Thursday, December 08, 2005


Right now, I have an urge to meet Wendy and Lisa.  Back in the day, I was totally obsessed with Prince.  Those melodies, those grooves…  Today, I’ve discovered that while Prince is STILL the man, Wendy and Lisa are on another level altogether.  Those two beautiful women deserve so much respect.  The unsung heroines…  The REAL driving force behind the Revolution… If I had the chance to work with Wendy and Lisa – in any capacity – it would be a total dream come true.  

Life at home has been pretty strange… I’ve been observing the behavior of my so-called “friends,” and I’ve discovered some pretty disturbing things.  You see, when you’re flying high, it seems like the whole world wants to fly with you.  But when you’re low, everyone seems to disappear.  Should I let that depress me?  Nah…  I’m better than that.  But it still hurts sometimes…  

Lord, it’s time to make some more money!  I don’t have any gigs planned for the rest of this year, so I’m relying solely on the strength of my record sales right now.  A while ago, I sold completely out of the Detrevolution album, which is WONDERFUL…  Now it’s time to re-press more.  Now I am waiting for the distributors to pay me, so I can cycle that money back into pressing more records – oh, what a crazy circle…  But this is the business – and while I’ve always dreamed of being successful in this business, I sometimes scream at the amount of hard work involved.  

But I shall not complain…  Life is short.  Life is fragile, and can end unexpectedly at any moment.  I’ve been thinking about moving to Europe.  Or at least someplace warm… Why the hell not?  There’s really nothing keeping me in Detroit anymore.  My mother’s gone.  My father’s gone.  While my family is still here, I just don’t see why I NEED to stay here anymore…  In other words, nothing’s really holding me back.  Mind you, I just bought my house this year.  I LOVE my house…  But I’ll sell this bitch in a heartbeat, if it means I can go somewhere else and be happy.  But that’s the killer question right there…  Where would I be happy?  How would European life be better for me?  Besides the fact that most of my fan base is in Europe – I could move there, like Madonna, and become a super-celebrity…  What am I afraid of?  I’ll ALWAYS be from DETROIT…  No matter where I live…  I will still be born and raised in Detroit.  

That’s it for now…  I seriously need to prepare for something big…  Something better…  We’ll see what happens…


PS:  That new Madonna album is cute…  I expected a little bit more, but it’s cute…


Saturn said...

I say go for it, especially if you've never lived in Europe before. Like you said, why not? You're always flying over there for gigs anyway, right? You're absolutely right that life is too short not to live it to the fullest and embrace change if that's what you desire.

And I'm with U on Madonna's album ... I was let down at first, but it's grown on me and I must say the melodies are infectious. But I'm still SLAMMING Detrevolution, babeee!!

stacy said... ya know ifn I had known where ya was Idda hung tight, high or low, I love ya no matter what babes...ur groovy even at your lowest, promise...anyways I am SO glad I found you now and I promise no matter what we'll keep in touch....jus ifn you move to Europe, let me know so I can stil keep in b4 ya go, if ya gotta come see me in my new tattoo studio Imma workin at openin, hopefully by February, I'll keep ya up on that...holla babe, stacy

Anonymous said...


Laurent Chambon said...

Hey baby,
As I told you already: move your ass here! Make a French cover and become the new exotic queen of pop.
I've had some propositions for a house here in Amsterdam, and maybe a place in Paris, please contact me!

T. Fixx said...

U just touched on so many thangz, I dunno where to begin. Hmmm first off lets start with my girls, W&L. I damn near worship the ground that they "play" on. I've been in love with them from the first album and ever since I knew "the truth". They were Prince & the Revolution and that's why he don't/can't sound that same way ever again. I'd give most anything to work with them and when I blows up I want to tour with them in my band, as well as have them perform some of their own jams LIVE! A W&L, T.Fixx concert don't sound like a bad idea at all.

Now for folks disappearing on you, I don't necessarily think that's the case. As life so has it, when you're down in the dumps doesn't mean that life lets up on others just to be able to be there for you like you need them to be. I can only speak for myself right now because I know that I wanted to be on the first plane out of here to just be with you and comfort you since the family tragedy, but life has had its knee on my neck and ain't tryin' to let up. I am greatful for having a job(s), fam and friends. But a brotha has been running, working and taking care of folks left and right. However, I DO have some clear weekends next month and I plan to start my new years off right, with plenty of travel. Orlando, Boston and YES, Detroit!!! And i'm bringin' my hair rollers and my chill out clothes cuz that's what you said that you need and want to do. ;-) So count on that. We'll make up for lost time.

Now as for moving, baby DO IT!!! You've seem to have outgrown Detroit, anywho. Live is about the adventure and its about time to move on to the next part of your journey. If you move to Europe, i'd be highly jealous. I'm still trying to get over there. Everyone keeps telling me to get my ass over there and something within me says that's where I should be anyway, but I don't even know where to begin. I do know they appreciate DJ's and Music over there and I'm dying to cut loose over there but that's another story.

Now onto madonna....i'm glad somebody FINALLY called her album for what it is....."O" muthafuckin' "K". Sure it's Madonna and all but I expected A LOT more from her than that CD delivers. That album I might expect from britney's first attempt at a club album not an old school pro. I can honestly say the DETREVOLUTION is much hotter. Speaking of which, I need to buy me a copy cuz I only have the zip file and I can't play it in the clubs in that form. Gotta run. Luv U Lots,


Lewis de Janeiro said...

AC ... would moving to Europe be THE thing for you right now? Personally I think you could do so much better. Not only would it be a step in the right direction for yourself, I think your kids would benefit from it too. Of course you need to think things over but sitting home thinking and moaning about perhaps/should I/could I ... does not help you any further. Sometimes you need to take the bull by the "X" and see where it'll take ya! Easier said than done, true. Is Amsterdam an option?