Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Pace

So, the pace picks up… The real fun begins… I’ve been waiting for this moment for quite some time now. Which moment is this, you ask? The new record releases on my label, Wallshaker Music. Don’t ask me how, but everything just seems to have fallen into place. (An orchestration by God?) Wallshaker #7 – The TODD JOSEPH Project – is finally online, and available for sale. Tomorrow morning, I’ll have the finished vinyl in my hands. But that’s just the beginning… Wallshaker 8 and 9 are all set for mastering, and these records are GOOD… Do you hear me? I mean, GOOD!!!!!

And right now, I’m working on a record for a new singer I recently met named Veronique. OH MAN, her voice is a gift from God. I sat here with her in my studio the other day, and I cried when I heard her voice. To be such a little woman, her voice is HUGE. I have a feeling that when I asked God to answer my prayers, he sent Veronique to me. I swear, the song virtually wrote itself. And when it’s all recorded, I predict that it’ll be Wallshaker’s BIGGEST seller. Rather ironic, since it’s not ME, but hey… I produced it, so that’s good enough. I won’t complain.

HOWEVER, I WILL complain about this damn DEMF festival coming up this year. You know, the first lineup is already posted online… And NO, I’m not in it. They didn’t ask me last year… I hope they don’t snub me again THIS year. And if they do, I’m seriously considering leaving Detroit. Fuck this shit. I don’t need it.

Maybe I should just stick to the positives here… Wallshaker’s releasing more records this year than ever before. That means a wonderful presence in the industry… The label is more diverse than it has ever been. And although the year’s just beginning, I’m already off to a great start. Yay! I’ll write more soon.. Trench is on his way over here to work on Reason with me.

Love, love, love…


matt said...

Can't wait to hear these. Thanks for the wonderful

Laurent Chambon said...

very curious. can you contact lewis very soon?

Adam said...

Yea WTF Aaron?

Are you not minimal enough for Paxacrass?

That's bullshit.

Let's leave Detroit together :)