Saturday, October 22, 2005

Mercy, Merci

Lord have mercy… Laurent’s gonna drive himself crazy, worrying about the “Motion” 12-inch single.  Mind you, I’m excited as well.  Maybe I’ve forgotten what it was like to release my first record, but damn…  Full versions available for FREE to download on the internet?  Nobody’s gonna BUY the damn thing when it comes out!  Well, knock on wood.  They ARE good mixes, I must admit.  But it’s not about giving it ALL away on the first date, if you know what I mean…  Tease them…  Give them just a little bit…  Leave them wanting MORE…  Then when you hit them with THE GOODS, (or in this case, the MOTION) they will eat it up.  He’ll learn.  I’ll be there to show him the way…

Lewis (his husband) and I also had a lovely conversation – or so I thought…  Mind you, I’m always chatting with Laurent – we just kinda “clicked” like that.  So Lewis and I never really had much to say to each other.  But after our conversation via telephone, I’m actually kinda drawn to Lewis – and NO, it’s not what you’re thinking, bitches…  I’ve seriously gained a bit of respect for him.  But I digress…  Maybe one day we’ll speak again…  Maybe not.  Who the hell knows…

Last night I received an interesting phone call from (none other than) The One -- those who know me, know exactly who the hell I’m talking about…  While I thought he was calling about my “no longer submerged” line in my Detrevolution Intro, he actually called to ask me to sing vocals on a new song he wrote.  (Makes you wonder, eh?)  Mind you, I’d do it if the conditions were right.  Do I expect to be paid?  No…  (this IS Detroit, and you know how some n*ggas are…)  Do I expect a fair share?  You’re damn right I do.  I haven’t decided to do it just yet…  It DOES make me think. Do I NEED this opportunity to further advance my career?  Or am I doing okay by myself?  I know what my friends would say…  “Run, bitch!  Run!!!”  And considering my history with HIM and THEM…  Yes, I should run like hell.  But I’m strong – Lord knows I’m strong…  And I wouldn’t be as strong as I am today, if I didn’t have to go through that treatment.  

Wow, it just makes me look at my life now…  Damn AC, you ARE  making it!  Talk more soon…


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Laurent Chambon said...

I'm not worried, just impatient!
And Lewis is a nice guy indeed. Not only because he's married to me (altho that explains a lot ;o) ...)
It's OFF the internet. It's listenable only from a RadioBlog, not really stealable material.
Funnily, I just came back from Paris (France, not Hilton) where people I had never met asked me when our CD would be released. That came as a shock!
Well, we've got a public here!