Monday, September 17, 2007

Phone Sex

Talk about a revelation... My youngest son, Jevon, approached me with the most outlandish comment I've heard in quite a while.. I was having a conversation, and I had mentioned that I was going to call a friend of mine -- I'd just obtained his phone number. Out of nowhere, Jevon says (loudly): "Daddy, YOU'RE gonna have PHONE SEX!"

(pause) (mouth drops) (did this boy just say what I THOUGHT I HEARD HIM SAY?)

So I sat him down and asked him, "where did you hear such a thing?" Answer: He heard it from the RADIO. (I sat in disbelief...) So I probed further and asked him: "What exactly IS phone sex?" Answer: Phone sex is when you get on the phone (with a girl, he says) and "talk about sex..." For example: "I wanna have sex with you..."

My response: "You will NOT be having phone sex with ANYBODY until you're an adult -- and even then, you will NOT have it on MY TELEPHONE!" And with that, I sent his little seven year-old butt to bed...

Can u believe it? Phone sex. Lord, have mercy...


Friday, September 14, 2007


Hey there:

I figured I'd hit you up with some new tunes. It's about damn time, eh? I know, I know... But hopefully you understand that this is just the beginning of a major outpouring of music from yours truly. Visit my MySpace page ( and have a listen...

"If We Were Alone" by Keite Young and N'Dambi. I remixed this for Hidden Beach Recordings -- Jill Scott's label. A special thanks to Kerry Webb for the co-production.

"You Have The Right" by Scan 7. I recently did this remix for them and it's featured on their double 12-inch remix package. It's funny -- Mine is the ONLY HOUSE remix on the EP! Represent, baby... Represent!

"Individual" by Yolanda Johnson. It was so much fun doing this remix. As you know, the original version is featured on BET's Night Grooves show. (I think that's the name) Ms. Johnson is a total sweetheart, and it was an honor to do this mix for her.

Alright y'all.. Give me feedback. I'm working on my own new album, which looks like it will be released at the beginning of the year. And yes, I've found a couple of different working titles. You'll just have to find out later.

OH, and a bit of other news... How could I forget to tell you this??? House music maestro QUENTIN HARRIS is recruiting ME to work with him on an upcoming project. Do you know how freaking STOKED I am? Quentin Harris and myself TOGETHER??!! We will HURT somebody... Look out!

Also in the works, an upcomng project with Dan Diamond and John Acquaviva. You are SOOOO gonna trip out when you guess what it is. (Hint: It involves a video!)

That's enough news for now. Stay in touch, and we'll meet again soon.


Saturday, September 01, 2007


After 8 wild and crazy days in the hospital, I've finally made it home. The last two days were so unbearable, I broke down and cried. Not because of the pain, per se. But because of the lack of information that I was given!!! They kept coming into my room, taking blood from me -- the IV was stuck in my arms for so long, my veins would collapse. This would sometimes happen while I was sleeping, and I'd wake up to blood in my IV tube. Most of the time, they would just flush the tube -- meaning they would push a saline solution (at top speed, I might add) into my arm. Talk about a burning sensation from HELL... OUCH!!

On a brighter note, they did an ultrasound on (what Dana calls) "the gymbags." No more infection. The swelling (yes, I'm still quite swollen) will go down in about a week or two, but in the meantime, let's just say that I have "Beer Can Boogie" syndrome! Mind you, if it weren't so damn painful, it would be a WONDERFUL thing... LOL! But nah. I was fine before this staff infection ever started.

So now I'm home. But life hasn't stopped. I have TWO gigs tomorrow (Sunday) night, and I'm still not certain if I can make them. Of course the money is nice, but I can't kill myself trying to be out there in the world...

We just got a new house! (We're moving on up, to the East Side...) I knew we were moving, and it pisses me off that I didn't get to physically SEE the house yet. But I saw pictures, and wow. I'm in love... So yesterday was a wonderful day. I finally got to leave the hospital, which I would imagine was similar to someone getting out of prison. I was like, "DAYLIGHT!!!" I was so happy to breathe fresh air, y'all wouldn't believe it!!! THEN on top of that, Mel gave me the keys to my new house. YAY!!! I'll definitely need to hire movers, because I cannot lift anything even remotely heavy -- for obvious reasons...

On that note, I'll end this blog and lay back down in the bed. My phone has been ringing off the hook with well-wishes and love. THANK YOU ALL!!! My throat is quite sore, thanks in part to all those damn antibiotics I was taking... But I cannot complain. I am HOME.

PS: (and you know who this is directed to...) While laying in the hospital, I thought about calling you -- especially after reading your birthday response in my blog. It kills me that you were simply 'waiting' for the right time to say something to me... I kept thinking, "what if this was it?" What if I didn't make it? What if you ran out of time to find me and say what you wanted to say? That has already happened ONCE in your life. Would you want to experience that again? But I digress... As I said earlier, I'm home, and I'm recovering. Thank God. And as of next week, I'll officially be moved into the new house -- and it just happens to be a LOT closer to where you live now (and yes, I know where you live now...). My phone numbers are still the same. If you wanna talk, I'm here -- please don't wait until it's too late.

PPS: My old friend Christene just called me today. Her mom and daughter got into a terrible car accident. Her daughter came out alive and okay... Her mother didn't make it. I feel so bad for Christene right now, and all I want to do is be there for her and hug her. As I grew up with Christene, I got to know her mother, Nancy, very well. It hurts my heart to know that she's gone. It also brought back the familiar feelings when I lost my own mother.

Please, y'all... Let this be a testament. PLEASE LOVE YOUR LOVED ONES WHILE YOU CAN, because you NEVER KNOW when their time is up. And yes, like Christene's mom AND my mom, it can happen in the blink of an eye. (Mister, do you hear me?)

That's it for now. Thanks again for all the love, y'all. I need it. Truly I do.