no idea until they saw our pictures on the CDs. DJ Surgeon was definitely in the limelight, and you could tell he loved every moment. I'm proud of him, because I know how frustrated he gets with the music industry -- he NEEDED those 3 days of fans, supporters, etc. And his new CD sold like hotcakes!

You'd think that because I'm a Leo, I'd automatically want the spotlight. Not this time. Sure I signed some autographs and took some photos, etc. But this weekend wasn't about ME. It was about DETROIT - US! It's so much fun being a part of a TEAM now -- I feel like if one of us wins, we ALL win. That's the feeling I tried to have with Submerge -- whose booth was directly next to ours...

I've gotta give props to Keith Tucker (AUX88) for keeping the conversation REAL. He reminds me of the uncle you DON'T want to get drunk, because when he does, he will tell you ALL about YOURSELF... no holds barred. Work it Keith. hahahaha!!! That's all I have to say about that! LOL!!!

I got a chance to catch a few performances while I was there. SCAN-7 did their thing... Surgeon did HIS thing... AUX88 did their thing... I got a chance to hear Kerri Chandler, and OMG.. He completely RIPPED it!

My main focus, however, were on the afterparties. As you know, I played quite a few of them. Friday night, I played TWO parties. The first was at McCarthy's Pub on Fort Street. While the crowd was sparse, the vibe was intense. DJ Seoul was there... Jeff Comer was there... Some other guy who kept trying to sing me a song (to see if I had it?) -- which by the way, you should NEVER EVER do to a DJ... I played my set, and was out of there... On my way to The Works. Mind you, I've NEVER been to the works, but this was the show to beat. Mike Clark (who finally spoke to me after all these years of passing each other by) did his thing... A Guy Called Gerald was there -- although I didn't get to meet him. K-Alexi was in the crowd. He noticed me, I noticed HIM, but after a very short conversation, I found myself too nervous to ask him to take a picture with me. Me: "you have NO idea who I am, do you?" Him: "Yes I do... You're Aaron-Carl!" I can't remember what I said after that, but I'm sure it was something completely groupie-like. Thank God I was with a group of people, otherwise, I would've fainted. LOL.
Brian Gilespie did his thing as well -- such a handsome man. Why aren't I seeing more of him out there? My set started right after Brian's. Let me tell you something.. I LOVE to DJ. And I loved it even more that people were waiting to hear ME spin... Though my set didn't START until 4 a.m., those who stuck it out had a great time. I remember everyone leaving the bar because it was so late/early... Except a handful of dancing queens whom I wish I could HIRE to dance with me on tour. Baby, they vogued and pranced and kicked... It reminded me of ME 10 years ago. (Don't just stand there, let's get 2 it..)

Now mind you, I'm over 30. I didn't realize that there are certain things I just cannot DO like I used to -- like stay up for days @ a time... Baby, I was a walking/driving zombie! That next day, I sat up in the booth for as long as I could... Then I had to LEAVE. I tried to go home and get some much needed sleep, since I was playing @ the Fi Nite at 4 a.m... Man, I went home. I laid down to sleep and my damn phone rings! It's DJ Erelevent... He's in town and wants to hang out. Now, I'd never pass up an opportunity to hang out with a sexy white man -- it's ON! So I invite him -- and his "bitch" -- down to my house. Since I'm known for catering to my guests, I bought them their drinks of choice, and had it chilling in the fridge before they even knocked on my door.. Although they didn't immediately come over... I was waiting and waiting, and before I knew it, it was 2:30 a.m.! I'm like, fuck it. I'm going to sleep. As soon as I closed my eyes good... BAM. There they are, knocking on my door. So now we only have less then an hour to drink and party, because I have a gig, remember... Turns out they've already gone to the Fi Nite, and one of them got kicked out -- for acting crazy and licking the damn "cages." Now it was up to ME to let them back in. "Oh YOU can do it.. You're Aaron-Carl!"
Well, needless to say, I got them back into the club.. I did my set. The fucking set was awesome... I played CDs instead of vinyl or Serato this time... Not that it mattered, because I still worked the shit out of every record I had. And yes, I had the crowd howling and sceaming when I dropped the infamous "peanut butter jelly time" acapella. This guy approaced me shortly afterwards and said, wow... "I can't believe you got away with that!" Well, I did. And it was good.

AFTER the gig, it took me "forever" to get paid. All I remember is us waiting until well after the sun came up. I got paid and decided to take Erelevent (Scott) and Adam (his "bitch") to Denny's. I remember us talking about Scott's upcoming "initiation" into the Wallshaker camp. It was quite interesting to hear Scott continuously put his foot into his mouth. Homophobes come in all shapes and sizes! At first he kept saying comments like "I'm not GAY but..."
Which brings me to a question... or a comment, rather... If a "straight" man gets a blowjob from another guy, it does NOT make him GAY." Don't ask me how THIS conversation got started, but it did. I've had this same conversation plenty of times with plenty of folks -- and it's surprising to me how much I've had to ARGUE my stance on the subject!!! Let's flip the script, shall we? I've eaten "the cookoo's nest" a few times throughout my life... Does that make me a hetero? Because I like to watch the Detroit Pistons games, am I automatically straight? Stupid question, I know. But I swear, I deal with stupid people on a daily basis. I'll say it like this: Since you're so certain about YOUR sexuality, then go out and experience sex with someone of the same gender... Enjoy it. See how it feels... Then ask yourself the next day, if you've been converted. ...I HIGHLY DOUBT IT!!! I have never, nor have I ever tried to convert someone from straight to gay. Or vice versa... Personally, I don't give a fuck either way. Straight, gay, bi... If you're handsome, willing and able, that's all I care about. Go back home and be straight. I'll go back home and be gay. And the world will continue to spin...

Moving on, Sunday morning I really felt the crunch. Scott and Adam left my house, and I was all pumped up for the next day @ the festival. Tamika, Surgeon, Keith, and a few others were there, holding down the fort. Again, I'd left for home to sleep before the gig. Sunday's gig was hilarious..

I had to play at McNarny's Pub -- which is literally around the corner from Hart Plaza. This time, I was set to tag with DJ Genesis (Submerge). Mind you, I like Genesis, but we'd NEVER played together. I was truly nervous -- but not in a bad way. It just reminded me that I had to bring my "A-game" because you never know who was was in the crowd watching...

Like most other gigs, I had no idea what time I was set to play.. I arrived @ McCarny's at around 11pm. Shawn Rudiman and Dan Lucas had played already, and for some reason, left their record bags up there. When I walked up to the DJ booth, I noticed that there were NO CD decks -- strictly vinyl. Shit... And I only had CDs. WTF? I started calling folks, to see if they could let me borrow their CDJs at the last minute. Of course, no one could be reached. And I didn't even drive today, otherwise I would've just gone home! Finally I reach MEL (Winmill), who managed to drive all the way home and go through ALL of my records while I was on the phone with him -- picking and choosing which ones to play. Thank God for Winmill. We may not have much of a bedroom life, but the Lord knew what I needed when I said "I need a good man!"

As soon as I got of the phone with Mel, I walked back into the club to hear "WHERE'S AARON-CARL?!" So I run upstairs and announce myself, only to face the following crisis: Genesis was late... Shawn was finished... And they needed someone to play immediately. Of course I didn't have MY records, so they instructed me to just grab someone's bag and start playing. Talk about a fucking PINCH!!! So, uh.. OKAY. I grabbed the first record back I came to -- I had NO IDEA what I was going to play, but I grabbed two records and worked the shit outta them. Surprisingly, they sounded GOOD! After about 4 records, I realized that I wasn't nervous at all. A good thing, because the cameras were recording my set. So there I am, playing... Noticing that Dan Lucas was in the crowd, cheering and smiling. I asked him, "are these YOUR records?" He nodded. That's when the diva came out.. "Boy, get your ass up here!" LOL!!! Genesis came shortly after that, and I knew that we weren't tagging -- now I have to play AFTER her... I didn't feel bad because Mel did go home and get my records, so I could play what I wanted to.. BUT DAMN. Now I have to play TWO sets? And of course, the FIRST one (the unfamiliar one) is the one that's been recorded? Wow... Talk about a slap in the face!
Monday was the worst day for me... My body couldn't take being up any longer... It was hard to walk, and all I wanted to do was sleep. So I left the festival and went home -- where I slept ALL DAY. Thank God I didn't have a show to do Monday night -- otherwise I would've been a crabby bitch.

Love on u... AC

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Letter from a Reader

..."i have never experienced so much raw honesty and personal thoughts as i have been reading on the 'revalations' blog. i found it thru listening to the submerge interview you did. its nice to know that there ARE people in the world who can express themselves WITHOUT worrying about what the fuck anyone else thinks. so much of my life has been held back from worrying about future happenings. and then i read your blog! i seem to walk away smiling everytime i finish a little session on the 'revalations'. .."

His name is Michael. I am so glad he took the time to not only READ my blog from the beginning, but he took enough time to WRITE me and tell me how he felt. You know, it surprises me sometimes... I actually FORGET that people read this thing! I just log on, spill my emotions, and move on to something else. It never really hit me to say "oh, someone's gonna be pissed at you for saying THIS or THAT..." I don' t care. My mother told me to NEVER do anything I'd be ashamed of. ...So I don't.

But back to Michael... I'm grateful for him, and for people like him. I'm glad that my revelations can help SOMEBODY in this life. I look back onto the previous blogs, and i'm amazed. Look at how much I've grown since then! Look at how much has HAPPENED since then!!! I won't stop writing -- for me, it's just like writing songs. It's IN me. It will never leave me...

So Michael, thank you. You know, I was feeling kinda lonely that morning... Then I got your e-mail. ...And my heart was warmed. So I guess that teaches me something else about this life... I'll NEVER truly be lonely, because just when I think I'm all alone, SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE has their eye on me.

Peace and love, y'all...

Monday, April 16, 2007

Eff U

We made plans all week long for you to come to my house after our gig Saturday night... Saturday night, all is well... Until you left without even saying goodbye. You didn't call me all day. You KNEW I would be pissed off... You TRIED to call me today, no apologies, no nothing.. You made it seem like it's no big deal. I don't play that shit. You told me you were high on mushrooms. And THAT'S why you weren't in your normal state of mind. I say that's no excuse... You should've kept your word. I don't care WHAT kind of drugs you do. You're a grown-ass man. I can't control what goes into your body. I CAN, however, control how your actions affect ME. And again, I'm not having that shit.

So on that note, I know how to treat you now... I know not to expect you to keep your word. You say it's no big deal. I say, bullshit. It's a HUGE deal to me. But I won't get too angry about it. I'll just turn around and walk away. Eff u. I've had enough...

Friday, April 06, 2007

AC Joins Forces with Cratesavers Muzik

Normally I'm not a "cut and paste" type of person, but I figured this press release said it best. And YES, I'm excited about this deal!!!



Legendary Detroit House producer and Wallshaker Music CEO Aaron-Carl signed a 2 to 3-year contract with Cratesavers Muzik on April 4, 2007. Founded by Scan 7’s Trackmasta Lou and Direct Beat music pioneer Posatronix, Cratesavers will oversee the manufacturing and worldwide distribution of Wallshaker’s music catalogue.

“This alliance not only makes our records more accessible throughout the world, but also showcases the great strength we have (as Detroit artists and producers) when we pool our resources together”
says Carl.

Wallshaker was founded in 1998, with the underground club hit, “Closer.” Wallshaker’s third release, Aaron-Carl’s “My House” got licensed by Ovum Recordings and earned a spot on Billboard’s Top 40 Dance/Club Play Chart. After a brief hiatus, Wallshaker re-opened its doors in 2003, releasing a steady stream of Deep House and Tech-House anthems. Other artists on the label include Detroit DJs E. Dubb and Benjamin Hayes, soul singer extraordinaire Veronique, and Inbetween DJs from the UK.

Cratesavers started initially in 1999, and spawned a record label in 2005. Specializing in Classic Detroit Techno, their label is open to all genres of electronic music. Cratesavers’ roster includes Techno legends Scan 7, Detroit’s own DJ Surgeon and the Detroit Techno Militia.

Wallshaker Music will also be digitally distributed through EPM Online,,, and

For more information, please visit the following sites:

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Pace

So, the pace picks up… The real fun begins… I’ve been waiting for this moment for quite some time now. Which moment is this, you ask? The new record releases on my label, Wallshaker Music. Don’t ask me how, but everything just seems to have fallen into place. (An orchestration by God?) Wallshaker #7 – The TODD JOSEPH Project – is finally online, and available for sale. Tomorrow morning, I’ll have the finished vinyl in my hands. But that’s just the beginning… Wallshaker 8 and 9 are all set for mastering, and these records are GOOD… Do you hear me? I mean, GOOD!!!!!

And right now, I’m working on a record for a new singer I recently met named Veronique. OH MAN, her voice is a gift from God. I sat here with her in my studio the other day, and I cried when I heard her voice. To be such a little woman, her voice is HUGE. I have a feeling that when I asked God to answer my prayers, he sent Veronique to me. I swear, the song virtually wrote itself. And when it’s all recorded, I predict that it’ll be Wallshaker’s BIGGEST seller. Rather ironic, since it’s not ME, but hey… I produced it, so that’s good enough. I won’t complain.

HOWEVER, I WILL complain about this damn DEMF festival coming up this year. You know, the first lineup is already posted online… And NO, I’m not in it. They didn’t ask me last year… I hope they don’t snub me again THIS year. And if they do, I’m seriously considering leaving Detroit. Fuck this shit. I don’t need it.

Maybe I should just stick to the positives here… Wallshaker’s releasing more records this year than ever before. That means a wonderful presence in the industry… The label is more diverse than it has ever been. And although the year’s just beginning, I’m already off to a great start. Yay! I’ll write more soon.. Trench is on his way over here to work on Reason with me.

Love, love, love…

Sunday, January 21, 2007

My Testament

Your voice raised in anger, you feel like a man. But your actions are childish; you're too bitter to understand. You hurl obscenities like weapons; but I do not cower. I refuse to fall prey to your false sense of power...

Unleashed in a fury, you spew forth with rage. A rage that you claim you held in for too long. All the while, I believed we were on the same page. But thanks to your words, my instincts were wrong.

I was wrong to believe that you'd never hurt me. Was I wrong to accept you as my closest friend? My eyes have been opened, the veil has been lifted. And now from a distance, a new day begins...

With too little sleep, my eyes are weary. But my heart beats stronger because of my faith... You continue to struggle in your quest for survival. I'm happier now because I KNOW my place!

I know I'm not perfect, I DO make mistakes. I know that in love, there are triumphs AND trials. YOU showed your true colors at the first sign of trouble. Don't blame ME if the world handles you like a child...

In a world full of users, I was your shelter. I was someone who you KNEW you could trust. I withheld MY power, so I wouldn't hurt you. You took me for granted; now you've destroyed us.
This is YOUR doing. The lies, the abuse. The pain, the rejection, the resentment, the excuse. Your wounds are self-inflicted. Your oppression was something YOU scripted. Oh yes, mister! YOU chose to hide your true feelings away, because YOU didn't think I could handle the weight -- the weight of the world on your shoulders. You took it out on me. Stop blaming me for YOU not being happy! You better stop, look and listen before you make a huge mistake. While you're pushing ME down, YOU'RE the one who's gonna break. Don't say I didn't warn you, don't say I didn't give my all. You stepped on MY back to rise, and you're gonna need me when you FALL...

...and you WILL fall, thank you Jesus! And when you fall down, I'll be right there. Not because I wanna say I told you so... But because like a TRUE friend -- because like a REAL friend -- because like the ONLY TRUE FRIEND YOU HAVE IN THIS WORLD, I'm showing you that I STILL CARE.

Truly Yours,