Saturday, September 10, 2005

Music Friend

I have a friend who is trying so hard to break into the music industry, it’s unreal.  When I first met him, he mailed me a collection of songs – an album, if you will.  From the first beat to the last, I fell in love.  The sound was so raw, so full of emotion.  And while the vocals weren’t exactly the 100% polished pop bullshit, I appreciated the effort.  I felt the music.  I “got the point,” if you will…  

This friend tried to get a record deal through a French record label, which I guess I won’t name – you know how sensitive bitches can get…  According to the story, the Label folded; leaving my artist friend out in the cold.  Instead of keeping his head up, my artist friend seemed to take things personally.  I guess I would’ve too…  But anyway, my friend works tirelessly on these songs – these SAME songs!  Re-working, remixing (I’ve done a couple myself), anything he can do to “get a break.”  Of course the more he tries, the more frustrated he becomes – because the industry is COLD, honey!!!  

I wish he had the cash to release his own record.  Hell, I wish I had the cash to release it FOR him…  

Why am I writing this?  Because this morning, after days of “fearing” this new version of his song he emailed me, I finally listened to it.  And as soon as the song came on, I was like WTF?!  What happened to the ORIGINAL?  The soul is GONE…  And I KNOW why he re-did this song… because he feels that somebody will NOW notice him.  He feels that his ORIGINAL vibe wasn’t good enough…  And that’s just not TRUE!  

I believe in my friend, and I sent him an email letting him know this.  He’ll probably say something to me like “bitch, YOU release it!”  But as I said before, if I could, I would.  Hell, I’m having enough of a time releasing my OWN stuff – and I’m ESTABLISHED!  

I’ll have to write more later – I stayed up half the night, conversing with another music “friend.”  Although HE pissed me off to no end, and I’m seriously re-considering my decision to work with him – I’ll save that for another blog.  In the meantime, I need some shuteye.  



Laurent Chambon said...

Well, thank you! it's good to hear i touched someone with my music!
and u're right, i should quit remixing endlessly like a maniac...
Altho i really like my new robotic version of '1 4 a moment' (listen here:
I'm now busy with the next project (one can listen to 'Glad I'm not Beautiful' and 'These Are Rough Times...' on the same page).
as for you know who from the french label, i think h's being punished for his bad work right now. oh là là!
;o) L

ProfessorGQ said...

I feel you on trying to help your friend out, and success and a person's hard work are touchy subjects to discuss. He may be upset with you for giving him an honest opinion, but that's an initial reaction. He may be able to think over your suggestions and accept them and thank you for them.

Laurent Chambon said...

uh... let's try a link that works: L&L's Music page

Laurent Chambon said...

hey professorgq!
no no, i'm not upset at all!
he's actually very right!
i have to admit it's also my french education: it's a very competitive system where one has to work very hard and do thing over and over again untill it's approved.
ac's right in that case: i'd better concentrate on my news songs, which are very different, and hopefully, inbetween, a label will realize they've got hit material in here!
ac's proven to be a friend, and a friend is supposed to be careful with his/her friend's feelings, but also be honnest. thank you baby! ;o)

Aaron-Carl said...

Hey there... Professorgq, thank you for checking the blog, first of all. Second, Ms. Carey IS the bomb...

Laurent, baby.. U know by now that I believe in you. And I'm also glad that YOU'RE reading the blog as well -- and as you can see... Although I'm speaking my mind, I still love ya!!