Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Victory

One of the hardest things to do is draw on our own inner strength, and truly FIGHT the battle. I've taken that first step right now. But before I continue, let me stop and say this:

I DO NOT regret writing that earlier post. As I said before, depression is REAL. It hurts. It kills... But I noticed something... When I claimed it as "MY" depression, I gave it power. Well, I'm officially taking that power BACK. I will NOT accept depression. I will NOT let it take over me...

Thank you to everyone who took time to read, FEEL, and respond to my earlier message. I wasn't really crying out for help -- not from anyone here on earth. I was crying out to God. As a result, I've been sent many signs. Some of those signs came from YOU, in a phone call, or an e-mail, or a comment -- even a prayer, or word of encouragement. Other signs came from me just being alone, sitting with my thoughts and tears. I know that through my blogs (as well as my music), I've touched somebody. I know I'm not the ONLY one who goes through what I go through. I ALSO know that some of us have it MUCH WORSE... This post, this VICTORY is for US.. it's ours. Let us claim it!

I know I leave for Europe in the next few days. I'm preparing myself -- body, mind and soul -- for the journey. I was both right AND wrong when I said earlier, "nobody gives a damn..." To everyone who prayed for me, sent me a message, called me on the phone, or even sat down with me face to face... I KNOW you care. And I appreciate it a great deal... Thank you.

Again, I have no regrets. I've been through EVERYTHING I've been through, and I'm STILL here. My revelation is this: In order for me to be the GREATEST, I have to overcome the WORST. I needed to be reminded that THIS BATTLE IS NOT MINE!!! Now is the time for me to TRULY step out on MY FAITH, and KNOW that GOD will fight my battles, and that victory IS mine.

Here's to the journey...


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