Friday, September 02, 2005

Friendly Phone Call

(phone rings)

AC:  Hello?

DF:  Hi baby, I love you….

AC:  Oh, what’s up?

DF:  Nothing’s up… Dang!  Can’t I call you just to say hi?

AC:  Sure u can…  Now, what’s up?

DF:  Nothing…  How are you today?

AC: I’m fine…  Now, what’s up?

(A brief pause…)

DF:  Alright, alright…  I DO want something.

(AC thinks to himself:  mmmHMM…)

DF:  Can you watch my kid for me?

Damn, I should’ve never answered my phone…  Oh well…  Gotta love my friends.  (lol…  “friends.”)  I’ve gotta practice DJing for my gig tonight.  I’m playing alongside Eddie Flashin’ Fowlkes tonight.    I’m nervous as hell.  Excited and honored, of course…  Then again, I ALWAYS get nervous playing at home (Detroit).  How funny is that?  I can travel the world, and be fine…  I play at home, and I’m worried sick.    Wish me luck.


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ProfessorGQ said...

I hope did well at the club, probably did. Checking your blog out from Chicago, and it's really nice, man...gotta love your friends tho...they always want something...