Monday, July 31, 2006


How do you feel about me?
Truly think about your answer, and let me know.
...because I'm curious.



Augustus. said...

I think your pretty awesome. I love how your life comes out in your music. It's real personal and that connects you to the people that listen to your music. I could drop a AC track in a set 10 years from now and get hands up. I also think you work very hard and thats pretty cool. Most people in your position would just sit on the laurels of past tracks. Your always doing something cool. You give me hope that I can make it someday in music if I keep working hard. Thats how feel aboutcha. :)

steefaan said...

I think I love your music and I love you !!!! I miss You!!!

Laurent Chambon said...

well, i feel that we should chat with and call each other more often. I feel love, admiration, impatience (to visit you again, to get you to visit us, to hear your next song, to hear about the last events...), worry sometimes (you know how much of a drama queen i can be sometimes). i feel that you think i'm weird. i am, i know, that's not the question. i feel a lot of things...
why this question anyway? working on the "my name is aycee" album and you need feedback?
miss u

Anonymous said...

I don't think you need to worry about this. It's not good to dwell on people's thoughts. Listen to me talking about this when I do it too.