Monday, September 29, 2008

The W.A.R.M.T.H. Sessions

This Friday, it's ON... I'm ready. is the new site -- there's still plenty to work to be done, BUT you're now able to sign up & register... Get ready for some real Detroit LOVE!

Friday Oct 3, 7PM - 9PM EST. The Live Chat room is all set up. The phone line is set up. Definitely call us and send a shout-out. I'll be playing your messages on the air! My first guest DJ mix is from ANDREW RED HAND -- a Romanaian DJ who LIVES for the Detroit Resistance. He's already gotten lots of love and respect from UR -- be prepared for something fierce, y'all!!!

Also in the works, are the D.E.M.H. Stories... (Detroit's Electronic Music Heroes) Every month we'll feature a new tribute to those who made Detroit Techno & House what it is today. (And trust me, it's NOT the same ol' fodder about the "obvious few...")

This is a labor of love and respect for the REAL heroes of MY music, in MY hometown -- my heritage, my blood... For those who know, AND for those who NEED TO BE EDUCATED.

See u there... Hugs!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hey there:

I wanted to keep you all informed about the latest records to come from my label, Wallshaker Music. Feel free to check the sound samples on the MySpace page. Add to it, leave comments, and definitely SPREAD THE WORD. Detroit House is STILL on the map, thank you!


Aaron-Carl "If There is a Heaven" REMIXES, VOL. 1
Mixes by Soul Deep Collective, Daniel Kyo and LaNoiraude take this deep, soulful gem to another level!

OCTOBER 3, 2008:

Backspin Musiq presents "Future Soul Sessions, Vol. 2"

featuring the sought-after vocal house mix of "Good Thang" by IMPROMP2.


Soul Deep Collective "Release Me" Remixes
Australian Housemakers Soul Deep Collective get the international remix treatment, featuring mixes by Aaron-Carl and Daniel Kyo. Not to be missed!!!

Vinyl Distributed worldwide by CYBER PRODUCTION, FRANCE.
Digital Catalogue available on BEATPORT, JUNO DOWNLOAD and other fine shops.

Feel free to rate and comment on the sound samples in the MySpace player. Thanks for the continued support. Spread the word, and keep on DANCING!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

See AC's Crib in this week's Metro Times

Have you seen this week's Metro Times? Check out the Motor City Cribs section... Or better yet, just visit here.

...Ms. Pac Man, anyone? :-)


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Heaven Remixes, and Other Experiences...

So you know by now, today's the day. "If There Is A Heaven" Remixes, Vol. 1 is officially released TODAY -- at least on Beatport, yes? You know the routine... Other sites will also have it shortly, but yes... It's OUT. I can breathe. YAY!!! Now you can have the remixes that I play on my radio show. (without me screaming all the way through them... lol)

Speaking of radio show... I've started to record the shows again, for those folks who missed it last Friday. It was actually a VERY GOOD show. Pirahnahead sent me a fabulous track that he wrote as a tribute to (our next President) Obama. I debuted the upcoming "Release Me" remix for Soul Deep Collective -- and OMG, my BABY stopped by to visit me. Wanna download the show? If you'd like 2 hear some new tunes and get a few laughs, be my guest. :-)

Before I continue, speaking of baby... :-) GARY MARTIN'S BIRTHDAY IS TODAY!!! Visit his myspace page. Show him some love. He definitely deserves it...

Now, about this radio show... This Friday is my LAST Aaron-Carl Experience. Oh, don't worry... I will STILL continue the radio show, but I wanted to give you a different experience... The show will continue on October 3rd, and its new title is: The WARMTH Sessions... (Yes, W.A.R.M.T.H.!) There will be a live chat room, polls, downloads of course, guest DJs/mixes, and lots of hot topics to discuss. (Yes, I knew about this before, but I couldn't say anything just yet!)

Watch out for the new website coming in the meantime, solely dedicated to this radio show & label -- did I say LABEL? Yes... W.A.R.M.T.H. is officially being launched as a sub-label coming January 2009. (I'm sure you already know what the first release is, don't you?) More on that later. I'm gonna go grab some tea. I NEED it today; y'all know how Michigan weather is.

PS: Mike Banks, thank you for yesterday's experience. You've reminded me why I continue to admire and respect you so much... (The rest of y'all will find out later... heheheheh)

P.P.S: And YES, I want y'all to call my number. 313-263-4801. No, it's not a contest... Yes, it rings my phone... And YES, it's a cool way for my fans (and friends) to keep up with me -- and for ME to keep up with y'all... Beware though... I might just call u back sometime! (MUAH!)


Monday, September 08, 2008

A Question of Bookings...

A Question of Bookings...

The scene is NOT dying. This I know for sure...

I'm sitting here, frustrated at the cancellation of my upcoming gigs in Ireland. My booking agent said something to me last night, that resonates in my mind right now. "Why is it so hard to get bookings for you?" Basically, I am wondering the same thing. Mind you, I understand that this scene (especially the Detroit scene) is pretty small. HOWEVER, considering that I AM a damn good artist/producer/dj, I'm confused.

Why am I still @ home, unable to get booked for shows? There's a certain group of people who are in Detroit -- some who haven't had a new record out in AGES (and if they did, it really wasn't good, if I say so myself) -- who are constantly on tour. I refuse to believe that the audiences in Japan, Ireland, Italy, etc. are so blind, that they limit the Detroit sound to these same few artists...

And while I respect their craft, I can't help but wonder... Damn. Are THEY the only motherfuckers in Detroit doing their thing??? I'm putting GOOD records out, consistently... I'm one of the most sought after remixers in this damn city. And as far as I know, I'm doing everything right. Now you mean to tell me, even with TWO booking agents, I'm STILL getting passed over, for the likes of --- well, y'all know who I'm talking about...

And on a personal note, I understand that gas prices are expensive... It's hard to get booked overseas without a flight share, I understand as well... But I know for a fact that I don't charge NEARLY as high of a fee as some of these OTHER folks -- what gives? I work so hard, and for what? To get ignored by promoters because they're stuck in a fucking time warp? Their vision is so narrow, they can't see past ---- OOOH, I won't name the names..

I'm trying not to take this personally. Those who've been to my shows, know I put on one helluva show... And I'm trying NOT to sound like I'm ranting... But shit. This is pretty frustrating!

In the meantime, I'm gonna continue doing my thing. Keep on making records, remixes, and doing what I can... I don't feel like a failure by any means. In fact, I feel quite fucking successful! But when I'm sitting at home, watching these same ol' folks travel the world (like I need to be doing), it makes me wonder what it's all for... Why even bother?