Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Monday, December 29, 2008

preparing for a recording session with Veronique in about an hour... Can't wait to preview the new songs!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

....thank u all for making this week's WARMTH Session so much fun... Have a great weekend! MUAH...

Friday, December 26, 2008

AC welcomes special guests Trench & DJ Bone on The WARMTH Sessions, tonight @ 7pm EST. www.warmth313.com... Listen in!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

just wanna say Merry Christmas to yahhh.... ta ta tah, tahhh, ta ta tah, tah, tahhhhh...

Friday, December 19, 2008

Aaron-Carl -- Electrevival

Dear Fans and Friends:

I have a special gift for you. It's a collection of songs that I put together for a project, entitled "Electrevival." I want you to have it. Yes, I want you to download it, free of charge. It's my way of saying THANK YOU for taking this musical journey with me.

Feel free to share this compilation as you see fit. Spread the word to your friends. Download it for them as a gift... The most important thing I want you to do is ENJOY it! Some of these songs are new, some are not. But ALL of them represent various points in my life and career -- the different paths I've chosen, where I came from, where I'm going... You get the point.

So again... From my heart to your soul... Download Electrevival and know that I give this to you, with much love...


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm working on something very nice... to show my appreciation 4 u. Stay tuned... MUAH!


I had to share this note with you, because I was sitting here this morning, seriously thinking about quitting music. ...and THIS happened...

Somebody sent me an email today, reminding me that even if I stop doing music, the music is ALWAYS in me. They were right... So in that sense, I don't feel like I've lost. But honestly, there's too much drama in this business. And I've worked TOO hard for TOO long, to be treated like this.

OTHERS have exploited my name and my work, for their own personal gain. I've fought "the system" for many years. I've built Wallshaker Music from the ground up, BECAUSE of this! But for years, my label basically survived in obscurity. It proved to me that people were willing to take my "best" work, release it to THEIR territories, without even giving a fuck about ME. Hell... some motherfuckers are STILL re-releasing "DOWN," 12 years later! ...as if that's the ONLY record I've ever done.

Don't get me wrong... I'm grateful to those who have licensed my records like "Sky" or "My House" or "Tears..." But it hurts my feelings to know that if I release a record on my own, it's not good enough? Or nobody will hear it unless I attach "some other label" to it?

It's all about control, isn't it? And in a world filled with competition -- wait... wait one second...

One second... You will not believe what just happened to me -- RIGHT NOW.

I just received a phone call from a DJ acquaintance of mine... He asked me to contact a good friend of his, who is a big fan of MINE.... The friend is dying from cancer. ...and I mean he doesn't have much longer to live. I've sent this same guy an email once, while he was in the hospital -- it brightened his day. I IMMEDIATELY called him as soon as I heard the news just a few moments ago. He answered the phone...

I told him who I was, and his spirits were lifted. We talked about Detroit, about the Miami Winter Music Conference -- he's convinced he's going... I told him about the women in Cannes who skated around topless -- he wants to go, of course! And I also emailed him a copy of my latest album, Bittersoulfulsweet -- because while a few of my records are still in his DJ crate, he hasn't heard the new album. (Maybe because it's not released on a label like Subject Detroit, or UR or something... but that's another story.)

But whatever the case, I was HIT by a revelation... This man was touched by ME... by my music. I actually got to hear the happiness in his voice. He was so delighted when I sent him my album to download. I gave him my phone number, and told him to call me whenever he felt like saying HI, or anything.

Y'all don't understand. I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes... I'm crying because i KNOW he's about to die very soon. But I'm also crying because THIS is the real reason why I've continued to do my music for so long... IT TOUCHES PEOPLE. That's the most important factor... Yes, I fight with distributors. YES, I deal with crooked labels. YES, I've licensed away my control, so others can make money from my music -- but you know what? When I get to speak to angels like the guy I just got off the phone with, I know it's all worth it.

There's no way I can stop making music now... There's no way. Companies can continue their wicked practices, I don't care. Obviously, I'm rising above the madness. Obviously I'm continuing to touch people's souls. BECAUSE OF THIS, I will never stop. If I never have a formal distribution deal again, or if I never get signed or licensed again, I know that MY MUSIC will still make its way to the ones that MATTER -- the ones who NEED it.

Thank you Lord, for opening my eyes and allowing me to see this beautiful, amazing thing...


Monday, December 15, 2008

it's about that time for me to release "Simply" 12-inch single with remixes... I'm SO EXCITED!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Can't believe how close it is to NYE... and I don't have a date! Oh noooo!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

gearing up for my internet radio show tonight, 7pm- 9pm EST. www.warmth313.com. Y'all should REALLY listen in & chat with me!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm So Happy! Wendy & Lisa's new album is out!

If you know me, you KNOW I love me some Wendy & Lisa. It's been forever since their last studio album, but NOW I can scream again... "White Flags of Winter Chimneys" is NOW available! Exclusively on www.wendyandlisa.com

I don't know what I like more... The fact that I just bought this beautiful piece of music, OR... the fact that I bought it directly from THEM.

Being an independent music artist myself, I understand how important it is to have that direct relationship with the fans... And hopefully, YOU UNDERSTAND that without YOUR SUPPORT, we artists cannot continue to do what we do...

With that being said, HEAD OVER TO www.wendyandlisa.com and EXPERIENCE the album for yourself!

And NO, I don't know them personally -- but I swear, if (or when) I EVER meet them, I would melt like butter... And cry -- tears of joy. (Smiles of sorrow..)

And on a final note, I swear I hope to one day have die-hard fans of my own, that adore ME as much as I adore Wendy & Lisa... (what am I talking about? ...I DO! LOL!!! And I thank y'all...)

Hamburg, Germany.. I'll be seeing you soon. Also, the IreneB "Forgive Me Now" rmx will be released on Wallshaker... YES!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's Over Now...

I caught him in another lie. The phone number in his cell phone wasn't the "wrong number" after all... It was somebody else he was seeing. He'd been seeing this other person for a while. While he claims they were "just friends," he admitted to a number of sexual encounters with this other person... All the while, I'm at home alone... Wondering, asking "WHY isn't he making love with ME?"

This isn't the first time he's been caught. For years, I've lived in denial. I was scared of losing him, after being with him for so long. In the meantime, I was suffering. Each time I caught him, he apologized. He promised never to do it again. And because of whatever reason you can name -- fear, lack of self respect, stupidity, or just my undying belief that maybe "this time" he REALLY HAS CHANGED... I stayed by his side. All was forgiven. Business as usual. Only inside, did I cry.

Through the years, I've sometimes turned to others for validation. I found myself undesirable, unattractive... All the while, he's telling me how wonderful I am. How beautiful, how strong, how talented I am... Yet he wouldn't touch me. He didn't want me. He used every excuse in the book -- his age, his level of stress, our "separate" lives, my career... Yet he seemed to always find time to fulfill HIS wishes -- with others. If he wanted affection, he didn't seek it from ME. He sought it from others, just because he COULD.

I'd ask him, he'd deny it. He had me convinced (again) that I was wrong.

Well, today I finally got the truth. In his own words, by his own admission, he wanted to have his cake and eat it too... He's admitted to messing up his other relationships in the past for the same reason. ...but what PISSED ME OFF, was this: He apologized. Why apologize?! If I would've never caught you, you would've never confessed! We'd still be living our normal life -- I'd do without, while you were out in the world, getting your fill.

Apology not accepted... No, not this time. I loved you more than anyone else I've ever been with. Over the (nearly) 8 years we've been together, we've gone through so much. There will ALWAYS be love for you in my heart. I can NEVER erase you from my mind. I grew into my adulthood with YOU. I've raised my children with YOU. I even watched you carry my mother's casket at her funeral. There's SO MANY memories that we have. SO many obstacles we've faced together. So many mountains we've climbed. In spite of your wandering ways, I've managed to STAY BY YOUR SIDE.

Even now, I don't hate you. As always, I love you STRONG... But now, it's time for me to love MYSELF. I won't leave you high and dry. I won't kick you out of our home. But just know this: As a couple, we are finished. We may even wind up being friends, but as a couple, we are DONE.

When the smoke clears, you and I can sit down and discuss things like adults. So much of our lives are intertwined. We can decide THEN who gets what, who stays where, etc... Right now is not the time. Understand that it is YOU who made the choice. When you chose to deprive me of the love and respect I deserve, and chose to have OTHERS do what I'M supposed to be doing -- you made the choice. I've forgiven you for the others... I even forgive you for THIS one. ...But I'd do myself NO GOOD if I let this cycle continue...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Remixes, Releases, Represses...

Three things you should know right away...

1. I just finished a remix for Soul/R&B singer IreneB's hit tune "Forgive Me Now." Now you KNOW I'm excited to be a part of this project, right? The single's already blowing the EFF UP in the UK. Now this remix? Oh MAN. It's on my player now, so I hope you all check it out, and leave some comments. I wanna know you're feeling the vibe!

2. Today marks the launch of Wallshaker's sister label, Anatomik Sounds. I haven't said anything before about it, simply because there's so much going on today -- The release (finally) of Soul Deep Collective's "Release Me" remixes just hit Beatport today. If you don't have THIS record, you're CRAZY!!! March right over there and GRAB IT, for sure. House at its finest -- and I'm not just saying that. You'll see...

But back to Anatomik Sounds... for those who crave that "big room" sound, you'll love the first single by San Francisco's DJ MARCUS. It's called "Touch U." And before you ask, it's produced by someone very special, ha ha ha!!! What's his/her name? "Pink Fluffer." Yes, I said it... Pink Fluffer. (Can somebody say ALIAS?!) Three totally different mixes, so I KNOW you'll jump and scream for at least ONE of them. Check, check, check it out, y'all... Just because I've been silent, doesn't mean I haven't been working my BUTT off...

3. And now for the final leak... BITTERSOULFULSWEET is getting repressed. Yes, you heard me. Repressed, repackaged and ready for my Japanese audience. So yes, get your original versions while you still can. And YES, it's downloadable -- for those who can't wait. Will there be new songs + mixes? Sure will! One of them is the song "Come With Me (ft. Humility's Hand)" that I put on the player. I know you were wondering where that song came from, eh? HEY NOW... I wouldn't be ME if I didn't surprise y'all, eh? :-)

That's just the beginning of the news... More to come, definitely! As always, I THANK YOU for the support and love. Keep coming back! I love hearing from you.

MUAH!.... Always, AC

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Call To Arms: Reclaim Our Scene

I want my Detroit Electronic Music scene back… I think back to the days where, as a club-goer, I had freedom of choice. If I wanted to hear Top 40, I knew where to go. If I wanted to hear Underground sounds, I knew where to go. There were enough choices, I could go clubbing every night of the week – and be treated to something DIFFERENT.

Today, it's a much different story. Sure we have plenty of clubs here in Detroit. But our scene is in a state of disarray. Promoters compete for the biggest DJs. Venues compete for the biggest sound system, or the best light show… But what good does it do, when everyone's playing the same tired shit? Club owners don't really care about the music or the scene – as long as their place is packed. In the meantime, our scene continues to decay.

DJs themselves are partly to blame. There was a time when DJs were considered "tastemakers" or pioneers. Today's DJ is little more than a jukebox; afraid to challenge the status quo, in favor of making (what I like to call) "short money." With the advance in technology, the basics of DJing are already becoming obsolete. Now we have automated playlists, automatic beat matching; even software to recommend what songs to play together. Before long, there will be no need for the DJ as we know it. So long, creativity! Farewell, musical expression…

Please note that when I say DJ, I'm not necessarily talking about the TURNTABLIST. I consider them to be a bit more than "just a DJ," but an entertainer. Somewhere, somehow, SOMEBODY blurred the lines between the DJ and the fucking "rock star." There is a difference between the two!

While I'm all about preserving the art of DJing, I must say that most of these so-called "purists" have their heads stuck in the clouds. I can't tell you how many times I've heard people COMPLAIN about the DJ who plays on CDs instead of vinyl… Or the DJ who brings a laptop and "Serato" instead of crates of records… Their complaint? "I didn't pay my money to watch a DJ stare at his laptop all night!" Personally, I don't go to a club to stare at the DJ anyway! I go there to FEEL the MUSIC. Whether he spins on CDs, Vinyl, MP3, reel-to-reel; I don't care. It's what bumps through the speakers that make me dance.

Despite the obvious differences between vinyl and CDs – like the ability to store 80 minutes worth of music on ONE disc, vs. 12 – 14 minutes of music on a piece of vinyl… Or the ability to store thousands of tracks on a hard drive, vs. carrying (at most) a couple crates of vinyl… I could argue the digital vs. vinyl debate forever, but right now, it's not important.

Back in the day, in some of the world's most legendary clubs, you couldn't even SEE the DJ booth! The booth was placed somewhere way above the crowd, and only the elite few were even allowed to ACCESS it. Lord knows what actually went ON inside those booths, but the point is, nobody stood there staring at him.

If we are going to reclaim our scene, we need to reprioritize. The DJs and promoters need to choose: short-term money, vs. long-term integrity. The club-goers need to open their minds and deprogram themselves. Remember that the best music is usually NOT force-fed to us by radio stations! Club owners need to recognize that they're fighting and competing against each other for all the wrong reasons. Build us a place where we can have free expression through our music; the money will surely follow.

We can all do our part – the promoter, the DJ, the owner AND the crowd. We MUST work together in order to keep our scene alive.

Yours truly,


Monday, September 29, 2008

The W.A.R.M.T.H. Sessions

This Friday, it's ON... I'm ready. www.warmth313.com is the new site -- there's still plenty to work to be done, BUT you're now able to sign up & register... Get ready for some real Detroit LOVE!

Friday Oct 3, 7PM - 9PM EST. The Live Chat room is all set up. The phone line is set up. Definitely call us and send a shout-out. I'll be playing your messages on the air! My first guest DJ mix is from ANDREW RED HAND -- a Romanaian DJ who LIVES for the Detroit Resistance. He's already gotten lots of love and respect from UR -- be prepared for something fierce, y'all!!!

Also in the works, are the D.E.M.H. Stories... (Detroit's Electronic Music Heroes) Every month we'll feature a new tribute to those who made Detroit Techno & House what it is today. (And trust me, it's NOT the same ol' fodder about the "obvious few...")

This is a labor of love and respect for the REAL heroes of MY music, in MY hometown -- my heritage, my blood... For those who know, AND for those who NEED TO BE EDUCATED.

See u there... Hugs!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hey there:

I wanted to keep you all informed about the latest records to come from my label, Wallshaker Music. Feel free to check the sound samples on the MySpace page. Add to it, leave comments, and definitely SPREAD THE WORD. Detroit House is STILL on the map, thank you!


Aaron-Carl "If There is a Heaven" REMIXES, VOL. 1
Mixes by Soul Deep Collective, Daniel Kyo and LaNoiraude take this deep, soulful gem to another level!

OCTOBER 3, 2008:

Backspin Musiq presents "Future Soul Sessions, Vol. 2"

featuring the sought-after vocal house mix of "Good Thang" by IMPROMP2.


Soul Deep Collective "Release Me" Remixes
Australian Housemakers Soul Deep Collective get the international remix treatment, featuring mixes by Aaron-Carl and Daniel Kyo. Not to be missed!!!

Vinyl Distributed worldwide by CYBER PRODUCTION, FRANCE.
Digital Catalogue available on BEATPORT, JUNO DOWNLOAD and other fine shops.

Feel free to rate and comment on the sound samples in the MySpace player. Thanks for the continued support. Spread the word, and keep on DANCING!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

See AC's Crib in this week's Metro Times

Have you seen this week's Metro Times? Check out the Motor City Cribs section... Or better yet, just visit here.

...Ms. Pac Man, anyone? :-)


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Heaven Remixes, and Other Experiences...

So you know by now, today's the day. "If There Is A Heaven" Remixes, Vol. 1 is officially released TODAY -- at least on Beatport, yes? You know the routine... Other sites will also have it shortly, but yes... It's OUT. I can breathe. YAY!!! Now you can have the remixes that I play on my radio show. (without me screaming all the way through them... lol)

Speaking of radio show... I've started to record the shows again, for those folks who missed it last Friday. It was actually a VERY GOOD show. Pirahnahead sent me a fabulous track that he wrote as a tribute to (our next President) Obama. I debuted the upcoming "Release Me" remix for Soul Deep Collective -- and OMG, my BABY stopped by to visit me. Wanna download the show? If you'd like 2 hear some new tunes and get a few laughs, be my guest. :-)

Before I continue, speaking of baby... :-) GARY MARTIN'S BIRTHDAY IS TODAY!!! Visit his myspace page. Show him some love. He definitely deserves it...

Now, about this radio show... This Friday is my LAST Aaron-Carl Experience. Oh, don't worry... I will STILL continue the radio show, but I wanted to give you a different experience... The show will continue on October 3rd, and its new title is: The WARMTH Sessions... (Yes, W.A.R.M.T.H.!) There will be a live chat room, polls, downloads of course, guest DJs/mixes, and lots of hot topics to discuss. (Yes, I knew about this before, but I couldn't say anything just yet!)

Watch out for the new website coming in the meantime, solely dedicated to this radio show & label -- did I say LABEL? Yes... W.A.R.M.T.H. is officially being launched as a sub-label coming January 2009. (I'm sure you already know what the first release is, don't you?) More on that later. I'm gonna go grab some tea. I NEED it today; y'all know how Michigan weather is.

PS: Mike Banks, thank you for yesterday's experience. You've reminded me why I continue to admire and respect you so much... (The rest of y'all will find out later... heheheheh)

P.P.S: And YES, I want y'all to call my number. 313-263-4801. No, it's not a contest... Yes, it rings my phone... And YES, it's a cool way for my fans (and friends) to keep up with me -- and for ME to keep up with y'all... Beware though... I might just call u back sometime! (MUAH!)


Monday, September 08, 2008

A Question of Bookings...

A Question of Bookings...

The scene is NOT dying. This I know for sure...

I'm sitting here, frustrated at the cancellation of my upcoming gigs in Ireland. My booking agent said something to me last night, that resonates in my mind right now. "Why is it so hard to get bookings for you?" Basically, I am wondering the same thing. Mind you, I understand that this scene (especially the Detroit scene) is pretty small. HOWEVER, considering that I AM a damn good artist/producer/dj, I'm confused.

Why am I still @ home, unable to get booked for shows? There's a certain group of people who are in Detroit -- some who haven't had a new record out in AGES (and if they did, it really wasn't good, if I say so myself) -- who are constantly on tour. I refuse to believe that the audiences in Japan, Ireland, Italy, etc. are so blind, that they limit the Detroit sound to these same few artists...

And while I respect their craft, I can't help but wonder... Damn. Are THEY the only motherfuckers in Detroit doing their thing??? I'm putting GOOD records out, consistently... I'm one of the most sought after remixers in this damn city. And as far as I know, I'm doing everything right. Now you mean to tell me, even with TWO booking agents, I'm STILL getting passed over, for the likes of --- well, y'all know who I'm talking about...

And on a personal note, I understand that gas prices are expensive... It's hard to get booked overseas without a flight share, I understand as well... But I know for a fact that I don't charge NEARLY as high of a fee as some of these OTHER folks -- what gives? I work so hard, and for what? To get ignored by promoters because they're stuck in a fucking time warp? Their vision is so narrow, they can't see past ---- OOOH, I won't name the names..

I'm trying not to take this personally. Those who've been to my shows, know I put on one helluva show... And I'm trying NOT to sound like I'm ranting... But shit. This is pretty frustrating!

In the meantime, I'm gonna continue doing my thing. Keep on making records, remixes, and doing what I can... I don't feel like a failure by any means. In fact, I feel quite fucking successful! But when I'm sitting at home, watching these same ol' folks travel the world (like I need to be doing), it makes me wonder what it's all for... Why even bother?


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Birthday 2 Me...

Happy Birthday to me...

I've been blessed with the chance to see 35. I can't believe it! In many ways, I have grown. I've lived through another year of ups and downs, struggles and accomplishments. Thank you Lord... I've survived...

As I look back on the past year, I've been through so much -- both good and bad. Never a dull moment, I tell you! My life has always been (and will probably always be) extreme. That's just the way it is... I've learned many lessons. I've learned how to love... I've learned how to LET GO... I've learned how to open my mind to new things... I've learned how to say NO.

I've learned the power of words. I've learned the value of my spirit. I'm finally taking charge of MYSELF... I've learned to be proud of the talents I possess. I've learned to be proud of the songs I sing. I've learned to command AND demand my respect. Fuck yeah, I'm fabulous! Y'all hear me?

This new year marks the beginning of a new me. My journey through life has brought me here -- and HERE is exactly where I need to be...

Sade said it best... "Like the scar of age, it's written all over my face... The war is still raging inside of me..."

Thank you all for living and learning with me. I've only just begun...

Love Always,

Thursday, July 31, 2008

My latest remix reviews on KOMPAKT

The first installment of Justus Köhncke's "Safe and Sound" Remixes contains a hot remix of "$26" by Aaron-Carl.  Resident Advisor gives it a rave review!
Click here to read the review.

And here are more reviews:

From Boomkat.com:

Well, this is a very pleasantly unexpected surprise, Aaron Carl turning up on Kompakt?! Assigned to a remix mission of Justus Kohncke's 'Safe and Sound' album from earlier in the year, Carl lends his magic touch to '$26' and comes out with an absolute blinder, charging up a body working tougher house version with madly effective upbuilding vibes and proper Detroit flavour. Robert Babicz's remix of 'Yacht' on the flip unfortunately just seems totally tame and inefficient compared to Aaron Carl's remix, so it's really just a one track pony this 12", but that track's a proper killer!

...and from Nuloop.com:

May we have your attention, please? it won't take long... we'd only like to make you aware of this new justus köhncke 12" which in fact is a remix record following his highly acclaimed „safe and sound" album. mr köhncke himself chose the remixers and this is what he reeled in: the a-side features the dark room-ish „$26" which - in its original version - already is a tribute to motor city. so justus managed to get one of detroit's most remarkable artists on the job: aaron carl. since his groundbreaking metroplex release „down" in 1998 he never disappointed us with his trademark deep and dirty sound. his „$26" is an authentic piece of tearjerking detroit house. we love it! the flipside belongs to heavyweight champion robert babicz. his track of choice is the bacchanal hommage to grace jones' immortal „slave to the rhythm". surprisingly, his superb remix rather reminds us of another stellar moment in pop music that is michael jackson's „thriller". but hey, of course not a beep got sampled here. you might call us many things - but we're no thieves!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Gary Martin and Aaron-Carl Tonight...

Tonight on the Aaron-Carl Experience, I'm finally doing it... I'm sitting down with Teknotika's GARY MARTIN for a little one one one... It's gonna be fun. Hope y'all tune in... 7PM EST. Click the link on my page to join in... :-)


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Chicago Experience

Let me first start out by thanking Sean Smith (Smooth Agent Records) for providing the atmosphere, and inviting me down to Chicago for this wonderful occasion... It was truly a night to remember... Now, to give you the lowdown:

First off, the DRIVE to Chicago from Detroit is no joke. From my house, it takes me 5 hours to drive there. My assistant Charles and I both drank those 5-hour energy drinks, and let me tell you... THEY WORK for exactly 5 hours! I'm very grateful to have Chuck along for the ride -- we certainly made those 5 hours pass smoothly; along with some fabulous music to keep us entertained. I think we played everything from Madonna to Samwell (Mr. "What What in the Butt")... Folks in Indiana (when we stopped to eat) looked at us like we were total foreigners, which cracked us up. It's like you KNEW we were from somewhere else.

Chicago is a beautiful city at night -- especially driving over that lovely Skyway Bridge... But shit! How many TOLL BOOTHS do you NEED?! You certainly cannot be broke and drive through Chicago. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

We arrived at (what I THOUGHT WAS) "Betty's Blue Star Lounge." Honestly, all I saw was "LOUNGE" on the sign, so we walked in. There was a live rock band on stage, and I thought "wow, I must be DJing the Intermission... uh, where's Dajae?" I had to climb TWO ladders to get to the DJ booth, where I sat for a few minutes in silence. There was NOBODY in the DJ area, and that rock band would NOT stop playing... Do I drown them out with House music? I sent Charles to ask a staff member if we were indeed in the right place... We werent.
The place where we NEEDED to be was a few blocks up the road!!!

Embarrassed but not broken, we finally found the correct spot -- Betty's BLUE STAR LOUNGE... Fortunately for me, I wasn't the ONLY one behind schedule. Bernard Badie was spinning on the decks -- and it's so funny because I met him YEARS ago, in Submerge. I hadn't really seen him since, but he remembered my voice. :-) I regret not getting a picture with him, but next time I see him, I'll be sure to get a photo. Veronique was in the house already!!! Looking earthy and sexy as usual, I couldn't help but notice the PLUNGING NECK LINE... Lord, have mercy. Cleavage from here to Mississippi, I tell you. And she wore it well... (I said, hell.. should I push mine up?! Just kidding...)

I then met Sean Smith -- the man who made it all possible. He was very accommodating, which was quite refreshing to me, considering that I was quite nervous about actually performing in Chicago. These were some SERIOUS house heads. They own House like Detroit owns Techno -- I had to bring my A-game, y'all... And OOOH, did I!!!

But NOT until I was introduced to "the queen herself," Miss DAJAE. Do you know how down-to-earth this woman truly is??? After I had initially screamed (hey, I've been a fan for a LONG time!), I discovered that Dajae had a very similar personality to ME. She isn't all about being "divafied," and she's just "everyday people." I kid you not, if I lived in Chicago, I would SO hang out with her. We would SO eat Kentucky Fried Chicken together, for real!

So back to the DJ set. The night was still young, so I safely played my remix of Dajae's "Truth Hurts." (She hadn't heard it yet!) I was too busy mixing to check her reaction, but I KNOW that everyone else was loving it. Then I did what any other self-respecting Detroit DJ/Producer would do... I started playing my own music. (hahahaha!) Now here's something "funny," that you all probably know, but I'm just starting to realize... I could play an entire set of music, that ONLY consisted of my original productions and remixes! Honestly, I hope that doesn't come across as arrogance... Y'all know me. I'm the OPPOSITE of arrogant. But I was going through my music, and was like "wow... I can play THIS!... and THIS!... and THIS!!!" Of course I played other folks' music as well. Come on, y'all... LOL!!! I dug DEEP as well. I played everything from 95 North to MK's remix of the B-52's "Tell It Like It T-I-IS"... It was absolutely fucking fabulous...

One of the highlights of my set was when I played "Simply." I actually played it TWICE, because when I first played it, the club was still empty @ the time. Then when I noticed that the crowd had gotten bigger -- DETROIT DJs were in the house as well, y'all!!! Rick Wilhite, Eric Johnson, to name a couple... And I KNOW they'd never heard my new stuff, so I was like "yeah... this is my chance to SHOW Y'ALL..." (We Detroiters thrive off of friendly competition... It's all love!) Baby, I dropped "I Refuse," and "Simply" (for the second time), and I heard screams... Folks were FEELING it. And that made me high...

Shortly after my set, I sat down with Veronique and mingled. I'd taken what was my FIRST picture with Dajae at that time. Y'all don't understand... "Brighter Days" has brought me through some ROUGH TIMES in my life. It was HARD to be in the presence of that woman without crying out tears of gratitude...

Next thing you know, it was showtime... Veronique and I were already on stage. We had NO TIME to rehearse, NO sound check, no anything. And you know what? It was awesome. Our chemistry on stage is incredible. I made a joke that night -- "we get on stage, grab the microphone and start shouting... voila!" Baby, let me tell you... I completely FORGOT that Dajae was in the crowd when Veronique and I started to sing -- we sang "Alright," of course. And it was magical, to say the least...

Now here's the funny part. As you know, when I'm in Detroit, I don't SING live -- I don't know why, I just don't. (Although I did @ the festival, that's a different story... But for the most part, when I'm home, I usually just DJ.) Baby, when that "prayed up, persevere..." part came up, and I hit those high notes, you should've HEARD the Detroit folks GASP! (Yeah, I heard y'all!) It was like "damn!... HE hit THOSE notes?" Again, magical. I felt proud. I felt like we represented Detroit very well, and RESPECTED Chicago's house crowd. You know what I mean? It's like respecting someone in their own home... It's something you just DO. So hopefully, Rick and Eric felt proud of me.

Moving onto the next scene... Immediately after Veronique and I sang, Dajae gave us big hugs. (Now I was REALLY melting -- OMG, I just sang in FRONT of Dajae!!!!!!) Let me tell you... Miss Dajae got up on stage, and sang "Truth Hurts." I was like a teenage fan in the front row... Singing along, screaming and hollering like nobody's business. LOL... The she did it. She sang "Brighter Days." I could've fainted right then and there. Her stage presence was amazing -- she was at home. You could TELL she was at home... And the crowd adored her. She kept it real, and she reminded me of my big sister. In my head, I was like, "go ahead, girl... DO YOUR THING!" She broke it down, and sang the Brighter Days REMIX -- vocal chops and all. It took everything I had in me, to NOT get up on stage, grab the second microphone and sing backups. (Keep it together, AC... Keep it together!) So when SHE got offstage, we all started dancing together. People took pictures of Dajae, Veronique and me. I knew that Dajae was just as impressed with me and V, as WE were impressed with HER...

Highlight of the night... Veronique confides that I joke about "in Detroit, there can only be TWO Divas" -- her and me, of course! LOL... She then said something like, "but now we're in Chicago, partying with the QUEEN herself!" Dajae hugged her and said, "Girl, YOU are a diva in your OWN right!" ...then Dajae hugged me and said, "...and YOU TOO!"

Y'all could've given me a bottle and a blanket, and tucked my ass in, because I didn't need NOTHING ELSE that night! :-)

Another 5-hour energy drink later (and a delicious Sausage and Egg Criossant Sandwich), Charles and I drove back to Detroit. Well, I drove. HE slept. LOL... But I was beaming the entire way -- even though my legs hurt like hell. When we got to my house, I crashed on the couch... Made my way to the bed... and slept like a baby ALL DAY. (Ahhh!)

Of course, it's almost midnight, and I'm AWAKE now, but hey. It's not too often I have fabulous nights like this. I can enjoy it. For sure.

Thanks for reading... MUAH!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Hello there!

I'm so glad to be able to share this news with you... In just a couple of days -- Friday to be exact, THE video for "I Wanna Go Down" will finally be debuted here in Detroit. Although it's Dan Diamond's version of the song, I'm all up in this video -- one of the main characters. I'm honored! Now mind you, I haven't SEEN the finished video yet, but as the days get closer, the more excited I become. (After that trip to Vegas, I can't WAIT to see how all this hard work paid off!!!)

Then I get the news... I'm DJ-ing and performing in Chicago next weekend -- July 6th, to be exact. And I'm in the house with none other than Miss DAJAE herself!!! You know I'm so happy -- again, honored! Y'all know I just remixed her new song, "Truth Hurts," right? Oh, just you wait. But hey... If you've been listening to my radio show last Friday, you would've heard it... MMMHMM!!! (Y'all better tune your butts in on Friday nights, 7pm - 9pm, EST... ) I've made it easy for u. The link's right here on my page -- click and enjoy!

Hmmm.. Bittersoulfulsweet is finally available for the world, if you hadn't noticed yet... To those who bought my CD already, I humbly thank you. People have been asking me when it's gonna be on ITunes, etc... Let me fill you in on some dates here. :-)

Bittersoulfulsweet RELEASE DATES: (and pay attention, because this is fierce, y'all!)

JULY 3, 2008 -- JUNO (www.juno.co.uk) exclusive album sampler hits the stores... YES, an exclusive sampler featuring extra bonus tracks, unavailable on the album...

JULY 16th, 2008 -- BEATPORT (www.beatport.com) exclusive album sampler hits the stores... YOU HEARD ME... another sampler featuring extra bonus tracks ONLY AVAILABLE ON BEATPORT!

Now, LIMITED COPIES of the full-length album are available @ Wallshaker Music (www.wallshaker.com). Yes, you can download it -- but not everyone... Like I said. LIMITED COPIES (that includes downloads) available. So, if you haven't dashed over to Wallshaker yet, I'd do it before it's gone.

OOOH, there's a secret I wanna tell so bad... but I can't. Not right now. I don't mean to tease y'all, so forgive me... But if I leaked this information right now, it would cause a riot.

One final note: I feel like giving some love right now. BRENDA, hugs!!! TRENCH, hugs!!! DJ AVIVA, JESSE, SPEEDFREAK and the gang, BIG OL' HUGS!!!! DARRELL, HUGS (and kisses too)... oh, what the heck... Hugs and kisses for EVERYBODY! MUAH, MUAH, MUAH!!!

Love on u...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Real Life Explosions

It's taken me a couple days to get myself together enough to write this, BUT... Here's what happened to me the other day...

The kids and I went to KFC to order some dinner. In the drive-thru, I was one car away from the window; when my car shut off. I tried to start it again, and the car went POOF!!!.... and smoke barreled from underneath the hood. (Thank God I don't panic during situations like these -- I usually don't break down until AFTER...) I couldn't believe that my damn car just BLEW UP in the DRIVE-THRU!!! An employee came out and helped me push the car to another lane.

Embarrassed, I went inside KFC, paid for my food, and ate until help came along. Thank God for my friends Julian and Darren, who came and pushed the car behind KFC -- where it is now sitting, awaiting the tow truck. I decided to just "junk" the car -- there's no way I'm putting another dime into it, after it exploded on me!!!

When it rains, it pours, right? :-) I came home just in time to find out that my Las Vegas show got cancelled... And shortly thereafter, the power went out. LOL!!! Talk about keeping it real... hehehehe...

So, here I am... Carless, but safe. I have power, thank goodness -- although my laptop hard drive just crashed and died... I'm taking it all in stride.

C'est la vie.

PS: This DOES give me more time to finish that remix I'm doing for Dajae!

P.P.S: There IS a silver lining here... I got an email from a fan of mine. Out of nowhere, he tells me he'd like to buy my album (320kbps MP3) because it's not out in the digital shops just yet. I almost cried from happiness -- I wrote him and thanked him for the support, definitely! Now, to make him a very special package. Oh yes, and Augustus, thank YOU TOO!!! Big hugs -- I needed those words, and I'm glad they came from you. :-)


...He promised me he'd call today. I hadn't heard from him in a long while. Yes, my friend... The one who lately never takes my calls. The one who dropped off the planet -- at least MY world, although I shouldn't assume anything's wrong. Instead of bugging out, I asked him directly. Hey... "is there something wrong?" Are we still friends? If we've grown apart, just tell me. Hell, I'm a grown man. I can handle this. I went on to remind him that people make time for what they want. Obviously, he has time for everything else except me. His woman, his job, the clubs, etc... And while I don't expect to be his ONLY friend, I still considered myself somewhere near the top of the list. After all, a partmer, a job, a child, a job -- NOTHING can come between true friendship. At least it's not supposed to... He dismissed my questions, as if to say I'm crazy for even feeling this way. "I'll call you TODAY." Hmmm... Today's come and gone. And like I half expected, he never called.

...It saddens me, but at the same time, I have to look at myself. Is this REALLY the type of friendship I even WANT? Am I so damn co-dependent that I can't be happy WITHOUT him in my life? I shake my head, and I laugh as I write this now. I can't say I haven't done my part. I can't say I haven't tried. I left the ball in HIS court. He dropped it. I'll just have to mourn my losses, grieve and move on... He didn't break me. ...I take that back. He broke me. ...but I managed to pick up my OWN pieces, and now I am here, reinfornced -- impervious to his bullshit and lies... I am stronger. YES I AM...

It's not just my so-called "friends" that got to me... Some of my peers in the industry have managed to get underneath my skin as well... ...Like the motherfucker who sings MYsong, woos me for a licensing deal, blows up my phone (and email) until he gets what HE wants, and then, POOF... Disappears. And all the while, I'm doing MY part. Sure, I'll let you take my song and record it. SURE, I'll agree to the terms of YOUR contract... SURE, I'll even listen to you as you "talk down" to me, proving to me that you have NO FUCKING IDEA how big my career really is (compared to yours)... SURE, I'll listen as you "explain" simple things to me, as if I don't understand (I'm not a fucking child, thank you). I listen because I know it makes YOU feel better about yourself. You love listening to yourself talk, obviously. I can deal with your personality, because I know that it takes all types of people to make a world. BUT... don't fake a friendship with me, just to get what you want. Don't practically ignore me once you've gotten your way; only calling me when you need me to do you yet another favor...

And oh yes... Aside from doing your HOMEWORK and NOTICING that I've been in this business a LOT LONGER than you may think -- I DID make more than that "one song..." -- could you AT LEAST spell my gottdamn NAME correctly??? It's NOT ARRON... not Aron... but AARON. AARON-CARL. Please don't let me have to remind you again...

I'm not asking for much... All I ask is this: If you're gonna come at me, BE REAL with your shit. Before you approach me, KNOW who the hell you're dealing with. Do your homework. You'll fare a lot better in my book, that's for sure...

If you're gonna be my friend, BE TRUE TO YOUR WORD. Be who the fuck you say you are... Don't paint a picture for me, that isn't the real YOU. Either you have my back, or you don't. Either you're TRUE, or you're NOT. Don't expect me to play the victim, while you run your game. I'm better than that. For real...

No I'm not perfect, I own that. I have my humanly faults like the rest of us. A lot of times, I forget to call... I might not remember a birthday... Some days I just don't even wanna be bothered with anyone... But flawed or not, I'm ME... And I'm being REAL. Love me or leave me... That's all I have to say about it...

Friday, May 30, 2008

Buy vs. Steal

I was once told by a friend of mine that "we don't make the kind of music people BUY, but the kind that people STEAL." I remember disagreeing, only to be reminded of the many websites out there like Soulseek, Bit Torrent, etc.. As an artist, sites like this never scared me. In fact, I embraced the idea of "throwing" a track out there to get it traded. My assumption, if people like the track they heard, they'd spend money to buy the CD.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not talking about these corporate so-called "album leaks." I'm talking about a legitimate campaign here -- "Listen to this new AC song... If you like it, the album comes out soon... Buy it!" It seems fair enough, eh?

This morning (yes, I know I'm late), I read an article about Radiohead. They offered a "pay what you want" type of deal with their last album. My immediate thought was "what the hell are they doing?" Don't they know how many people would simply download their album for FREE? I could just hear the many excuses today -- I'm a college student; Fuck the RIAA; The economy's tight; There's too much garbage out there... All of these are valid, of course! But AGAIN, as an artist who does this for a living, do I really WANT someone else telling ME what MY hard work is worth?

I have mixed emotions about this... I understand that times are changing. I understand that "everyone" with a computer + software is all of a sudden a producer, or DJ, or whatever. I ALSO understand that even before downloading became an issue, the market was flooded with garbage.

I AGREE that the RIAA (or whomever) shouldn't be able to force-feed me some highly-marketed bullshit, and tell me it's the hottest track I've ever heard.

But in MY situation, I'm confused... I run my own record label I'm NOT a bullshit artist. And from a label standpoint, I KNOW how much it costs to produce an album -- studio time, label designers, etc... I'm not greedy. While I do this for a living, I disagree that a CD should break the bank -- especially nowadays, when there's maybe only one or two songs you'd even like.

Long story short, I've considered following Radiohead's plan. Let the customer pay what they will, for the CD. While I'm confident that I have enough quality songs to justify paying for, I CRINGE at the thought of someone downloading my album for free -- especially after all the hard work and soul I put into this project!

Digitally, the album is being distributed through an aggregator. Physically, I'm selling the albums directly through my website. I don't like dealing with distributors too much, only because then you have to play the game... "How much do I think YOU can sell?" Again, thank God, I don't really have this issue. I've consistently sold decent amounts of records over the years, but I DO NOT LIKE the corporate GREED!!! Some of these record prices are ridiculously overpriced!

So my question is... How much IS my new album worth? If I wouldn't mind paying the "average" price of $12.99, is that too much? Not enough? (In my opinion, it's just right.)

During the festival, I sold copies for $10. (Thank you, those who bought it!) I ALSO noticed that some people weren't happy unless they got the CD for free. (I gave away a couple, yes..)

And as a side note, please remember that regardless of ANYTHING ELSE, I do my music because I LOVE it. ...it just happens to also be what I do for a living! Y'all know how I feel about that! So don't say "oh he's just in it for the money..." I'm not -- but one cannot live on compliments alone...

So I hope this sparks conversation. I'm curious to know your thought, so don't be shy...


PS: And by the way... for those who are asking me where they can sample and buy the album from, it's here.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

In Case u Didn't Know...

The new album, "Bittersoulfulsweet" is now available...
Click here to sample and buy the "Bittersoulfulsweet!"CD.

Oh I'm optomistic!


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lost & Found: My DEMF Experience

Alas! DEMF Weekend is finally over and I've had a chance to recover. I must tell you about my festival experience – from the performance to the afterparty. Let me first say that God has a way of putting things into prospective! Before this hectic weekend, I prayed for just that. "God, please just open my eyes and let me SEE what's going on around me…" What I saw, oh man, was unbelievable…

A BIG hello goes to all of the fans who approached me during the festival. People kept saying things like "I hate to interrupt you, but…" Trust me; it doesn't bother me at all. In fact, I'm just as excited as YOU are. Feeling so much love from random people, knowing I touched their lives in a certain way, means the world to me. And with this clearer vision, I was able to understand, acknowledge that accept WOW… This IS who I am. WOW, my music IS reaching people. I was humbled and thoroughly appreciative.

Onto the performance – I'm sure you'll soon see the video footage. For me, it was nothing short of magical. Mind you, I was very surprised when I wasn't asked to play on the MAIN stage, like I did in 2005. I was told that I would be on the Real Detroit stage, which was underground. I couldn't have dancers because there wasn't any room, so I was told. My time slot was also cut from 2 hours to 1 hour. But I took it all in stride. Instead of being bitter, I decided that I'd take "what I had" and work with it – and work the HELL out of it. That's how I've handled my song recording situations as well. I didn't have the best equipment – sometimes I had barely anything to work with at all… But I used whatever I DID have, and worked it like no other! That's one of the things that impressed Mike Banks about me so much – but that's a different story.

ONSTAGE… The moment I walked onto the stage, I felt nothing but pure love. I remember walking up the stairs, and E. Dubb asked me, "Are you nervous?" I wasn't nervous at all. I was on a mission, and that ONE mission was to "beat those bitches down... with the BEATS, with the BASS, with the FILTERS…" I vowed to play with such intensity that they'd NOT HESITATE to give me the main stage NEXT year! Man, I beat the shit out of those decks… The crowd felt me, but more importantly, I felt THEM!

Veronique came onstage for her performance, which shocked a LOT of people – in a good way. Her stage presence commanded your attention, and let me say this: Veronique and I put together??? OMG… FIRE! The synergy was felt throughout the entire room. Of course, Veronique sang the hell out of "Use Me." And I mixed in our duet, "Alright." Confession: We had NEVER performed together on stage before. We had NO time to rehearse. We had NO sound check, NO practice, NO NOTHING… But when we sang that song together, it was nothing short of a phenomenon… We WORKED, do you hear me? Amazing…

DJ E. Dubb also deserves props for his very first DEMF performance. There was a slight technical glitch when he first started, so I stayed onstage with him. After all, the show MUST go on… I sang a couple songs from the new album – one of them was the newly re-worked version of "DOWN." (If you haven't gotten this album yet, you BETTER GET IT!) While I was singing, Erick (E. Dubb) mixed into his own set of Jackin' funky House. BABY, those mixes were flawless. He's a Wallshaker for a reason, let me tell you…

All in all, it was a great performance. I thank EVERYONE was in that room at that moment. It wasn't just MY show… It was OUR show. (See y'all NEXT year!)

Later that night, the official W.A.R.M.T.H. party was under way. Mind you, there was MANY parties this same night, so I expected the crowd to go from party to party all night long; not spending much time at either one. After a scare with the equipment setup, we finally got everything situated – just in time for the doors to open. Instead of TWO levels of sound, we only had one level, broken down into two rooms. Thank God for those walls, because it worked out perfectly. In the House room, you heard HOUSE. In the Techno room, you heard TECHNO. Both systems banged, but neither system clashed with the other.

Throwing a party is actually much harder than it looks! Everything rests on your shoulders – from the patrons to the talent… Everyone must be happy. We made sure the DJs had free drinks throughout the night. I know that most of the DJs I hired to play the party, did so as a favor, or to support the organization. I am SO GRATEFUL to those who showcased their talents! Katalist, Ben Wu, T. Linder, Jeff Comer, Trench, E. Dubb & The Deaken, Alton Miller, Gary Martin, DJ SURGEON!!!

Some of the DJs played their sets, and immediately left the party. While I didn't mention money to some of these DJs, I wanted EVERYONE to walk out of there with at least SOMETHING! That's just how I am. Those DJs that I didn't get to pay personally, I'm going to definitely do something nice for. Some got T-shirts. Some got CDs. Believe me, I am so touched by their willingness to help me and W.A.R.M.T.H., I would feel less than HUMAN if I didn't repay them in some way.

Overall, the crowd was sparse. Not many people were in attendance, but those who WERE, had a good time! Because the night was so slow, instead of staying open until 6 am, we decided to only stay open until 4. THIS meant that the DJs I had scheduled from 4 – 6, couldn't play. While it was a disappointing fact, it was nobody's fault! THIS is where God REALLY put things into prospective for me! ONE of the DJs (who wasn't officially on the bill, but I'd promised to give a timeslot) was very upset that he couldn't play. One of HIS guests approached me and expressed her disappointment. Now mind you, I'm excellent with people. I'm professional, etc… BUT when she said "I ONLY came to hear _____ play," I lost it. I lost all sense of professionalism within me… Yes, I let her have it.

By this time, it was 3:30 a.m. Alton Miller and Gary Martin were playing at the time… Since my other 2 DJs were basically whining and holding a grudge against ME, I asked Alton and Gary to stop playing… I told them we were shutting down, paid them for their time and basically apologized for the inconvenience. Inside, I was burning! I'd just kicked my LEGENDS off the turntables for WHO??!! Someone who's NEVER played in front of a crowd before? (That was ONE of them…) And someone else who's a good DJ, but had NO professionalism whatsoever? Oh, I was pissed. As I proceeded to curse one of the DJs (the one with the entourage) out, I threw my hands up and said, basically, "fuck it… Play now." And when I got to the edge of the room, I turned around and shouted "And you BETTER NOT FUCK UP, EITHER!" Yes, I was wrong for saying that, but damnit, I was pushed way over my tolerance level. I could've cared less about embarrassing him at that moment. I was fucking embarrassed. I felt belittled AND betrayed. So I shouted that statement at the top of my lungs, then walked away.

All in all, those two never played. They both got pissed and left. Neither of them was willing to understand that I don't make the rules of the club. If the owner says, "shut down at four," then I'm shutting down at four! They would've played to an empty room anyway… But you couldn't explain that to them. YES, I understand their feelings were hurt. I was a little disappointed for them myself! BUT… Being a professional in this business, I understand that sometimes these things happen. Both of them, up until this night, have called my house REPEATEDLY; blowing up my telephones, coming over to practice, etc. I even went WAY above and beyond what any normal person would've done for them… Hell… One of them, I picked out the records for his set. I offered to let him use my Serato, my laptop, MY tracks, everything… The other, I helped produce tracks, giving him more credit than I should've; as well as took him under my wing – against the wishes of nearly everyone I know. Did they appreciate my efforts? NO!

So this is why I called this blog "Lost & Found." Because while I may have LOST money on this party – I lost more money than I care to repeat – I FOUND out who was REALLY in it for the love, and who was really only looking out for themselves. I lost two people who I thought were my friends – but I FOUND that they weren't really my friends in the first place. And I KNOW that sounds cliché, but let me say this… It's the truth. I'm not upset about this. In fact, I'm thankful. I've never felt more successful in Detroit. I've NEVER been shown so much love and appreciation for my talents. …and I've NEVER seen things more clearly than I do right now. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

A final note… To the fan who "didn't want to be THAT GUY…" I appreciated your words and sentiments that night. I told you that YOU are the reason why I continue to do this music, and I meant it. I still mean it! You came to support my party, you bought my album, you bought a T-shirt, but most of all, you took the time to TALK TO ME. You've inspired me. Believe it or not, your words encouraged me… And the reason why I am so thankful that the W.A.R.M.T.H. party continued, despite the small crowd, is because people like YOU were there to show the love – so I believe it exists. Thank you.



Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Album Track Listing

Just because I can't wait... :-)

Just to tease you a little bit -- hey, y'all know me... :-) I'm gonna list the tracks:

Bittersoulfulsweet Intro (feat. Bruno Q.)
I Refuse
As a Threat
Interlude - Bambi
Down Revisited (yes, I re-did it... and it's effing FABULOUS!)
Forbidden (duet with Khan)
Interlude - Jennifer
Lady (That Girl)
Body 2 Sweat
Wash It Revisited (I couldn't help it, y'all...)
Nothing On Me
The Mirror
If There is a Heaven
Alright (Revival Mix) (Duet with Veronique)
Dirtyfilthysexi (Vocal Mix)
BONUS TRACK: If There is a Heaven (Daniel Kyo Remix)

YES, YES, YES!!! SEVENTEEN tracks on this record. And you KNOW how hard I've been working on it. Two more days, y'all... I'm praying that you like it as much as I LOVED making it. It is NOT Detrevolution... It is NOT Uncloseted... It is NOT STORM... And I am gonna STFU now. ...sitting here smiling and screaming to myself...

Those who can't get it from the festival, can order it online -- SATURDAY. I'll be back with the link, blah blah blah...


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Almost TIME!

I am SO excited, y'all... This weekend, the album FINALLY drops!!! (have you heard the tunes on my Myspace page?)

Can't wait..


Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Murphy's Law Experience

Oh goodness, Murphy's Law was in full effect yesterday. For those who don't know what it is, Murphy's Law simply states "If something can go wrong, it will go wrong." And yesterday was a prime example...

Quickly running through these subjects (which I'm actually OVER, but I still feel the need to blog about it), here's a rundown of yesterday:

1. After yet another e-mail from a "fan" who says, "I love your music... Can you please SEND me the tracks on your player (for free), I caved in and obliged. Why, you ask? Who knows... Maybe I was feeling pretty good at the moment, and thought "what the hell... why not make someone's day?" I do that from time to time. But anyway, I met up with him online, and the caption under his screen name says -- quite boldly -- "WHITE PRIDE FOR LIFE!!!" It took everything I had, not to throw this damn computer out of the window. But I kept my cool... I figured, maybe this was just a test from above... I reasoned with myself, "He's not racist... He's just proud to be white!" In that respect, I understand how some people feel when they see slogans like "Black Pride," etc... But that's still a sore subject for a LOT of people. Minorities can get away with it, but whites can't. Weird. But then again, should whites be able to? Considering the history, and the fact that we STILL haven't gotten past that ignorance... I don't get it. Whatever... MY solution? Everybody should just start fucking EVERYBODY, so we all become mixed. No more "this race" or "that race." We'll all be one multi-racial culture, living in harmony. Ahh, if only it were so... But moving on...

2. I spent hours preparing for a show, which I was leery about attending in the first place. I dodged phone calls and ignored messages, saying "Hey, you're playing for _________... Are you SURE you're gonna get paid?" I figured they were just being ignorant, although I wondered why they would take the time to CALL ME and ASK ME that... Made me wonder. Hmmm... This IS the same person who threw the party I went to a couple years back -- the one that got raided... SHOULD I be afraid? But my need for the money overshadowed my fear of arrest... In fact, I remember when ______ first asked me to play. The first thing they say was, "and don't worry.. I'll pay you!"

So anyway, I wasn't scheduled to play until 2 a.m.. I arrived at the party nearly an hour before. Mind you, I don't go out "just for the sake of going out..." So it was nice to see and be seen again. I took lots of pictures, had a few good conversations (Hello SECURITY!!!), and even ran into "Chris" (I swore his name was David) -- the guy who'd lost his mother, but came to the club the same night to hear me spin. I'll NEVER forget him.

2 a.m., I walk onto the stage. Immediately, I notice that one of the CDJs weren't working! (Great, right?) I kid you not, it was so hard to keep my cool on stage, while guy after guy fiddled with the equipment, trying to get things to work. Granted, I had ANOTHER CD playing... (It wasn't mixed, but I transitioned between the tracks as fast as I could!) The crowd was dancing, but I was still embarrassed. Finally, they got BOTH decks working. By this time, I was promised that I'd still get my full hour to play. The next DJ (who I shall not name, damn him), comes up to me -- after I successfully mixed TWO tracks, and says "you've got ONE MORE SONG, then it's MY turn!" Now, again... It took all I had, not to bitch slap his selfish ass... After all, the crowd was dancing. I know he was itching to DJ, but damn... Did he have to stand on stage right next to me, with his headphones in hand, waiting to intercept the next record?! YES, the hell he did... Because I'd had enough of watching him check his cell phone, make weird faces and TELL ME how many more tracks I have left to play before he takes over...

Fuck it. I'd spun for maybe a total of 20 minutes, but I was done. I couldn't take it anymore. So I gave the baby his place on stage, and I gracefully bowed out. I figured I'd just get my pay, go home, and forget about his antics...

...until I discovered that I was NOT getting paid. They were under the impression that I agreed to play as a "favor..." ...uh, yes, it WAS a favor, considering that the only reason why __________ asked me to play in the first place, was because their "MAIN HEADLINER" was double-booked that night...

Now, I'll say this. One VERY GOOD thing happened last night. I'd finally met up with someone I'd been speaking with on MySpace for a long time... He'd come down to see me, and he actually helped me keep my cool during all of this madness. Not to mention, he gave me one of the biggest, most sincere hugs I'd received in YEARS...

That was last night. Or should I say, early this morning... Right now, as I write this blog, I laugh at myself. One, because I know that I ALLOW these things to happen to me sometimes... If I DJ or perform with NO contract or deposit, this is how I get treated. (Never again!) But I won't turn this into a huge rant... Y'all know me. I just have to tell it like it is...

Today will definitely be better -- there, I said it. I'm putting it out in the universe... TODAY will be a BETTER DAY... I will have the clarity to keep people and things in perspective. Those who aren't healthy for me, have no damn place in my life. Murphy's Law was yesterday. AC's Law is TODAY.


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Here I Am...

I know, sometimes I get a little crazy in my posts. One minute, I'm writing a song. The next minute, I'm bitching about the day... Or excited about what's to come... Or whatever. Tonight is a mixture of everything, I suppose... It's just how I feel.

1. Bittersoulfulsweet... Life has thrown me some serious curve balls lately! I promised the world that I'd have this album released May 24th, and damnit, I AM. The finished CDs should be here just in time for DEMF. Which is wonderful for me, since I'm performing there on Sunday the 25th. But in addition, I will have an "official" CD release party in Las Vegas! I SO wanna move to Vegas, and the more I stay in Detroit, the better Vegas looks to me. But then again, the kids like our current house. And I'm feeling "rooted." Hell... I'll be 35 years old this August. I'd like to plant some roots SOMEWHERE! (Maybe I'll rent a timeshare in Vegas or something...)

2. W.A.R.M.T.H... The organization that I started. I didn't realize how much work would be involved! Not that I'm afraid to work, it's just hard to tackle everything alone. As you know, I'm compiling a CD for distribution at DEMF, that features everyone on the W.A.R.M.T.H. party lineup. DJ Bone, Gary Martin, Myself, Alton Miller... this CD is gonna be wonderful!!! I probably won't keep it exclusively to the organization after DEMF, but I will definitely use the proceeds to help the organization -- it's going to be a non-profit organization. I'll explain more about that later...

3. Life in general just seems to be strange... My circle of "friends" seem to be changing, and things seem to be happening beyond my control. Instead of complaining, I'll just acknowledge it and leave it alone...

I guess today is just one of those days when I need a big hug and lots of love. I know it's been a while since I've written last, but I promise to write more soon...


Friday, May 02, 2008

The NEW Aaron-Carl Experience

Same time, Fridays @ 7PM EST... This time, it's uncensored, and unrestricted. ...and boy, do I have some shit to say tonight!!!

See u there.. AC

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

W.A.R.M.T.H. Official Launch Party

Hey there... I'm SO proud to present this event for DEMF weekend... I TOLD y'all, I would make things happen.


Sunday May 25th | 2008



Doors open at 10PM.- 4AM

Two floors of entertainment, featuring local and international talent:

Alton Miller

KDJ, Moods Grooves | House / Detroit

Alton Miller, one of the founders of the celebrated seminal club the Music Institute (Detroit), is a legend who has played a central role in the creation of the musical volcano known as ‘House music’. Since 1991 Alton has released over 100 recordings for all the top independent labels worldwide (King Street, Planet E, Trackmode, Guidance, Distance, Peace Frog, F-com). After 15 years as a globetrotting producer/dj at the forefront of house Alton has amassed worldwide success and acclaim. For more information

DJ Bone

Subject Detroit | Techno / Detroit

To some he is the champion of the underground. Others see him for the first time and ask the person dancing like crazy next to them, "Where did THIS guy come from?" Think of Detroit Techno and DJ Bone might not be high on your list of luminaries because he is 100% independent and does things on his terms and on his terms only. He won't tap dance or bend to fit the "popular" dj mold. Those who recognize Bone know him for his uncompromising and innovative ways.



Wallshaker Music | House / Detroit

Metro Detroit native Aaron-Carl began his music career in 1996, when he signed to Soul City Records, a label owned by Underground Resistance’s “Mad” Mike Banks. Refusing to be boxed into just one style, Aaron quickly made a name for himself by releasing his first two records – both completely different genres, at the same time. “Crucified,” a deep soulful vocal anthem, met instant critical acclaim; while “Down,” an explicit electro-house track (the b-side to “Wash It”), became – and remains one of Aaron’s biggest records to date.


Gary Martin

Teknotika Records | House/Techno, Detroit

Gary Martin started Teknotika Records in Detroit in 1993 after 10 years of band projects that involved many categories of music from glam rock, neo-romantic 80's pop, to internationally known lounge act "Punch & Kitty". By 1996 he had already released 20 12"s and began to D.J. and perform live internationally to overwhelming enthusiastic crowds. Some of the notable shows were; the Electrogiai Festival in Spain of 05, Plastic Part 1 at the Botafar in Paris 05, the Basement Traxx party at the Rex Club in Paris 2001 (after selling out 100 copies of "Pimping People in High Places" in a few hours), England's famous Tribal Gathering Festival in 1997,The Liquid Room in Tokyo, the closing party of Tresor in Berlin, 3 times at Hart Plaza in Detroit's electronic music festivals, and several local live shows & parties & promotional events. In the 2001 Detroit Music Awards Mr. Martin was a nominee for Best Electronic DJ Performance.


Detroit's Own DJ Surgeon

Cratesavers | Electro / Detroit


Ben Wu

Bang Tech 12 | Techno / Indiana


T. Linder

Detroit Techno Militia | Techno / Detroit



Subject Detroit, Culture Dispatch | Techno, House / Detroit


E. Dubb & The Deaken

Wallshaker Music | Tech House , House / Detroit, Tuscon



Creative Source | Drum & Bass / Detroit


Jeff Comer

House / Detroit

DJ Katalist

Bang Tech 12 | House / Detroit


Kenneth Jeffrey

Drum & Bass / Detroit


plus a very special live performance


Wallshaker Music | Soulful House / Detroit




An intoxicating mix of House, Techno, Electro and Drum &
Bass. A movement to reclaim the TRUE spirit of Electronic Dance Music.


The Detroit Pub (Downtown Detroit)
1326 Brush St. at Gratiot Ave
(across from the Hilton Garden Inn)

Detroit, MI 48226
$15 before midnight, $20 after.

18 to enter, 21 + to drink.



$12 USD

*with purchase of this ticket only includes entry to event!

Name of Ticketholder

Pre-Sale Ticket Holders

**Be Sure To Present Your ID The Day Of Event TO COMFIRM PURCHASE


$17 USD

*with purchase of this ticket also includes exclusive (Compilation CD)!

Name of Ticketholder

Pre-Sale Ticket Holders

**Be Sure To Present Your ID The Day Of Event TO COMFIRM PURCHASE


Presented by

Wallshaker Music,
in association with

Detroit Techno Militia
Bang Tech 12
Culture Dispatch
Montaj Enterprises

Profound Sounds Detroit