Thursday, October 27, 2005

Open Letter to MP3Tidalwave

First, I want to say THANK YOU for supporting my album, and visiting my web site. I'm writing here to tell you a few things, about my blog especially...
I know there are some "terrible," stories in my blog, but please understand this: I'm more than just a "famous producer/DJ" from Detroit. I'm a REAL person. And these things are a part of my REAL life.

As for "The One..." I don't mention his name because first, I don't want a lawsuit. But more importantly, I'm not trying to speak bad about him. I'm not out to hurt him in any way. HOWEVER, I will not be silent about what happened to me in my career. I MUST speak the truth about it. And if that shows people the "dark side" of Detroit, then I apologize -- but I can't lie about it.

Here in Detroit, we have some of the world's greatest talent. But along with that talent, comes a dark side... There's an attitude like "I've got mine, YOU get YOURS..." Have you noticed that a LOT of my records aren't sold through "their" company? Have you ever asked yourself why? I have... And I discovered that they're not trying to help me. Ever since I parted ways with them (back in 1998), I've been on my own. It's hard sometimes, trying to find distribution -- especially companies who already deal with "them." But no worries... I'm doing okay.

Don't get me wrong... People who want my music know where to find me. I don't hide behind a mask. I don't have this mysterious image. People appreciate me for just being me.

Thank you once again, for keeping track of me. Enjoy the album... :-)

Much respect,

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orcinus said...

Reality is severe...
I am looking forward to the work of talented people of Detroit

...I can't read English! LOL
You who read Japanese by automatic translation are respected!

Thank you for the wonderful album.