Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

I feel so guilty... I have been so busy doing "some of everything," I had no time to update the blog. But I promise I'm still here, y'all. I didn't go anywhere. :-)

In fact, I haven't been overseas in a little while -- I'm starting to MISS the traveling! I've been doing lots of shows here in Detroit, however... I admit it's kinda nice to drive to and from my gigs, as opposed to taking planes.

Tomorrow (tonight) I have another gig --a NYE set. I can't wait to make this happen... 2007 should be a much more promising year for me, although I feel like I've been blessed quite a bit this year. I won't recap -- I'll let you backtrack and do that... But thank you all for checking up on me. For those of you who called me, thank you. It was nice to speak to you!!! For all you Myspacers out there, thanks for checking out my tracks and leaving me those nice comments. I DO hope to see more of you in the upcoming year...

So what to expect from AC in 2007??

For starters, WALLSHAKER is getting a much needed boost. I'll be releasing more records on my label, and hopefully they'll be a lot easier to find. I'll revamp the website, etc... Remember folks, this is a LOT of work! I love it, but yes, it is MUCH WORK.

I even plan to have my new album finished for release this summer... If I have my way, I'll have a MAY release date -- we'll see what happens.

Long story short, I'm doing my best to stay "out there..." You'll see my name, face and music a lot more this year. And OF COURSE, I will take time out of my busy life to write in this blog. I didn't realize that so many people were reading it...

Thank you for 2006, and I look forward to 2007...
Love Always,

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