Wednesday, August 24, 2005

R 2 R

Am I late? Lord, I just discovered a MAW (Masters At Work) mix of Donna Summer's "I Feel Love." OH MAN, is it heavenly!!! If you haven't heard it, FIND it... GET it. You'll love it.

Regarding the recent drama with Mel, I'll just say that I'm taking it one day at a time. I'm not happy, but I'm not unhappy. Again, it was the LIE that devastated me so much. But they say that time heals all wounds. ...well, start healing, baby!

It's almost time for the boys to start school again. Damn, I can't wait. It's little things like PRIVACY that I miss so much. I can finally get back to a REGULAR schedule again! With the way that the music business is going, I'm actually considering a damn day job. A slap in the face, maybe... A shock to the system, definitely. But hell... Times are lean, but the bills just keep on comin'...

SPEAKING of coming... I asked one of my hetero friends when was the last time he came.  In true hetero fashion, he nervously laughed at my question and refused to answer...  Fucking pussy...  Why do the gay guys have to be the brave, outspoken ones all the damn time?  Damn...  It's just an orgasm!  Can't it be discussed among FRIENDS?

My girl Dana gave me a lovely vibrating "candy cane," as either a late birthday present, or a sympathy gift that says "honey, u need 2 get laid!" While it's discreetly tucked away inside my "goodie drawer," I had some interesting fun with "CC." (Candy Cane, duh!) It's pink and white, takes AA batteries, plus its waterproof. At first glance, I thought "oh this won't do anything..." Well, CC definitely earned his place in the goodie drawer! And before you get all crazy, just know this: I ONLY used it on my neck. (My neck, my back... ) While I'll never use CC in public, I think his only purpose is to massage the neck and face muscles. Anything else would be -- well, uncivilized?!

I had a nice little conversation with my old buddy, Denny last night -- online, of course. He's also in Philly -- I think I'll introduce him to June Lopez. They're both into deep, lovely House music. They're both DJs. And they're both friends of mine -- and neither of their fuckin' asses have MADE IT TO DETROIT to spend some time with me!!!

What's up with my friends, anyway? They're either too busy, or otherwise unavailable -- until they need something, of course. Mind you, not EVERYONE is like that -- just the majority of them. I have a life. I know THEY have lives. But damn! I've been needing to hear a friendly voice lately. A voice that doesn't want anything from me -- doesn't wanna borrow some money... Doesn't want me to watch their kid... Doesn't want me to burn them a copy of some damn CD... Doesn't mind if I talk about "gay" subjects, even though they're so straight...

Well, that's it for tonight. I'm debating on whether I should drink a fiber shake before I go to bed. I'm feeling this intense need to eat something healthy.

Talk more soon...  PS:  R 2 R = Road to Recovery…


T. Fixx said...

A Goddam FIBER SHAKE!!!! Oh baby, you do need a friend to talk to cuz THAT'S GA-ROSS! :-)Like my song says boo, "I'm Right Here". Email me, call a ho anytime you need an ear. I've got to big ones that I never mind lending out to frendz. You know where to find a ho.

DjDennis said...

even thought it was only online chatting, i could still hear your voice talkin to me as we typed to each other...especially after i heard the songs...which by the way are frickin awesome...i could see mr. knuckles droppin some of those easily...

and yes, i have to agree with you on your concern, i should have already booked a flight and met up with you, but damn responsibilities always get in the way of me doing what i really want to...i think you're on the same track with this blog especially...having to get a day job! AC doing a day job? i dont know..i really can't see you doing anything but music...what would you want to do as a part time job?

Anyway, now that i figured out how to comment...its gonna happen all the time! BOOYOW!

peace from the city of brotherly love,


Saturn said...

Aw, boo, U can ALWAYS count on me 2 tell U when the last time I came was! ;-)

T. Fixx said...

I came, real hard yesterday, inbetween jobs and a nap. I had thrown on some cute porn and that was all she wrote. Oooh that nap afterwards was gooood! hahahaha