Tuesday, June 13, 2006

For Your Ears Only

Well, I told you I'd let you hear some of what I was doing, didn't I? Alright, here goes...

1. Beautiful (unreleased as of now, but possibly for a new AC album?)
2. Betta Not (also unreleased -- can u believe I wrote and recorded BOTH these songs in the same day?!)
3. Detsitti Theme Song (1 of a couple versions -- there's also a House mix, which I adore -- but this one should be the one they use in their advertising...)
4. ICAN - Tribute to Cesar Chavez (AC Mix) (coming out this summer...)

Feel free to comment and such...


Augustus. said...

Wow. Everything sounds so good but your mix of a tribute to Cesar Chavez is awesome. You've come aloooong way since your earlier stuff but that soul is still there. I know your going to sell a ton of records. :)

Aaron-Carl said...

Hey thurr... I'm grateful that you're listening! Thanks for the luv. That Cesar Chavez track IS a hot one, and I was kinda hoping it would be a Wallshaker release -- but as luck would have it, S2 (Santiago) already has plans for it. But hay, at least it's coming out this summer, so y'all can enjoy it. THAT makes me happy!


produzentin said...

ohhhh wow! beautiful gave me goose bumps, it is sooo good. and I love betta not.
when can I hold your hand again, my love?

Saturn said...

Lovin' it, especially Betta Not! Can't wait 2 hear more, hot stuff!

Aaron-Carl said...

See? I knew YOU (Saturn) and TORI would flip the hell out when y'all heard "Betta Not..." I just did. Just face it... You love me when I'm bitchy. HAHAAHAH!!

I miss y'all!

Laurent Chambon said...

Oh là là, I just love it love it love it. "Betta Not" is so Prince, but with that xtra AC touch! Wow!