Saturday, September 03, 2005

Silver Lining

OMG…  Last night’s gig @ The Hub was awesome.  Kelli Hand showed up, and I was SO happy to see her there.  BJ from Aux 88 was there – I’ve gotta get together with him and do a track, I swear!  My mother and her “friend” John were also in attendance, looking like members of my fan club – wearing their Aaron-Carl T-shirts. (I also wore mine…)  Speaking of T-shirts; although I had them made in time for the Fuse-In Detroit Music Festival, I didn’t plan to sell them until DETREVOLUTION comes out.

Speaking of Detrevolution, you KNOW I had to drop some of the tunes from the album – no announcement, no nothing.  I just played them.  And oh man, did they go over VERY WELL…  It was such a thrill to hear “Satisfy U” blaring through the speakers – and when Kelli rushed to the DJ booth; I knew she was feeling it too.  Those who know me KNOW that I rarely (if ever) play my own tracks during my DJ sets.  But this time, I had to work it.  Another track from the album (which I won’t name) went over even better!  Kelli had me cracking up… she said “THIS is YOU?”    

Shortly after my set, I left.  Mommy and John were starting to argue, and I would certainly be embarrassed if I was caught in the middle.  Apparently, John was frustrated that my mother (who loved the “star” attention) kept drinking White Zinfandels and was quickly getting drunk.  Mommy got frustrated because John kept “watching” her and complaining.  She also accused him of cheating, every time he got up to leave – for nearly 10 minutes at a time…  

But nonetheless, my night was still good.  I got home at around 2 a.m., and didn’t go to bed until 4.  (Don’t ask – hahaha!)  I woke up at 10 this morning, with the phone ringing – funny how LOUD the phone seems, when you’re sleeping!  I cut my conversation short, thinking I could get some sleep… Until Mel knocks on the bedroom door, with a package from Toulouse, France – for ME!!!  JIM had already sent me some records on two different occasions – both birthday presents.  He told me another package was coming, but he didn’t say when, so this was a total surprise!  He sent me a box full of French snacks – little chocolate cookies and crackers…  A nice giant jar of Nutella (which wasn’t available here before, but it is now)…  A big red sweatshirt with the Toulouse logo on it…  The most fascinating Birthday card that I’ve ever received in my life – you open it, and there are 3 flashing candles – when you blow (literally) on the candles, the song “Happy Birthday to You” plays…  WOW, that Jim is amazing.  He’s said to me before that he wanted me to feel special.  This is proof.  God bless Jim.  Just wait until HIS birthday…  I’m gonna surprise him like no other!

Today is gonna be a wonderful day…

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