Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Heaven Remixes, and Other Experiences...

So you know by now, today's the day. "If There Is A Heaven" Remixes, Vol. 1 is officially released TODAY -- at least on Beatport, yes? You know the routine... Other sites will also have it shortly, but yes... It's OUT. I can breathe. YAY!!! Now you can have the remixes that I play on my radio show. (without me screaming all the way through them... lol)

Speaking of radio show... I've started to record the shows again, for those folks who missed it last Friday. It was actually a VERY GOOD show. Pirahnahead sent me a fabulous track that he wrote as a tribute to (our next President) Obama. I debuted the upcoming "Release Me" remix for Soul Deep Collective -- and OMG, my BABY stopped by to visit me. Wanna download the show? If you'd like 2 hear some new tunes and get a few laughs, be my guest. :-)

Before I continue, speaking of baby... :-) GARY MARTIN'S BIRTHDAY IS TODAY!!! Visit his myspace page. Show him some love. He definitely deserves it...

Now, about this radio show... This Friday is my LAST Aaron-Carl Experience. Oh, don't worry... I will STILL continue the radio show, but I wanted to give you a different experience... The show will continue on October 3rd, and its new title is: The WARMTH Sessions... (Yes, W.A.R.M.T.H.!) There will be a live chat room, polls, downloads of course, guest DJs/mixes, and lots of hot topics to discuss. (Yes, I knew about this before, but I couldn't say anything just yet!)

Watch out for the new website coming in the meantime, solely dedicated to this radio show & label -- did I say LABEL? Yes... W.A.R.M.T.H. is officially being launched as a sub-label coming January 2009. (I'm sure you already know what the first release is, don't you?) More on that later. I'm gonna go grab some tea. I NEED it today; y'all know how Michigan weather is.

PS: Mike Banks, thank you for yesterday's experience. You've reminded me why I continue to admire and respect you so much... (The rest of y'all will find out later... heheheheh)

P.P.S: And YES, I want y'all to call my number. 313-263-4801. No, it's not a contest... Yes, it rings my phone... And YES, it's a cool way for my fans (and friends) to keep up with me -- and for ME to keep up with y'all... Beware though... I might just call u back sometime! (MUAH!)


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