Monday, May 25, 2009

The Official 3 Days of House Finale -- My Experience

Of course, this would be the night I forgot to recharge my camera batteries... Lord knows I need an ASSISTANT!!! :-)

Out of all three nights, I believe this night was the most magical. Our entire OMNI94 camp was in the house (minus Tank, but he was there in spirit). Ms. Stephanie Cooke was there, and she sang two beautiful songs. It was mesmerizing watching her sing -- especially after the showstopping performance SHE had to follow... (snap! mmmkay?)

There's just something about House Music that I LOVE so much... No drama, no pretense. Just straight-up SOUL, and a four-to-the-floor beat that takes over your heartbeat. Chords that pierce your soul, and vocals to make you shout! OH MAN, was this party the place to be last night!

Veronique did a fabulous job singing "Love's Call," as always. It's so amazing how STRONG her voice is. And you can tell she LOVES the stage... Of course I followed up with "I Refuse," which I swear is about to be the song of the SEASON, if not the year. I'm VERY surprised (and humbled) at how well people are reacting to this song. I have to remember to stop singing so LOUD on stage, because I keep losing my voice. During the song, I had to stop singing for a second, to take a sip of someone's beer. (1.. I don't drink BEER.. but 2. I made that shit look GOOD!) And during my imfamous "What" line, you immediately hear Big Rob on the other mic screaming, "Bitches!" Oh, I loved it.

Veronique and I then sang alright. I was so in a zone, I forgot where I was for a minute... I started cursing -- OOOPS... Not on a song about the Lord! YES, honey... on a song about the Lord. I cursed. But no worries... I asked for forgiveness. No harm, no foul... Amen. :-)


Gary Martin (a.k.a. the virtual love of my life) showed up -- in fact, there were so many people who showed up to hear me sing, it was fantastic! Jess, Aaron Johnson, Timothy, Dave, Nick (whom I'd just met this weekend -- love him to death, though!), Frankie Vibe, Tasha Price -- I know y'all don't know all of these people, but I do. Either on Facebook, MySpace or in the industry... But it doesn't matter. I was just appreciative of EVERYONE who came out this weekend.

Angela Slate (Localgirl313) needs a spa day, I'm telling you... If anyone worked their ass off this weekend, it was HER. I can't thank her enough, for everything. I saw her doing it all -- from selling tickets to selling CDs, to being the "go-to" girl for everything... Oh man...

As you see, I only posted a few pictures online -- that's all I could snap before my batteries went out. But I DID see lots of flashing (cameras) in the audience, so I KNOW y'all got pictures. I made sure I had plenty of hair gel in my head, so there should be NO MORE "Sonic the hedgehog" pictures again, like before.. LOL!

Now I need to REST... Yes, Lord. REST! That's my goal for today. Eating bananas, drinking Spiced Apple Cider, and RESTING... Oh, and checking with Angie to see how many of y'all bought my CDs. I meant what I said, y'all!! If you can't support the artist, the artist can't create... Remember this! :-)

Oh... and a BIG thanks to Quentin Harris for taking time to remix "I Refuse" for me. Baby, people LOVE your version, u hear me? Almost as much as they love MINE! hehehehehe... (I love u, Q.)

Smiles and big hugs. I feel energized. Talk more soon...


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