Monday, August 22, 2005

Beautiful Bittersweet

The storm clouds lifted just in time, and it turned into a BEAUTIFUL day for my birthday party.  The barbeque was supposed to start at 5pm, but you know my family is down with C.P.T.  (Colored People Time)!  But wow.  The first guests were my great-uncle and great-aunt, Uncle Leroy and Aunt Natha Lea.  Although I invited them, I didn’t really expect anyone from my extended family to show up at my house.  So I was EXTREMELY happy when they came by.  They arrived, gift in hand.  It was wonderful.  We talked for nearly an hour, before other guests started to arrive.  Timothy Gay (my saxophone player friend, whom I so lovingly call Mariah Carey – even though he’s straight, we laugh about him being a DIVA) was here as well.  Hair and all…  He’d just taken out his braids and WOOOOOOO…  Afro Puff!!!  

While I looked forward to my mother’s famously delicious potato salad, I found out that she wasn’t making it.  However, she did give me some money to BUY some potato salad.  Uncle Ronald, Granny and Ernest (I just haven’t been able to call him GrandDad), My cousin (and godmother) Dot, Sharon (complete with camel-toe), my little sister Melva (and kids); we were all in my back yard, grooving to the House mix CD that I made, and eating some wonderful barbeque.  I swear, I was frying Hot wings for so long, I felt like I was working at McDonalds!  

It felt like a family reunion. Even Mel and I seemed happy – trust me, it was mostly a façade.  I was STILL pissed about the night before – who wouldn’t be?  But God gave me sunshine for my party, and I wasn’t gonna let Mel fucking spoil it.  

Tim was great as well…  Granted, I basically had to pull his Afro Puff to get him to run to the store and buy some ICE…  But at least he didn’t slap me silly when I introduced him as “Mariah Carey” to my family.  We both laughed about it.  I like Tim a lot now… He’s so crazy…  

Lord, it was hilarious!  Watching Melva, Dot, Stefan and me trying to do the “Cha Cha Slide.”  What the hell is the “Charlie Brown?!”  My mother almost fell out of her chair laughing at us.  The whole vibe was like a summertime family reunion picnic.  Little kids running around, blowing the party whistles… 4 Generations of family, sitting around the tables, laughing, etc.  

One of the biggest highlights was MARK (aka November17) – a fan of mine, who drove all the way from Bay City just to party with me.  The party was a success, and I’m happy.  Very happy.  In spite of the drama, I’m happy.

Alright, BITTER…  but sweet.  Mel had the nerve to get upset that I posted our drama on the blog.  WHATEVER!!  If I have to deal with him lying and sneaking around, then he has to deal with however I choose to vent it.  It’s that damn simple.

More soon…


Saturn said...

Hey, honey! I'm thrilled U had a fabulous birthday, despite the drama!

Laurent Chambon said...

Je suis content que, malgré tout, tu aies eu un anniversaire fabuleux! Bisous infinis d'Amsterdam
Laurent (& Lewis)

AC's gift this year:

Laurent Chambon said...

Sorry I screwed up my first message. Translation for people who are not up to date with their French yet: "I'm happy that you had a fabulous birthday inspide of what happened. Infinite kisses from Amsterdam"