Friday, August 18, 2006

Eve of 33

Goodbye 32…  This year, what did I do?

This past year of my life has been nothing short of eventful…  I’ve grown so much, in so many ways.  I released DETREVOLUTION, which is probably the best collection of work I’ve ever finished.  Thank God my mother got to hear it, and love it, before she died.  

I’ve traveled to different countries, got to make new friends.  I’ve reached people all over the world with my music – which makes me feel SO GOOD!  I’ve discovered that there IS life after pain…  There IS life after heartache.  I’ve discovered my inner beauty.  I’ve learned to accept the things I truly can’t change.  

I’ve learned to stand up for myself.  I’ve learned not to let society keep me down.  I’ve learned that my sexuality is NOT a curse, but a blessing – and even so, it is only one of MANY definitions of me.  

I took some time and read my blog from its beginning – which was roughly this time last year.  I SEE how much I’ve grown.  I SEE all the pain that I’ve gone through.  I’ve SEEN the disappointments, the questions, the JOYS, the laughter…  I even saw the promise I made to myself about losing 100 pounds…  Well, that didn’t happen.  HOWEVER…  I’ve discovered that I don’t have to be lazy.  (I admit, I was…)  I understand that it’s not EASY to become “back to my old skinny self…”  This shit’s gonna take WORK…  and PERSISTANCE…  And I can’t just stop after 1 week of a good diet – I drove myself crazy every time I denied myself some food…  No carbs?  Forget it.  NO MEAT?  OH NO, honey…  forget about it.

Although I will say that I’ve discovered that when I eat HEALTHIER foods, like salads, etc…  It’s not so bad.  I’ve eaten enough junk in my lifetime.  I can start doing my body good.

33 is coming fast – only HOURS away…  and I’m not gonna get that “midnight phone call” from Mommy, wishing me a happy birthday – but I got through Christmas, New Year’s, MOTHER’S day (thank you Jesus) – I’m praying for the strength to get through this as well…

With everything being said, I’m ending this blog tonight with this:  To those of you who take time to actually read this blog…  To those of you who have left comments or sent me e-mails, or phone calls…  I appreciate you.  I THANK you.  Thank you for sharing your time with me.  

Let us continue to inspire each other this year.

I respect, appreciate, cherish, and am thankful for you all…


Thursday, August 10, 2006

So Excited


I am so excited about this, I could just scream…  

“SKY: The Silver Lining Remixes” will be released digitally in two special editions…  The DETROIT DIGITAL VINYL edition and the WALLSHAKER ONLINE edition.  Each edition has its own exclusive bonus track.  Mind you, this is in ADDITION to the actual vinyl release, which will come sometime shortly after these are made available online.  By the way, did I mention that the online editions will be available on my birthday, Saturday, August 19th?  

Right now, everything’s happening behind the scenes.  I was supposed to keep quiet about it, but I CAN’T!!!  I’m too excited…  Especially about the bonus tracks!  Samples are on the way – I just couldn’t hold it in any longer.  I had to tell somebody…

Speaking of DDV…  I’ve decided to climb aboard.  I met with them yesterday, did an interview which will be made into a podcast…  I even saw “you know who…”  Although he spoke to everyone around, EXCEPT me…  I replied “you could at LEAST say HI to me, before you leave!”  He just gave me the most god-awful, evil look you could imagine…  It was like he hated me.  Why is that?  

On any other day, I would’ve let that bother me.  But yesterday, no…  I couldn’t.  I was feeling TOO happy about this new single coming out.  It’s going to be a huge success, I can feel it in my bones.  

Well, more news to come soon.  Everything’s coming together so quickly…  My birthday party is gonna be FABULOUS…  There’s the radio interviews, the DJ gigs, the new singles…  Now if ONLY I could have great sex.  But maybe that’s asking a bit too much?  LOL!!!  

Ahhh, love 2 love u, baby!!!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

On the Radio

...Because I just wanted you to know...

Monday - Aug 14th, 2006,

Aaron-Carl and Trench guest on the Next Level Radio show on 89.3 fm from 11:30pm to 1:30 am (EST).

You can stream live from the web here:

Call in at 1-800-585-4322 Ext.9676 to give them some shout outs... Who knows, you might end up live on the radio too!

PS: you KNOW I'll be playing some new, unreleased SURPRISE tracks during this show, don't you? Y'all should check it out -- via radio or the net. I can't wait...