Monday, November 14, 2005

Red Light

My sexuality…  It arouses their curiosity.  Strong and aggressive, yet passive and yielding...    A king that rules with a soft glove…  Lips that rival satin with their softness…  Eyes that see past gender’s boundaries, and into the soul...      

I wrote that after a strange, yet stimulating conversation with a friend of mine…  He likes me.  He’s afraid of admitting it, though.  Society’s fucked with his head so much that he doesn’t know if he’ll ever be able to act upon his feelings – his TRUE feelings.  I guess that makes me different.  I’m not afraid to like (or love) whomever I choose, in spite of what others say.  Then again, I’m not “special.”  ANYONE can be free, if they choose to be.

But our conversation got me to thinking:  What is so fascinating about homoeroticism?  Submissive masculinity…  That’s so fascinating to me.  Have you ever seen two men kiss each other?  I’m not talking about greeting customs…  I’m talking about pure passion.  To watch a MAN kiss another MAN, the way he would kiss a WOMAN…  That’s hot.  Damn, that’s hot.  

I could dive deeper into my thoughts, but I just checked out my message board:  Somebody left me a message tonight, in regards to my daily blog, saying:

You should really look into what other people said about this...

Hmmm….  Exactly what ARE other people saying about this?  Am I about to get chastised for “saying too much?”  Well, let me make this as clear as possible…  F.U.C.K. OFF, if you have a problem with me writing about my life.  Simple and plain…  The End.  

Till next time…

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