Thursday, September 21, 2006

New DJ Mix, etc

Hey there:

Folks have been asking me for a DJ mix... So alright, I made one to put online.
Hope you enjoy it, definitely!!!

As for everything else, I'm doing alright. Haven't really been speaking to too many people lately, just because I've been going thru my reconstruction phase. OOOH, people get BITCHY without carbs! LOL... So tonight, my friend Todd is coming over to bring me pizza -- YES, pizza. I'm eating pizza tonight because damnit, I deserve it. Tomorrow morning, I'll resume my "rabbit food" diet... Fruits, Vegetables, Water... Multivitamin... a protein shake here and there... No meat, no dairy, no bread...

Hmmm.. what else is there? Besides the super-sexy Malaysian DJ who seems to have taken a liking to me?

Oh yes... "SKY" -- I hope people don't sleep on this record. I'm hoping that all my real fans download it, love it and apprecite it. I'm still working on the distribution, so my records won't be so hard to find. (Just PLEASE don't make me go through "you know where..." I really don't make any money thru them...)

But anyway... I feel good today. I'll write more soon, but for now, I think I'm gonna post a downloadable link to this mix of mine -- just so you can play it at your leisure...


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star warrior said...

Always been a fan of your music, brother. Keep up the great sounds, your light & soul is definitely needed in today's world. I got a blog to, check it at:

peace and much Love to you!