Tuesday, October 04, 2005

From a Soldier

I got a message from a soldier today…  Originally from Detroit, now serving in Iraq…  I had to fight back tears when I read his message!  For starters, he listened to (and felt) “Ghetto Life.”  He gave me praise for being REAL.  On his profile, I noticed that he said he wanted to actually meet me.  Color me humbled… oh man.  I’m still in shock.  He says that if he “makes it out alive,” he’ll have to get my CDs or something.  Again, I’m fighting back tears.  When I replied to his e-mail, I gave him the deepest thanks I could possibly give him.  You KNOW that I’m gonna mail him a copy of DETREVOLUTION – complete with autograph and an Aaron-Carl t-shirt.  And of course I’ll pray extra hard for his safe return home.  …And when he finally arrives back in Detroit, I’d love to shake his hand – and thank him personally for putting HIS life on the line, so that others may live.

God bless that soldier.  I will never forget his kind words…


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Saturn said...

Damn, that's beautiful. That your music can touch someone else like that ... U just can't ask for more than that, baby.