Saturday, November 17, 2007

Wallshaker, and then some...

Hello babies:

Yes, you can slap me because it's been a while. But before you get that pimp hand ready, let me give you a few updates. heheheheh...

  • "Wallshaker" -- the track, not the label, is making quite a comeback. For those who remember the FIRST release back in 1997 -- Ironically, the LAST record to ever be released on Soul City... It's been re-released on Millions of Moments, Germany. ...and to my surprise, people are really loving it!
  • "Crucified" is next to be re-released, also on Millions of Moments. I've heard a nice little remix, and I can't wait for the vinyl to hit the shelves.
  • "Hateful" is currently being re-worked by none other than Mr. Quentin Harris himself. I can't even say anymore about that, because I'm too excited. Y'all know I've been wanting to work with that man for the longest time. I also hear he's being asked to remix "Sky." I haven't heard a response yet, but I'll let you know as soon as I do.
  • "Drive (I-75)" is currently being slated for release as a single, finally!!! Detroit's B. Calloway provided a rather provocative verse... There's also another remix from yours truly. DJs have asked me about this record for a little while now, and I was waiting for "_______" -- that motherfucker knows who he is... He was the first to offer up a verse for my remix. However, he was too busy trying to get some (meow), and since I don't have a (meow), I guess I wasn't important enough. Fuck him. (But I'll be nice now...)
  • "Bittersoulfulsweet" is such a CHALLENGE to make!! I want this album to HIT people hard. Of course I'm trying new things -- new sounds, new ideas, etc. I'm even working with other producers. I'm treating this as if it's the last album I'll ever make. I want to give it my ALL - and then some.
  • "Oasis" -- I've done a vocal version, finally. Thanks to Kiko Navarro for the inspiration.
I have one thing to say... "MOODYMANN!!!" (Shhh... don't want to tell TOO MUCH too fast...)

Now, with all of this music stuff going on, you can understand why I've been so silent lately. Lots of other things are happening in my life as well... I've finally reunited with my brother David, whom I hadn't spoken to since my mother's death -- it just hit me. Mommy died EXACTLY two years ago TODAY... (Hi Mommy. I hope you're still watching me, and you already know that I miss you!!!)

Wow. I feel like I just hit a brick wall. I don't even know what else to say. I was going to write about my "friends" who haven't called... But now it doesn't even seem important. I can't get this "anniversary" out of my head. Maybe I'll try to call my sisters, to see how they're dealing with today. Today's a good day for a family dinner, don't you think? I'll try to arrange it and we'll see what happens...

Hugs and love...

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