Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Hello there!

I'm so glad to be able to share this news with you... In just a couple of days -- Friday to be exact, THE video for "I Wanna Go Down" will finally be debuted here in Detroit. Although it's Dan Diamond's version of the song, I'm all up in this video -- one of the main characters. I'm honored! Now mind you, I haven't SEEN the finished video yet, but as the days get closer, the more excited I become. (After that trip to Vegas, I can't WAIT to see how all this hard work paid off!!!)

Then I get the news... I'm DJ-ing and performing in Chicago next weekend -- July 6th, to be exact. And I'm in the house with none other than Miss DAJAE herself!!! You know I'm so happy -- again, honored! Y'all know I just remixed her new song, "Truth Hurts," right? Oh, just you wait. But hey... If you've been listening to my radio show last Friday, you would've heard it... MMMHMM!!! (Y'all better tune your butts in on Friday nights, 7pm - 9pm, EST... ) I've made it easy for u. The link's right here on my page -- click and enjoy!

Hmmm.. Bittersoulfulsweet is finally available for the world, if you hadn't noticed yet... To those who bought my CD already, I humbly thank you. People have been asking me when it's gonna be on ITunes, etc... Let me fill you in on some dates here. :-)

Bittersoulfulsweet RELEASE DATES: (and pay attention, because this is fierce, y'all!)

JULY 3, 2008 -- JUNO ( exclusive album sampler hits the stores... YES, an exclusive sampler featuring extra bonus tracks, unavailable on the album...

JULY 16th, 2008 -- BEATPORT ( exclusive album sampler hits the stores... YOU HEARD ME... another sampler featuring extra bonus tracks ONLY AVAILABLE ON BEATPORT!

Now, LIMITED COPIES of the full-length album are available @ Wallshaker Music ( Yes, you can download it -- but not everyone... Like I said. LIMITED COPIES (that includes downloads) available. So, if you haven't dashed over to Wallshaker yet, I'd do it before it's gone.

OOOH, there's a secret I wanna tell so bad... but I can't. Not right now. I don't mean to tease y'all, so forgive me... But if I leaked this information right now, it would cause a riot.

One final note: I feel like giving some love right now. BRENDA, hugs!!! TRENCH, hugs!!! DJ AVIVA, JESSE, SPEEDFREAK and the gang, BIG OL' HUGS!!!! DARRELL, HUGS (and kisses too)... oh, what the heck... Hugs and kisses for EVERYBODY! MUAH, MUAH, MUAH!!!

Love on u...

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