Friday, September 14, 2007


Hey there:

I figured I'd hit you up with some new tunes. It's about damn time, eh? I know, I know... But hopefully you understand that this is just the beginning of a major outpouring of music from yours truly. Visit my MySpace page ( and have a listen...

"If We Were Alone" by Keite Young and N'Dambi. I remixed this for Hidden Beach Recordings -- Jill Scott's label. A special thanks to Kerry Webb for the co-production.

"You Have The Right" by Scan 7. I recently did this remix for them and it's featured on their double 12-inch remix package. It's funny -- Mine is the ONLY HOUSE remix on the EP! Represent, baby... Represent!

"Individual" by Yolanda Johnson. It was so much fun doing this remix. As you know, the original version is featured on BET's Night Grooves show. (I think that's the name) Ms. Johnson is a total sweetheart, and it was an honor to do this mix for her.

Alright y'all.. Give me feedback. I'm working on my own new album, which looks like it will be released at the beginning of the year. And yes, I've found a couple of different working titles. You'll just have to find out later.

OH, and a bit of other news... How could I forget to tell you this??? House music maestro QUENTIN HARRIS is recruiting ME to work with him on an upcoming project. Do you know how freaking STOKED I am? Quentin Harris and myself TOGETHER??!! We will HURT somebody... Look out!

Also in the works, an upcomng project with Dan Diamond and John Acquaviva. You are SOOOO gonna trip out when you guess what it is. (Hint: It involves a video!)

That's enough news for now. Stay in touch, and we'll meet again soon.


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