Thursday, August 12, 2010

Countdowns & Reflections...

AUGUST 19, 2010. My birthday. Another year on earth. Something I am indeed grateful for...

I will have survived another year of ups and downs, blessings and disappointments, confusion and clarity. On this day, I will have officially outlived my father, who was killed in Detroit's Cass Corridor at the age of 36.

It will be the start of my own "mirror year." My two-digit birthyear (which is 73) reversed, will be my age -- 37. Yes, I pay attention to these things! (There seems to be a strange mystery to numbers. Take for example, the number 23. My mother was 23 years old when she had me. Flip the numbers in reverse, and you'll have 32 -- which is how old I was when she died.)

Here's something else what I've always paid attention to, now that I think about it... My mother had 4 children -- In order of our birth, there's Angie, me, Melva and David. Angie was born on Saturday. I was born on Sunday. Melva was born on Monday. David was born on Tuesday. Strange, eh? But these are things most people would never notice -- I just can't help it.

Next Friday, (August 20) I have a party coming up. I'm looking forward to this party for a few reasons. It's more than just a birthday celebration for me. It's a chance for me to show some real love to the people around me. Ironically, I'm sitting here right now, wondering who's even gonna show up. Sounds crazy, no? I'm dead serious. And while it's easy for some to mistake this as a rant, please know that it's far from it. My eyes are open and I'm able to see things around me that I used to be oblivious to.

In fact, instead of naming my party REVOLUTION, I should've named it PARADOX. Why, you ask? Because by definition, paradox means "an opinion or statement contrary to commonly accepted opinion." I've noticed many different paradoxes in my life this year alone... And whoever said I was "arrogant," obviously doesn't really know me at all. Those who know me, know I'm one of the most kind and giving people you could ever meet. But instead of bashing the "haters," I'll simply love the "lovers." I plan to do just that at my party.

Y'all should really see what we have in store -- and YES, I said WE... But I won't give away the surprises just yet. Just know that it's gonna be quite nice...

So the countdown continues... I can't wait. <3 <3 <3

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