Friday, August 26, 2005


Today I think I lost a friend…  You know, the one friend whom I asked the “god-awful question…”  Today, I received a message in my MySpace account from him.  “I wish you well…  Good luck to you…  Peace.”  If that’s not the coldest goodbye I’ve ever heard!  Immediately, I wrote him back.  “You sound like you’re saying goodbye…  Don’t you DARE say goodbye…”  Then I noticed on HIS MySpace account, that all references to Aaron-Carl are gone.  He had a nice little message that wished me a Happy Birthday.  Gone.  

You know, that makes me wonder…  Was today just a bad day for him?  I didn’t say anything offensive – except the term of endearment, “Hetero Pussy.”  Perhaps he got offended?  I fail to see the logic. It’s just like someone calling me a “Drama Queen” or something like that.  Friends can joke with each other about that.  Maybe he wasn’t a friend, after all…  Well, if it makes his ego feel better, I’ll even apologize about it.  

It’s just another painful reminder that I’m part of a very rare breed.  No, I’m not talking about “gay.”  But I do feel that my being gay has something to do with it.  Lord knows I’ve had to fight for EVERYTHING that I’ve ever had in this world.  In fact, I’m still fighting just to SURVIVE in this world.  My blog comes from my heart, and if I don’t feel like censoring what the fuck I say, SO BE IT.  Love me for ME, faults and all.



Saturn said...

HeteroPussy is a hysterically cute nickname for a friend, I can't possibly see a friend getting upset over it, especially in the context with which you wrote it in. I have all kinds of names for my friends and some of em have some names for me, too, my favorite being "Ghettofagulous". (Luv ya, Cinderella! aka Snow Queen!) Geez, and I thought us fags were the sensitive ones.

Laurent Chambon said...

well, it does happen. sometimes for no reason: another laurent doesn't seem intereted in talking to me while i thought he was one of my best friends. no reason, just like that.
there is also mira, who i thought was a good friend. then she met that guy (rude and nothing special) and she told me she had no space for our friendship. she did the same to all her friends...
"it takes two to tango"
i cannot really tango but i can try!