Sunday, April 23, 2006

Nominations and Revelations

Respect…  I’ve been nominated for Outmusic’s “OUTMUSICIAN of the YEAR.”  As excited as I am, I can’t help but wonder…  Will I get snubbed this year?  And if I do, should it really matter?  Now, some of you may ask “what exactly IS an OUTmusician?”  Hopefully I won’t have to explain the meaning of OUT – you should get the point.  But does this award go to the “gayest” person of the year?  And if so, is that something to be worn as a badge of honor?  

Well, to answer it truthfully…  HELL YES it is!  Granted, it’s deeper than that.  I know the award is to recognize someone (the Outmusician) who is living his life to HELP the LGBT community, and awarding him/her for their contributions to “the cause.”  Long story short, award or NO award, I’m still gonna be ME.  Gay as hell, yes…  Proud as hell, YES.  And while I don’t parade around the streets in my rainbow flag (anymore), I DEFINITELY represent myself to the fullest…  

Right now, I know I’m preaching to the choir, so I’ll shut the fuck up about that.  …But wouldn’t it be something if I actually WON?  Most of these winners hail from New York, or fall into the “acoustic/folk” category…  And I don’t think they’ve EVER had a black Outmusician of the year.  Wouldn’t it be nice if I – a black-ass, electronic music maker from DETROIT, actually WON?  Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

As for this DEMF festival…  I swear, somebody needs to put the “D” back into the DEMF.  So far, there’s still no “complete lineup” but I know for a fact that UR, Mike Banks or anyone else from Submerge has NOT been asked to perform.  These Paxahau bitches, what are they doing???!!!  I hope you don’t think I’m ranting because I’m not performing this year.  NO, that has NOTHING to do with it.  (All right, maybe just a little, but ONLY a little…)  My MAIN concern is the way I was told…  “Our lineup is full…”  Well, why is it NOT announced?  And rumor has it that they wanna charge $40 to $50 to get INTO the festival…  (Are y’all crazy?!)

Last night was the premier of the movie “High Tech Soul,” which I REALLY wanted to see.  And although it was $25 to get in, I would’ve paid it happily – it’s about time that Detroiters got our respect for the music we do.  And that MAESTRO movie didn’t say much about Detroit at all – although they used two of my songs in the film…  I’m sure I’m probably not mentioned ANYWHERE in this High Tech Soul movie, but hey.  It’s all good.  I know where the fuck I’m from.  I know what the fuck I’ve done.  And I knew a long time ago, that if I wasn’t Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Carl Craig or some other “cat from way back,” I wouldn’t get much love at all.  

Then again, I realize that with all the fans I’ve acquired over the years, and as much as my name is known, I DO get lots of love, so let me shut the fuck up about THAT too.  Long story short, I discovered that Paxahau was in charge of this “High Tech Soul” premier, so what did I do?  I stayed the fuck HOME.  And I know that some of my friends stayed home as well…  It was a tough decision, because I REALLY wanted to see that movie.  And I’m sure I will someday soon…  

I feel sorry for the people who come here from overseas, expecting to see and hear DETROIT artists.  They won’t get us.  Scan 7 isn’t performing…  Aux 88 isn’t performing (although I heard they at least were ASKED…)  Underground Resistance isn’t performing…  WTF?!  Where’s the D?  (And I swear, if I hear that gottdamn “Good Life” one more time, I’ll scream!)

I DID get a wonderful inspirational e-mail from Anthony “Shake” Shakir.  While I won’t give out ALL the details, he reminded me:  “Keep making the real Hot, Hard, Funky, Smooth and soulful music that you already do.”  He also reminded me that “truth always overtakes the lies…  EVERYTIME.”  Amen, Shake!  

We’ll see what happens…

Alright…  My 11 year-old son STEFAN asked me for a CELL PHONE!!! I made him write down all the reasons why he feels he “NEEDS” a cell phone – what the hell?  An 11 year-old with a CELL phone?  Am I old-fashioned, or does this bullshit just seem WEIRD?  Mind you, this is the SAME Stefan who is currently in danger of failing the 6th grade – not because he’s not smart, but because he blatantly REFUSES to do his work…  Now he IS improving his behavior – you know, he swears he’s a Diva like his daddy.  He’s a LEO, like his daddy.  And when he wants to be, he’s a BITCH – just like his daddy.  It’s definitely a love/hate relationship that we have, I’m sure…  I love him to death, but I swear, there can ONLY be ONE diva in this house – and I have to remind him that it’s NOT him.  But I digress.  He wants a CELL PHONE…  Here are his reasons:

  1. To chat with my friends…

  2. If you don’t know where I am, you could call me…

  3. When you’re on the phone, and I need to call someone…

  4. Because I just REALLY REALLY want a cell phone…

Aww, how cute.  Right?  (yeah, right…)

  1. I knew how to chat with MY friends BEFORE the days of cell phones.  Whatever happened to good old fashioned visitors?  

  2. Every GOOD parent should know where his/her child is – at ALL times!

  3. …we have more than one phone line in our house – quit playing…

  4. …and I REALLY REALLY want a million dollars and a more fulfilling sex life, but you don’t hear ME complaining, do you?  (well, DO you?)

Y’all know I’m gonna probably break down and give him a damn cell phone, right?  But not until he’s at least EARNED the privilege.  He’ll be happy – but as soon as he starts fucking up, I’ll SNATCH that cell phone quicker than he can say “Daddy, don’t do it!”  I think I was this way about my first CAR…  Now it’s all about cell phones.  Lord, the next thing you know, he’ll be asking ME about HIS first car.  YIKES!!!

Oh no…  now my 6 year-old son JEVON says, “Daddy, I want a cell phone TOO!”  Ahh, such is life…  I’m just gonna buy them some walkie-talkies and call it a damn day!

Talk to y’all soon…

Friday, April 21, 2006


Maybe it's just me... But being a Detroit artist (of international stature), I found it surprising to get this response from Paxahau when I asked about an opportunity to perform at this year's festival. As of today, their lineup is FULL.

...full of WHAT, I ask?!

The last lineup I saw included a long list of non-Detroit DJs -- not including the obvious Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May, blah blah blah. (Respect of course, but come on!) There is an entirely new breed of worthy Detroit artists who deserved to be showcased. But I digress. I'm not performing this year -- along with lots of other artists who deserve a slot, but won't get it. Politics, whatever... This bullshit is ridiculous.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Murder Suicide

Yesterday I received some terrible news. My cousin, Sharee, was shot and killed by her husband. He then turned the gun on himself and committed suicide. Every news channel in Detroit was there at the scene, which made me feel so sick. Mind you, this IS Detroit and these things happen all the time. BUT, when they happen to members of MY family -- it's especially hard. Damn... And Sharee was just 39 years old. Although she's done her "dirt" in the past, she was doing very well for herself. Her hair salon "My Indian Hair" ( is doing great! Sharee was all over the TV/Commercials.

After spending all day at Sharee's house -- the bodies were still in the bedroom, the coroner wouldn't come to the house until everyone was gone. Mind you, I have a pretty big family, and when things like this happen, we all come together. I HATE that it took death to bring us together, but I'm GLAD that my family DOES come together in times of trouble.

I guess the REALLY messed up part about all of this is, Sharee had given her husband 30 days to move out of their house. (Their marriage was rocky.) Although he didn't argue with Sharee, I guess he had his mind made up about NOT leaving -- at least, not without her. So shortly after the kids went to school, he shot Sharee while she slept. I'm still in shock about the whole ordeal.

When I came home, I immediately turned on the news, and sure enough it was there. My cousin Jimmy (Sharee's Uncle) was the family spokesperson -- which was good, considering that he's a Pastor (one of many pastors in my family). I probably would've lost my mind on camera, and cursed those insensitive bastards out. They didn't give a shit about my cousin -- they just wanted their "story..."

When I woke up this morning, I just heard the news about PROOF (D-12) the rapper. He was shot and killed in a club on East 8 Mile Rd. What is this world coming to? I swear, I am seriously considering getting the fuck out of Detroit. Sure, that won't fix the problem. But I hate looking over my shoulder all the time. You'd think I'd be used to it by now, considering I was born and raised here. But this shit doesn't get any easier. Oh well... I've gotta keep on living.