Friday, March 31, 2006

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Hey there. I am writing this blog in-between tour dates. Tomorrow night is my show in Darmstadt, Germany -- which is an absolutelz BEAUTIFUL place, I might add... Vienna was magical, as always... This Sunday, it's back home to Detroit for me. That's when the REAL fun starts!!!

Why, you ask? Because although I haven't made the formal announcement yet, but guess who just got their very own club space? Oh yes, I sure did! The grand opening is May 6th, and I plan to rock the damn house, every Saturday night, afterhours, till 6 a.m.. The flyers will be more like INVITATIONS, as I am not promoting the club itself, but the parties WITHIN the club. Why? Because it's all about the music. If DJ Ken Collier were still alive, his club would be just like this one...

But more on that later. Right now, since TIM (Mariah) got on my case about not writing in the blog, I guess I better start giving up some details. Mind you, right now I am on a European keyboard with a dial-up connection... YIKES! But since you asked, I'll give you some highlights...

Show number one @ Reigen, Vienna, Austria... Pure magic. During my DJ set, you KNOW I had to grab the mic and sing some tunes... In fact, the crowd went crayz when I sung DOWN (I know, I know, but I had to do it...=, then broke off into HATEFUL... This was the first REAL performance since my mother's death, so I was quite emotional when I sang GHETTO LIFE, and SKY. In fact, I sang SKY twice that night, because they asked for it!

Another BIG moment of the night was after my show, I played Crucified -- sorry, no acapella this time. I caught a damn cold on the way to Vienna, and I was NOT trying to fuck up on stage like that... LOL! But nonetheless, I played the original version of Crucified -- an anthem among these folks. And then it hit me... I had to make this moment the BEST possible moment of my life, so here's what I did.

When the record was over, I addressed the crowd. The CRUCIFIED 12-inch I had in my hands was actually the FIRST ORIGINAL WHITE LABEL copy off the press. It belonged to my mother, who proudly signed her name "Pat's Copy" and the date 8-29-96 -- the day that record came out. Mommy loved having the first copies of my records -- she was so proud... So anyway, I told this to the audience, and noticed a girl standing right in front. I thought, SHE would really appreciate this, so I gave her the record. It was such an emotional moment for me, when I finished my show, I rushed backstage and cried my eyes out. I was happy, sad and thankful all at the same time.

I also found my mother's original white label copy of WASH IT with DOWN on the B-side, which came out the same day as CRUCIFIED... And in Mommy's usual form, it says "Pat's Copy" and the date... I will NEVER part with THIS record!!!


At first I was afraid of what might happen, as this was primarily a ROCK club in a small mountain town. I'm used to performing in big cities, but THIS place was just the opposite. Well, my worries were for nothing... The show was OUTRAGEOUS! From the moment I stepped on stage, the crowd shouted, danced, and loved every second. In fact, I think I enjoyed THIS set much better... I played better -- doing tricks with the turntables that had everyone hollering... It was so weird! I guess it was one of those moments... I knew every beat to every record, and I worked the fuck out of each tune -- dangerously fun... Later, someone in the crowd shouted "SING TO US!" When I heard that, I addressed the crowd, to which I received a thunderous reply. They REALLY DID want me to SING for them!!! So, of course I did. Of course, they loved it. And of course, I LOVED IT AS WELL!!!

Now comes the show in Darmstadt, Germany... It's tomorrow night, and I'm using this opportunity just to chill... No stress, no drama, no work, no nothing... But then again, here I am on the Internet. Go figure. LOL!!!

DETREVOLUTION is still selling, and that's wonderful news. I gave out lots of test pressings for the CHERRY JUICE RECORDINGS label, which is also a good thing. People here seem quite interested -- what the fuck is up with the distributors??? But that's another story.

When I return to Detroit, I will post pictures, sound clips, blah blah blah. No worries. Y'all will get to see what I've been doing.

In the meantime, have fun... I'll chat more soon.


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deteklover said...

Hey there !
i hope u enjoyed your european trip, waiting for u during all the past week on the chat but nobody came sniff.
i hope chatin' again very soon.
i miss u