Monday, June 18, 2007

Emerge - A Detroit House + Techno Alliance = Success!

To everyone who helped make EMERGE a very successful party last Saturday night, I sincerely and most humbly thank YOU!!!

The guys @ Sonic Synergy hooked up the sound for upstairs, and it was BANGIN'! You definitely gave the folks downstairs a run for our money. Timika and the Electronic Music Tour team -- I cannot thank you guys enough. The food was awesome -- those Swedish meatballs? OMG! The VIP room itself was very nice. I swear we need one of those, EVERYWHERE we go.

DJ Seoul: Even with that big-ass monitor blaring in your ear, you managed to pull off a very nice set. Thank you for sticking around and helping to spread the love. (I saw you out there dancing during Veronique's live set!)

Jeff Comer -- I'm just glad you were THERE, even though you didn't have to play much. Still your presence was much appreciated.

DJ E. Dubb and Chris (Deaken): Y'all tore that shit up. You guys made me proud. (Wallshaker in the HOUSE!)

Benji Hayes and Jay Langa -- WHO was that girl standing in front of the DJ booth, dancing with her boobs out? You two were like Beavis and Butthead: "he he heheh.. Bewbs!!" But you rocked out, and I'm GLAD you got to see how your performance inspired some folks! LOL...

For those who saw DJ Surgeon's live set. Wasn't it off the chain? OH MAN, that man can work those turntables. It was kinda hard to dance during that set because I couldn't keep my eyes off the turntables! Surgeon, you let them HAVE it. And you didn't let up. And that CD of yours is definitely a killer.

...and VERONIQUE -- dayum, that woman can SING! She started her set with a cover version of Chaka Khan's "Ain't Nobody" -- completely housed up and reworked by yours truly, thank you. (An yes, that was me singing background...) I kid you not. Veronique sang, and souls were moved. Especially when "Use Me" came on... It was over. She took us back to CHURCH! I couldn't help screaming and shouting during that song -- which is why I lost my damn voice again, but it was worth it! I DJed for the rest of that hour. We all had fun.

Posatronix and Di'Jital... OMG. I was certainly NOT disappointed by their live set whatsoever. I kept running back and forth between upstairs and downstairs because DJ Revolt was upstairs KILLING IT - wasn't he? I'm so used to hearing Revolt spin "early" sets, but Lord, Jesus... The energy that man was bringing to the crowd -- it resonated throughout the building! So THAT, at the same time as Posatronix and Di'Jital's live set? Whoo, did I get a workout THAT hour!

And finally, the sweet sounds of Mike Huckaby. Damn, that man spun some soulful house! He was the perfect choice to bring the house down, because he grabbed you from the first record, and did NOT let go. We were gonna close down at 4 a.m., but he kept on rocking it. Folks were STILL paying to get in @ 4 a.m.... That was crazy! At the same time, upstairs -- in a completely different world, ANOTHER crowd was jumping...

DJ Erelevent banged out some hard techno for your ASSES, baby! And like Mike, he kept it going till WAY after 4... When we finally ended the night, I swear those turntables were on fire. (And hey, Erelevent... Those were MY Technics you were working to death, Mister! LOL)Overall, it was a very peaceful, FUN, outrageous night.

YOU ALL made this party a success, and I thank ALL of you for coming down and supporting it. And knowing full well there's NO "I" in "team," I know I couldn't have done it without the IMMEASURABLE help and support of CRATESAVERS. My new brothers (and sisters), words can't express how grateful and thankful I am. If this party was ANY indicator of what we can do when we join forces (House + Techno), then DETROIT will be back on the map in a BIG way!

Love and much respect, y'all! Pics are up on my MySpace page, so enjoy...


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Laurent Chambon said...

aaah, that's what u were busy with. i was in south africa, wondering what our international AC was doing. always busy, uh? keep us posted!
kisses from amsterdam