Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hospital, Album, Update

I'm writing to you from my hospital bed -- thank God for wi-fi. LOL... I figured I'd write this blog to explain to everyone exactly why I'm here -- ONE TIME, y'all... so please read! heheheh...

As you know, I went to Las Vegas to shoot the video for Dan Diamond's "I Wanna Go Down." I play one of the main characters in the video -- thank God I had to lip synch -- so naturally, I was in almost every scene. The day I arrived to Vegas, I wasn't feeling TOO well -- I think I caught that cold that everyone around here was getting, Oh well... Just a little rest and I would've been alright. OH NOOOOO...

As soon as I arrived, I was taken directly to the first scene -- this scene was the HARDEST scene of the video; not to mention it was shot in the middle of an abandoned mine shaft/cave in the mountains, Talk about cold, dusty, and long hours!!! That was pure torture on my body, and I'm sure that's what sent me over the edge. The next days were a bit better, but I was still sick. I couldn't talk at all -- absolutely NO voice. No energy, no appetite, nothing, All I wanted to do was sleep -- which on my ONE day off, was exactly what I did. (I laugh today because of the noticable weight loss, but shit... at THIS expense???)

Finally, I chose to extend my trip -- I couldn't get on the plane in my current condition, so I went to the hospital there in Vegas. They diagnosed me with Acute Bronchitis. After a few breathing treatments, an inhaler, some steroids and some "wonderful" cough medicine, I was actually starting to feel better. After I arrived home finally, I discovered that I was having (what I thought was) an allergic reaction to the steroids -- I just kept getting worse! My entire airway was swollen, I couldn't eat, and I had sores on my tongue -- OUCH! So you could imagine it was hard to talk or swallow... I tried to hang in there, y'all... I did. But shit, I don't like pain. This was too much.

My friend Hank (Hanky Panky, heheheh) talked me into going to the emergency room. I'm SO GLAD I DID!!! I've been here since yesterday, but they noticed the infection and swelling, they put me in stronger medicines, and outside of the tongue sores (which are going away), I'm actually feeling a bit better! There's still more work to be done, so I'll be here until tomorrow -- hopefully I won't have to stay longer than that.

Again, Thank God for wi-fi!!! Email me, etc. I can't wait to get back out into the world...

OH... And I've also decided to delay the release of my album "Bittersoulfulsweet" until DEMF weekend. I want to make sure I have enough time to promote this record properly, and right now, it's too much for me to handle -- with my health and all... Remember, I run my OWN label, so a lot of this work, I'm doing on my own! So please bare with me... I LOVE my fans, and I KNOW y'all will love the album. I just wanna make sure it's marketed properly. After all, this IS my day job. It's something I MUST invest 1000% of my effort into.

Alright, stay in touch y'all... MUAH!


augustusoctavius said...

Feel better! I can't wait to hear your new record! :):)

matt said...

Take care and get healthy. I can't wait to hear the album. I've really been enjoying the Millions of Moments re-release of Crucified.