Sunday, October 02, 2005

Peace in the Valley

Something tells me that life is gonna change, for the better!  I’ll be able to hold in my hands, a brand new album this week…  BMI sends me royalties this month – and I have a feeling it’s gonna be very nice!!!  Stefan and Jevon are actually behaving – it’s almost like something’s in the tap water.  I’m feeling less stressed, but more blessed.  (Or maybe it’s these new fat burners I’m taking?!)  

Johnny Dangerous ( comes to my house this weekend, for a nice recording session.  I’ve been in quite the mood to create – and it certainly feels good to create for someone else!  Laurent Chambon (y’all will soon find out who the eff he is) comes to my house next week, and I already know it’s gonna be FABULOUS!  

Tori Fixx is coming to my house in November, and I’m so excited.  I’ve just been invited to Germany (Cologne and Frankfurt) for a couple of DJ gigs!  Mel’s off the couch – which I guess is a good thing.  I got so tired of watching HIM look sad and distraught.  God gave me a sense of compassion, and I’m certainly aware of it.  So is Mel…  And you know what I realized?  Damn, I’m strong.  I don’t mean, big brawny strong…  I’m talking about the strength of an African-American WOMAN…  I’m talking about the strength of a single parent…  I’m talking about the multitude of strength that it takes to rise above the ashes…  (Alright, so maybe it IS these damn fat burners…)

Well, it’s almost midnight.  I guess I should go to bed – this will be early for me.  Day #2 of these fat burners (which weren’t all that bad, mind you!) is just around the corner.  Dana better bring her ass over to my house in the morning, so we can work out together.  

I’ll leave you tonight with images of me playing in the front yard with my kids, trying to do somersaults with them, but falling flat on my ass because I haven’t done a somersault in about 15 years!!!  And yes, the neighbors across the street had a field day, laughing at me.  Or should I say laughing WITH me – because I was on the ground cracking up.



T. Fixx said...

Its good to hear you smiling again! And the album is still HOT. I cleaned house to it yesterday. Oh and you betta work johnny's ass out! I have big expectations from you two!!!!!

Saturn said...

Ain't if funny how things turn around? Made me smile to read your blog this morning. You ARE a strong black WOMAN! 2 cute.

By the way, my hands are itching for my copy of Detrevolution!

Aaron-Carl said...

see.. now I've gotta fuck u up. I wasn't calling MYSELF a black woman!!! Just her strength, that's all... LOL...