Saturday, November 05, 2005

Opening Night - Preshow

It’s opening night…  The first night of the official “JACKIT REQUIRED” party, featuring Gary Martin, Trench (Subject Detroit) and myself.  I admit I’m a little nervous.  Then again, I’m ALWAYS nervous before a DJ set or live performance.  Tonight, I’m bringing all kinds of records – old school House, techno, electro – even ghettotech.  I’m ready for these boys and girls…

Just thinking aloud here…  I want to visit Japan.  I’ve sold quite a few CDs in Japan already, and I know the crowds will be WONDERFUL over there.  Underground Gallery should still be in charge of distributing my Detrevolution CD in Japan, so who knows what can happen?  Before long, I could be writing from Tokyo.

I’d write more, but I must finish getting ready for tonight.  I’ll record the sets and post them online, so people can hear for themselves.  I can’t wait to hear Gary Martin spin.  And I KNOW that Trench is gonna tear it up.  Wish me luck, folks!

Talk more soon,

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