Thursday, June 12, 2008

Real Life Explosions

It's taken me a couple days to get myself together enough to write this, BUT... Here's what happened to me the other day...

The kids and I went to KFC to order some dinner. In the drive-thru, I was one car away from the window; when my car shut off. I tried to start it again, and the car went POOF!!!.... and smoke barreled from underneath the hood. (Thank God I don't panic during situations like these -- I usually don't break down until AFTER...) I couldn't believe that my damn car just BLEW UP in the DRIVE-THRU!!! An employee came out and helped me push the car to another lane.

Embarrassed, I went inside KFC, paid for my food, and ate until help came along. Thank God for my friends Julian and Darren, who came and pushed the car behind KFC -- where it is now sitting, awaiting the tow truck. I decided to just "junk" the car -- there's no way I'm putting another dime into it, after it exploded on me!!!

When it rains, it pours, right? :-) I came home just in time to find out that my Las Vegas show got cancelled... And shortly thereafter, the power went out. LOL!!! Talk about keeping it real... hehehehe...

So, here I am... Carless, but safe. I have power, thank goodness -- although my laptop hard drive just crashed and died... I'm taking it all in stride.

C'est la vie.

PS: This DOES give me more time to finish that remix I'm doing for Dajae!

P.P.S: There IS a silver lining here... I got an email from a fan of mine. Out of nowhere, he tells me he'd like to buy my album (320kbps MP3) because it's not out in the digital shops just yet. I almost cried from happiness -- I wrote him and thanked him for the support, definitely! Now, to make him a very special package. Oh yes, and Augustus, thank YOU TOO!!! Big hugs -- I needed those words, and I'm glad they came from you. :-)

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augustus said...

Keep on keepin' on AC! :)