Thursday, July 31, 2008

My latest remix reviews on KOMPAKT

The first installment of Justus Köhncke's "Safe and Sound" Remixes contains a hot remix of "$26" by Aaron-Carl.  Resident Advisor gives it a rave review!
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Well, this is a very pleasantly unexpected surprise, Aaron Carl turning up on Kompakt?! Assigned to a remix mission of Justus Kohncke's 'Safe and Sound' album from earlier in the year, Carl lends his magic touch to '$26' and comes out with an absolute blinder, charging up a body working tougher house version with madly effective upbuilding vibes and proper Detroit flavour. Robert Babicz's remix of 'Yacht' on the flip unfortunately just seems totally tame and inefficient compared to Aaron Carl's remix, so it's really just a one track pony this 12", but that track's a proper killer!

...and from

May we have your attention, please? it won't take long... we'd only like to make you aware of this new justus köhncke 12" which in fact is a remix record following his highly acclaimed „safe and sound" album. mr köhncke himself chose the remixers and this is what he reeled in: the a-side features the dark room-ish „$26" which - in its original version - already is a tribute to motor city. so justus managed to get one of detroit's most remarkable artists on the job: aaron carl. since his groundbreaking metroplex release „down" in 1998 he never disappointed us with his trademark deep and dirty sound. his „$26" is an authentic piece of tearjerking detroit house. we love it! the flipside belongs to heavyweight champion robert babicz. his track of choice is the bacchanal hommage to grace jones' immortal „slave to the rhythm". surprisingly, his superb remix rather reminds us of another stellar moment in pop music that is michael jackson's „thriller". but hey, of course not a beep got sampled here. you might call us many things - but we're no thieves!

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