Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Album Track Listing

Just because I can't wait... :-)

Just to tease you a little bit -- hey, y'all know me... :-) I'm gonna list the tracks:

Bittersoulfulsweet Intro (feat. Bruno Q.)
I Refuse
As a Threat
Interlude - Bambi
Down Revisited (yes, I re-did it... and it's effing FABULOUS!)
Forbidden (duet with Khan)
Interlude - Jennifer
Lady (That Girl)
Body 2 Sweat
Wash It Revisited (I couldn't help it, y'all...)
Nothing On Me
The Mirror
If There is a Heaven
Alright (Revival Mix) (Duet with Veronique)
Dirtyfilthysexi (Vocal Mix)
BONUS TRACK: If There is a Heaven (Daniel Kyo Remix)

YES, YES, YES!!! SEVENTEEN tracks on this record. And you KNOW how hard I've been working on it. Two more days, y'all... I'm praying that you like it as much as I LOVED making it. It is NOT Detrevolution... It is NOT Uncloseted... It is NOT STORM... And I am gonna STFU now. ...sitting here smiling and screaming to myself...

Those who can't get it from the festival, can order it online -- SATURDAY. I'll be back with the link, blah blah blah...


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