Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The D Word, Part 2...

That damn stretch of I-94, from Detroit to Jackson... OH MY! It sure was nice to see Jay after all these years. And given the circumstances, he didn't look bad at all. I also got to see his family again -- neices and nephews, sister, mother... It was almost like "old times." But I tried not to let my emotions get in the way of anything. After all, I was there to support Jay. He wanted to see the boys, and of course I couldn't deny him that.

I came home and checked my forum (aaroncarl.com), after feeling guilty for not posting in so long. Some idiot, dubbed "Al Queda", leaves this message:

Yo AC watch your back you gender bender. Where we gonna blow up next/???/?

Now you KNOW I don't play that shit... Talk more tomorrow. I REALLY need to make this damn mix CD, and produce some more songs. Now that I have inspiration...


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