Saturday, September 25, 2010

Aaron-Carl Discusses Recent Cancer Diagnosis

Hello everyone:

I'm sure by now you've heard the news, but I wanted to make sure you heard it from me.  After having to cancel my European tour and going in and out of the hospital for the past couple weeks, we now know why.  Thursday, September 23, 2010, I was officially diagnosed with cancer. 

They found the cancer cells in the fluid they drew from around my lung, which is consistent with lymphoma.  In the next few days, I'll return to the hospital to get a bone marrow biopsy to determine exactly which type of lymphoma I have, what stage, etc, so we can figure out how to best treat it.

I convinced them to let me come home from the hospital.  I wanted to spend time with my family and friends, in my own territory.  I'm not gonna overwork myself -- I will focus on getting better, but I just couldn't stand laying up in that hospital bed.  Mentally, it only made things worse for me.  People came to see me, yes.  But when everyone was gone, and it was just me -- I was terrified.  So terrified, I now have to take blood pressure medication.

For those who know me, you know I'm a fighter.  I've fought all of my life, for everything.  I'm not gonna stop now.  I admit, this is one of the scariest things to admit or to even face.  Me.  Cancer.  Wow... 

I've tried my best to keep you updated via my facebook page, Twitter, etc.  And I must thank you ALL for all of your words of encouragement and support.  For years, I've noticed I was "hated."  Now at this time in my life, I realize that I'm actually loved. 

We'll talk more, as I know more.  Thanks, and much love...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

To All Of U -- an update from me

Hello everyone!

At last, I am finally out of the hospital.  I'm not exactly "out of the woods" yet, but I am home.  I tried to send updates as things happened, but due to the internet connection (and ip blocking) at the hospital, I was unable to answer e-mails, get to Facebook, Twitter, etc...  I couldn't even watch YOUTUBE!  I couldn't blog.  I was reduced to sending messages from my phone, which was pretty damn cumbersome, considering I had to explain to EVERYONE (who was concerned) what was wrong with me.

So as you already know, I suffered from a ruptured aneurysm in my right kidney, and I had inflammation of my lower bowel.  I was hospitalized a few days before I was scheduled to start my tour, and was originally released the night before my flight left for Berlin.  Early that morning, I was rushed back to the hospital because I wasn't well at all.  I'd eaten lunch and dinner (two days in a row) while in the hospital, and couldn't pass anything.  My stomach was completely hard and distended.  Needless to say, the pain was completely unbearable.

I had a colonoscopy, which was a success.  No tumors, abnormalities, etc...  Thank God!  Nobody knows why my body reacted the way it did.  The only explanation is that I completely overworked myself, and my body just couldn't handle it anymore.

As you know, I've lost over 60 pounds so far, by dieting, exercising (a little) and just living a more active lifestyle.  I'm trimming down, which is a GOOD thing.  I tell you, NONE of these problems started happening to me until I gained all of my weight.  Even NOW, I still can't believe that I used to be so heavy.  (Depression will do that to you, believe me...)

As far as my blood work is concerned, EVERYTHING came back normal. No diabetes, no high blood pressure, no cancers, no nothing.  Thank God for that! 

Unfortunately I had to cancel this tour -- and you KNOW I didn't want to do that...  Now that I am home, I am supposed to take it easy and get lots of rest for three weeks, until I have to see the kidney specialist again -- right now, he doesn't think I need the surgery and wants to treat it medically instead of surgically.  HE says that the blood around my kidney should be reabsorbed by my body, and when I come back to see him, he will determine then if I need to have my kidney repaired.  So as I said before, I'm not out of the woods, but I AM feeling a bit better -- even mentally, because this whole ordeal scared the hell out of me.

Right now, I'm working on rescheduling my tour dates for sometime around the beginning of the year.  I want to use this time to COMPLETELY work on getting myself better. I want to be the absolute BEST I can be on stage, on the road, etc. 

Let me say this to you...  I TRULY feel the love.  I know I said this in an earlier post, but I can't help saying it again.  To all of the fans who stuck by me and actually UNDERSTOOD that I didn't miss my tour intentionally -- and to know that they actually CARED.  The phone calls, the messages, emails, etc.  THANK YOU!

And again, to the people who took time out of their day to come and see me in the hospital, I appreciate that more than you know.  My friends, my family, my fans -- wow. I can't ever complain and say that I'm not absolutely LOVED. 

So I'll keep you all updated -- I'm not stopping completely!  In fact, while I intend to get LOTS of bed rest, once I see the specialist, I will do everything I can to continue getting healthier.  Exercise, diet, etc.  I may even consider getting the "lapband" surgery.  This damn weight needs to come OFF of me. 

I promise you that I will be a better me -- physically, that is...  My health is important -- I'm no good to ANYONE if I'm not good to myself, if you know what I mean...  But I know y'all understand.  And I KNOW you'll be there when I fully recover.  Thank you for standing by my side.  With all my heart, I thank God for each of you. 

Love always,

Monday, September 13, 2010

Aaron-Carl teams up with Sebastien San for "FACES" EP


A&R by Dairmount / Graphics & Artwork by Metronomic Family

As reviewed on Room With a View Records website:

As many labels today, we are no exception to receive tons of demos on a weekly basis and God knows how hilarious & painful this exercise can sometimes be. Nevertheless, some little miracles sometimes happen to remind us that indeed music can speak from itself and that people recognize each other through it. Sebastien San saw in our label his home of choice for his new collaborative work with Aaron Carl and it didn’t take me long to be touched by his message & the music.

I was already well aware of the work of the Northern French producer (in previous years on Gigolo and particularly on Planet E & Rush Hour) who always displayed a strong Detroit heritage in his own Techno productions. The man has never hidden his fascination & love for the Motor City but this time, Sebastien seemed to take more a Deep House direction while maintaining his personal Detroit influenced soundscapes in the palette.

Another key fact of this work is the vocal collaboration of Aaron Carl who signed here sober & heartfelt lyrics delivered in a perfect way.

For those amongst you that would have never heard about the man, Mr Carl is one of the precious artists out of the Detroit scene of the last 15 years who started under the wings of Mike “UR” Banks on Soul City and left his trace on prestigious labels as Metroplex, Ovum, Millions Of Moments and more recently on Crosstown Rebels (with Dyed Soundorom) and his own Wallshaker imprint. The fruit of this collaboration is definitely not a peaktime track but more of the kind to be remembered in the building of the night or in the early hours of the morning. Sebastien signed himself 3 versions of the track for your maximum pleasure.
Sebastien San Presents Faces EP Feat. Aaron Carl (VIEW011) by Room With a View

  • “Killah, nice to see this coming out on RWAV…”
    SASSE / Mood Music / FIN
  • “Excellent”
    MANUEL TUR / Mildpitch, Freerange / GER
  • “Yes, loving the Vox Mix!”
    DEETRON / Circus Company, Music Man / SWI
  • “Sounds like another great RWAV release to me. liking the Vox mix best. looking forward to playing it out.”
    JIMPSTER / Freerange / UK
  • “The dub is my favorite!”
    ALEXKID / Cadenza, Rekids / FR
  • “”the Vox is def for me… Top Class as alway …. will play and chart it”
    DJ YELLOW / Composite / FR
  • “Nice EP, love the dub…”
    WERNER NIEDERMEIER / Supplement Facts, Phonica / GER
  • “Too late for my saturday gig, unfortunately… i was on the road already… this is my fave rwav release so far… for real… vox mix = warm house as i like it!”
    GERD / Clone, Philpot, 4Lux Black / NED
  • “Great track! The “Other” mix is my choice. Beautiful!”
    JOEL ALTER / RWAV, Sweatshop, Bassculture / SWE
  • “I prefer the other mix, im feeling it!”
  • “Wonderful stuff!!!”
    MOODYMANC / 2020 Vision / UK
  • “Really digging this!”
    PHONIQUE / Dessous / GER
  • “Incredible. I’ll be playing this for a while. Excellent work.”
    PEZZNER / Freerange, Ghostly / US
  • “Dis is hoooooooootly deeeeeeeep !!! dfntly need it 4 2nite !!!”
    SIMBAD / Raw Fusion, Brownswood / FR
  • “oh yeah. pure quality. love the vox+dub.”
    PHONOGENIC / Cocoon, Mood Music / FIN
  • “Faces kicks Asses !!!Lovin Aaron Carl’s work on the track. The main mix will take a good place in my sets and my future playlists.”
  • “Very nice EP!”
    YANNICK / Needs, Red Bull Music Radio / GER
  • “Excellent release from RWAV, Vox Mix is my favorite. Love it !!!”
    GWEN / Spacebreaks / FR
  • “Loving Other mix! Another top release from RWAV.”
  • “Quality roots music. emotive and powerful. will bang it lovingly.”
    AUDIO SOUL PROJECT / Fresh Meat / US
Catch Aaron-Carl live on his current European tour:
  • SEP 17 — Panorama Bar — Berlin/GERMANY
  • SEP 18 — Private Event — Bordeaux/FRANCE
  • OCT 1 — Exprezoo @ Puddhu Bar — Turin/ITALY
  • OCT 9 — Motivic @ Danube Rave 2010 — Linz/AUSTRIA
  • OCT 15 — Alta Ego/WARMTH International @ Gramaphone — London/UK
  • OCT 16 — WARMTH International @ Das Werk – Vienna/AUSTRIA
  • OCT 22 -- Miniclub -- Valencia/SPAIN
For bookings, contact

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Almost tour time

Hey there everyone.. AC here!  I just wanted to take a quick moment to write here in the blog -- it seems like it's been a while, eh?  Yeah, I know...  :-)  Well, here I am, so let's catch up!

Hmmm.. for starters, I just finished a new remix for the Roundabout Sounds label.  The song is called "Jack Rabbit" and OMG, let me tell you, it was a challenge!  hehehehe...  They preferred a "dirty, lo-fi" approach, which confused me at first.  But like any challenge, I rose to it.  I think it turned out quite well.  I turned it in before I went to bed last night, and when I woke up, I received the e-mail of approval.  They like it a lot!  :-)  So be on the lookout for a new AC remix.  YAY!

 Wow... 4 more days until I'm on a plane for Europe!  Y'all have no idea how excited I am.  For starters, I haven't traveled overseas AT ALL this year -- working on WARMTH, moving to a new house, etc...  Yeah, it amazes me at how quickly time flew by this year!  Side note:  Do you know that next month, WARMTH will be officially a year old?  And something even MORE crazy -- it was this time LAST YEAR, I did my last European tour. 

Going to Berlin will be very interesting -- in fact, every time I travel to Berlin, I can't help thinking about my mom.  That last phone call in the airport, on my way to Germany...  Me promising to call her when I get there...  Me finally arriving to Germany, only to find out that Mommy had just died.  Don't get me wrong... I've been to Germany a few times since then -- it does get easier to deal with.  But yeah, I think that "airport experience" will forever remain in my mind.

On a brighter note, I'll finally be able to work on my new album!  (Yes, I have a title for it -- as well as an entire concept, and NO, I'm not saying anything else about it right now!  LOL)  Just know that I won't release the full-length album until MARCH 2011. Ok, I'll tell you one more thing about it.  I will NOT produce this entire album by myself...  I wanted to work with a few choice producers -- can you guess who they are?  (Yes, I've got some WONDERFUL folks to work with me on this project...)

And finally (for now), I received a message from my Parisian friend, Ludovic Llorca.  He told me that he liked the work I did on the track with Sebastian San.  (OMG, I almost forgot I even DID that song -- until yesterday, while going through my archives, I FOUND it.)  I wonder if they plan to release it sometime soon...

Alright, y'all!  That's enough for now.  I'll post tons of updates via Twitter while I'm on tour, so you should definitely follow me.  Let's stay in touch... 

AC (and yes, that's my official Facebook Fan page...  That's where I'll post lots of pictures from the tour, so y'all should follow me there too!  hehehe...  )

Sunday, September 05, 2010

4 Those Who Don't Know...

Behind his meekness is a force that lays dormant -- until the moment he realizes for himself, the power of his roar... God help those who underestimated his strength...


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Countdowns & Reflections...

AUGUST 19, 2010. My birthday. Another year on earth. Something I am indeed grateful for...

I will have survived another year of ups and downs, blessings and disappointments, confusion and clarity. On this day, I will have officially outlived my father, who was killed in Detroit's Cass Corridor at the age of 36.

It will be the start of my own "mirror year." My two-digit birthyear (which is 73) reversed, will be my age -- 37. Yes, I pay attention to these things! (There seems to be a strange mystery to numbers. Take for example, the number 23. My mother was 23 years old when she had me. Flip the numbers in reverse, and you'll have 32 -- which is how old I was when she died.)

Here's something else what I've always paid attention to, now that I think about it... My mother had 4 children -- In order of our birth, there's Angie, me, Melva and David. Angie was born on Saturday. I was born on Sunday. Melva was born on Monday. David was born on Tuesday. Strange, eh? But these are things most people would never notice -- I just can't help it.

Next Friday, (August 20) I have a party coming up. I'm looking forward to this party for a few reasons. It's more than just a birthday celebration for me. It's a chance for me to show some real love to the people around me. Ironically, I'm sitting here right now, wondering who's even gonna show up. Sounds crazy, no? I'm dead serious. And while it's easy for some to mistake this as a rant, please know that it's far from it. My eyes are open and I'm able to see things around me that I used to be oblivious to.

In fact, instead of naming my party REVOLUTION, I should've named it PARADOX. Why, you ask? Because by definition, paradox means "an opinion or statement contrary to commonly accepted opinion." I've noticed many different paradoxes in my life this year alone... And whoever said I was "arrogant," obviously doesn't really know me at all. Those who know me, know I'm one of the most kind and giving people you could ever meet. But instead of bashing the "haters," I'll simply love the "lovers." I plan to do just that at my party.

Y'all should really see what we have in store -- and YES, I said WE... But I won't give away the surprises just yet. Just know that it's gonna be quite nice...

So the countdown continues... I can't wait. <3 <3 <3