Thursday, October 20, 2005


I’m looking forward to Motion…  And I’m not talking about the upcoming Laurent et Lewis record either!  I’m talking about getting up and moving forward.  DETREVOLUTION is finally released, and I’m SO ready to move forward.  Orders are coming in (thank you!)… Distributors are picking up the product (thank you too), and now I’m sitting here going “now what?!”  

I DO have a couple of shows to do in Germany during November – more details about that soon.  My club night with Trench (@ Corktown Tavern, Downtown Detroit) starts November 5th – which is EXACTLY 16 years to the DAY that I officially came out of the closet…  How funny is that?

I AM working on these tunes with Johnny Dangerous as well, so what the hell am I sitting here complaining about?  Moving forward?  Shit…  I better brace myself!

You know what kills me?  Hooking up (e-mail, phone, etc) with an old friend, and promising each other “we will NOT stay out of touch for so long, ever again!”  Only to disappear for god-knows how long…  Yes, I’m having random thoughts – I’m allowed, damnit!

Well, I think it’s time for me to start surfing the net tonight…  Check up on the world…  

Night night…

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ProfessorGQ said...

congrats...let me know when you do shows in Chicago