Saturday, February 14, 2009

Aaron-Carl & Dyed Soundorom NUMBER ONE on Beatport's Deep House Charts!

"Naked," released by Dyed Soundorom feat. Aaron-Carl reaches number one on Beatport's Deep House Charts -- and apparently has BEEN there for a week now!

Imagine my surprise when I received the news from DS this morning. I was literally laying in bed, on my cell phone, IN SHOCK! I had to rush to a computer and see for myself... I told DS, "hurry... let me get to a computer QUICKLY before they change their minds!" LOL!

So I went to Beatport and checked it out for myself... Yep. Number one. I'm a damn happy man! Number one on the Top Deep House Downloads, and number 35 on the Top 100 OVERALL downloads -- you know I had to check, right? heheheheh...

Wow. Thank you all for the support, for real! And to Dyed Soundorom, who told me my voice was "amazing," thank YOU for this record. This is only the beginning, y'all...

Big hugs and LOTS and LOTS of love...

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Wimpie said...


just found the naked-song on Beatport. What a tune! Should stay there for a while :)

Thx for the moments of joy. So far, and yet to come!

Wimpie, Belgium