Sunday, November 18, 2007

Christophe Tomasi, R.I.P.

This morning, I received the news. My friend, and Cratesavers partner, Christophe Tomasi, committed suicide this past Thursday, November 15, 2007. I will miss him a lot.

Not only was he my friend, but he was a great friend to a LOT of Detroit artists and producers. He loved Detroit music with all his heart. His presence will certainly be missed. May his soul rest in peace.



Fabrice Dayan said...

Christophe Tomasi passed away on Thursday November 15th.

Christophe was a talented DJ, and a friend.
For his memory.

I met Christophe in the early 90's, when I arrived in Paris. I met him when I was working at the Vibe Station record store in Paris. We become friends very quick. I remember him as one who was deeply and truely interested and involved in electronic music. And Mostly in Detroit Music.... He loved its soul and essence.
I mean, not only did he love it but he understood it. He was a soulful person that really FELT Detroit music.....he really did. Most any DJ in the world would is a part of our IS our life. And the soundtrack to Christophes life was Detroit Techno.

Last time i saw him was years ago. He quit his comfortable dayjob to be involved in serious ways to help change the world. I remember him talking to me about a project he was working on that was to furnish in Africa with old computers that big companies were getting rid of.

Yes, he was smart that way.
But that's the way it is, the best always seem leave us first....the good die young.

I can't accept it and I can't explain or understand why he left us. But who am I to judge this, we all must live with it now. All I can think about now, maybe to comfort me, is that he is now with Larry Levan, Ron Hardy, Marvin and all his fathers and mentors he loved so much.

Everytime I hear a System 7 Track, UR, Metroplex or Axis ... I will think about him.

We all love you, we miss you. Hope you'll find now the quiet place you deserve. See you Later Chris. Rest In Peace my Friend.

Fabrice Dayan

Anonymous said...

christophe était mon cousin... je ne l'oublierais jamais maintenant il repose en paix au fond de la mère là où il aimait tant se ressourcer chez lui en corse... mon cousin je t'embrasse fort

danielle said...

What a shock to read the news on the internet...I can't accept and understand either why you left us...but i hope as well that you found your peace.
I'm so glad i spoke to you last october..not knowing..anyway...My beloved and inspiring'll be in my heart!
Pour moi, Paris ne sera plus Paris sans toi!

Danielle, Amsterdam

Anonymous said...

mon cousin tu nous manque

Anonymous said...

Tu m'as touché,j'aimais ta sensibilité et ton regard si présent.Tu me manques cher ami et voisin de la Bastille.

Irène said...

It's your birthday, but yo're not here. My heart bleeds...
You've left us a year ago but it seemes like yesterday. I miss you more than any word would ever know how to say.
You're in my heart forever.
With all my love,

Anonymous said...


It's your birthday today...36...
I love you, eternally, mon ami, mon amour, mon ame.

Anonymous said...

dear X-tof,

I miss you so much and realise even more how special u still r for me...!

p2h said...

Merci pr tt ce que tu m'as apporté, merci pr ton soutien, jamais je ne t'oublierai.