Sunday, August 07, 2005


I've blogged before, but this time I'm taking it seriously...

There's something to be said about a person who bears his soul to the world. While I've always been good at writing, I'm sitting here now in a state of shock. Wow. A blog. What exactly do I write about? How much should I reveal? Is it possible to say too much? And if I do, will it help me, or will it hurt me? I guess the saying is true, "nothing ventured, nothing gained." Maybe I'll gain some sanity from all of this. Who knows?

So, hello. I'm Aaron-Carl. Yes, that's my first and middle name -- although nobody really calls me "Aaron." It's kinda like Macy Gray... Or Chaka Khan... to say "Macy" or "Chaka" by itself, just doesn't feel right. At least not to me. It's just "Aaron-Carl." Or AC. Aw, fuck it. Call me what u want.

So you may be wondering, what exactly ARE my revelations? Lately, I've been seriously questioning the meaning of life -- especially mine. Why am I here? What am I DOING here? What am I doing to make my life "worth living?"

Sometimes I'm just not this damn serious. Sometimes I'm downright goofy. You'll come to see many different sides to me -- I'm not crazy. We ALL have them... But then again, maybe I am... Because I see things in a much different way than others -- or so it seems.

Alright... Here goes. I'm holding my eyes shut, saying a little prayer, and I'm taking the plunge into BLOG world.

Follow me on my journey...

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Saturn said...

DAWG! Welcome 2 blogdom! You sound like me when I started my blog last year ... 2 funny. I recently celebrated my "anniversary". Wait one year and just see how you can reflect. It's pretty cool.