Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Last Night @ Foran's

...Foran's! That's where I was set to play last night. Why couldn't I remember that? Nonetheless, I arrived at the club nearly 15 minutes before I was scheduled to play (with Trench). After driving PAST Foran's almost 10 times (and I've played there before!), I promised myself I would get downtown more. Lucky for me, I found a parking spot right in front of the place. The homeless man out front didn't bother me much either. He asked me for $1 so he could "keep my car safe." Normally I would've given the guy SOMETHING, but honey, I was broke as shit. Didn't even have an extra dollar for the homeless guy. I casually said "just wait until I leave tonight -- I have to work and I'm late..." Knowing damn well that I wasn't getting paid! But still. Anything to keep this homeless guy from damaging my car -- after I just paid $1000 to have the bitch FIXED?! Oh NOOOOO...

So, inside Foran's. Yep. Same as I remembered it. Dark, small (cozy), but warm... The sound system was loud, and bumped the sweet sounds of -- of... of whatever the hell that music was... Techno? Breaks? Whatever it was, it was sweet. :-)

I ran into a few guys from Detroit Techno Militia, who came out to support the night. DAMN, I almost wore my DTM T-shirt!!! Next time, I have to represent. Judy Shelton (the booking agent) was also there --she heard I was playing tonight, and wanted to come out to see me. I thought, wow. THAT made me feel special! A few other folks (Viola and George from Germany) were also there, which made me feel even MORE special. All of a sudden, I realized that it wasn't about the money. It didn't matter that I wasn't getting paid. I was about to play for a crowd who specifically came to see ME -- and that made me feel so good.

Trench started his set -- damn, that man can DJ. He mixed and scratched electro bass, some classic tunes, and some off-the-wall techno records I didn't know -- but I want!!! We planned to play 30-minute sets, then tag-team back and forth, 3 records a piece. I had a LOT of fun doing that. That element of friendly competition -- that "I've gotta come back and GET HIM" attitude. Fucking awesome. I can't even remember all the records I played -- everything I'd practiced just kinda went out the window last night. My goal was: how am I gonna make these people SCREAM?! And sure enough, when I broke out classics like "No UFOs" or "Timeline," they did just that.

While the place wasn't packed, those folks who were there had FUN!!! In fact, I didn't realize how many people came in and out -- many of them who were there to support me. Trench was so cool during the whole night. We're definitely playing together in the future. (MUSIC, y'all nasty people!!! However, comma...) hehehehe...

Brickman, Viola, George, Vince (a.k.a. Shortround), Pirahnahead (it was so great to see you!!!)... Not to mention the other folks I met last night -- you know, there's something to be said about that. People approach me and introduce themselves, which is hard enough to do over loud music. And while I'm flattered by them ALL, it's sometimes hard to remember everyone's name. "Hi, I'm so & so..." And I smile, shake their hand and acknowledge them -- and invite them all to my birthday party this weekend. LOL. I LOVE my fans! I LOVE to meet them. And believe it or not, I do remember a LOT of them.

So, a couple hours and a million screams later, I'm ready to come home. But NOT without running into that same homeless man, who said "I wanna see if you're a man of your word!" So I had him follow me to my car, where I gave him the ONLY dollar I had stashed away in my change tray. Do you know he had the nerve to complain? "Well, if I had ANOTHER dollar, I could eat at Coney Island!" Trench and I were laughing about that, as we got into my car, and I drove him to his parking spot.

Trench is also designing my DETREVOLUTION album cover -- which I'm sure will be awesome. He wanted some songs for "inspiration," and I just so happened to have a CD of the "first half of the album" in my car. (Yes, I've been listening to it -- I can't wait till the official release!) So I gave him the CD. Bad news: I couldn't blast it all the way home. Good news: HE could. (Ironically, we both drive the same car... So I KNOW his stereo bumps!) Maybe I'll call him today and ask him what he thinks.

It's so funny... This album is gonna hit like wildfire. I've "tested" a few songs to people, who love what they hear. But it's not all about "yes" men... One song was somebody's "favorite." The same song was somebody else's NIGHTMARE!!! And while I accept the criticism from BOTH sides, I'm still gonna do what I wanna do. But man... The production on this album is TIGHT... I mean, tight like virgin booty tight!!!

Lord, let me stop talking about this album. Besides, I'm still clueless as to HOW I'm gonna pay for this record to be released. But I'm still going forward with it, because I have promises to keep. (And miles to go before I sleep! --Robert Frost)

I'm not worried. I know that everything will be alright...
More later. In the meantime, I've gotta get a little rest.



Saturn said...

I need you to whore some of this music you're talking about ... I don't know anything about electronica or techno, including who's who. And I call myself eclectic! ;-)

Sounds like U had a blast which is ALWAYS good, even if it cost u a buck.

die produzentin said...

I'm so glad, now that I know that my friends Viola and Georg made it to the show and are happy in Detroit!