Thursday, January 24, 2008


Bittersoulfulsweet... That's been my life lately. Bitter, Soulful and Sweet. But today, I'm BUZZING with anticipation... Every time I think I'm finished with this album, something else happens to inspire me to do better. OH MY GOD, I'm so happy right now! Khan of Finland and I did a sexy duet... it's called "Forbidden." Now, you KNEW I wasn't going to Berlin without running into my Khan!!! But yes, I've played this song nearly 100 times already.. I can't wait for y'all to hear it. It's sexy. I can't describe it any other way.

My radio show is tomorrow -- this time I won't be so nervous, and I swear I won't talk so much. LOL... I listened to the archive, and I couldn't stop laughing! "uh.. this is Aaron-Carl.. " Oh really? LOL!!!

I'm also finishing up the duet that I did with Veronique. I can't say this one is sexy.... But it IS powerful. That girl had me singing like CRAZY! But alright, I won't tease y'all. Not yet, anyway. Don't ask me what the LEAD single from the album is, because right now, I don't know it. But you know me. Tomorrow, this could all change, and everything will fall into place. And I promised myself (and the world) that Bittersoulfulsweet would be available early of 08. Well, March is a perfect time.

I must admit... Working with other producers and singers is a lot of FUN! DJ Nasty, Gerald Mitchell, Khan, Veronique -- yes, this album's gonna be hot. ...or is it bitter? soulful? sweet? (All of the above, bitches.. LOL... ) I love y'all.

Big hugs and LOTS of love..

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