Monday, September 29, 2008

The W.A.R.M.T.H. Sessions

This Friday, it's ON... I'm ready. is the new site -- there's still plenty to work to be done, BUT you're now able to sign up & register... Get ready for some real Detroit LOVE!

Friday Oct 3, 7PM - 9PM EST. The Live Chat room is all set up. The phone line is set up. Definitely call us and send a shout-out. I'll be playing your messages on the air! My first guest DJ mix is from ANDREW RED HAND -- a Romanaian DJ who LIVES for the Detroit Resistance. He's already gotten lots of love and respect from UR -- be prepared for something fierce, y'all!!!

Also in the works, are the D.E.M.H. Stories... (Detroit's Electronic Music Heroes) Every month we'll feature a new tribute to those who made Detroit Techno & House what it is today. (And trust me, it's NOT the same ol' fodder about the "obvious few...")

This is a labor of love and respect for the REAL heroes of MY music, in MY hometown -- my heritage, my blood... For those who know, AND for those who NEED TO BE EDUCATED.

See u there... Hugs!

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